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Natural Habitat
Ocean, Arctic, Coastal
1-5 (20)
Walruses are huge marine mammals who inhabit the sub-arctic coastal regions feasting on fish, clams, and seals. The have plump, oblong bodies with almost hairless skin. They have no legs or feet but they have reversable front flippers which facilitate movement along ice. Walrus bulls can grow as long as 12ft and weigh as much as 3200 pounds or more. They are generally grey in colour with thick hides, long sharp tusks and an abundant layer of insulating blubber fat under the skin. Walruses will sometimes lurk in the water, below ice, and attack creatures by propelling themselves up through it. A bull may have as many as ten cows in his herd and they are very protective of them and their territory.
Walruses have no special skills or talents and they cannot use magic. Walruses can hold their breath underwater for up to an hour.
Herds will be generally be found lazing in the sun near where they feed. If someone comes near the herds they will not hesitate to challenge them. Walrus tusks can be valuable.
Movement Rates
Running 150; Swimming: 200
PS: 25-30 MD: 5-8 AG: 5-10 MA: None EN: 25-35 FT: 30-35
WP: 12-16 PC: 12-16 PB: 5-8 TMR: 3/4 NA: Hide absorbs 5 DP
A walrus can attack in Close where it will use it's tusks (BC 38%, D+8 Rank 1-4). If a tusk attack is successful, then it will roll on top of it's target and crush them into the ice. (BC 20%, D+10 not absorbed by non-metallic armour)