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From other sources, we know that a powerful master of the Cult of Yig had three sons. These sons seem to have been spell casters of significant abilit|y. Each one, it transpires, has access to two different colleges:

  1. Air and Earth.
  2. Shadow Celestial and Fire.
  3. Necromantic Conjurations and Naming Incantations.

This accords with the second vision of Canon Velcanthus.

Our speculation is that the one who is at Pentagram Central Station is the elemental master, i.e. the Air and Earth mage. We believe him to be 500 feet or so below the ruins in a containment of Bound Earth. We believe that he is drawing power from the worship of the idols in each of the five shrines.

It is Pierre's contention that the recent rash of thefts of magical items may be the work of the Shadow Celestial and Fire mage. We know that the items that have been stolen are held privately, rather than in the possession of the state or an organised body like one of their guilds. They are powerful items and tend to be on the large size, ones which we surmise to be hard to move.

Scrying is, at the very least, frowned upon in Khatovar and leads to sanctions of the more irrevocable kind. Whether this means that scrying is unable to be performed has yet to be determined. Lath has said that attempts to read the stars with respect to matters that pertain purely within Khatovar fail, and this is suggestive.

As a result of our attempts at spying, we know that smuggling activity is being carried out, but that no one knows who is doing the smuggling. This has caused concern in those people who routinely know about who is who in this particular stealth activity.

The Paper Guild deny the existence of smugglers at every opportunity.

The train of Pierre's theory runs along the notion that the Shadow Celestial and Fire mage steals or has agents to steal the items for him. They are smuggled out of Khatovar and then destroyed by the Flame Sight ritual, and the power of the item collected in some way. This is, it should be noted, purely speculative. But cogent, nevertheless.

Khatovar is, after all, a prime target for thefts of this nature, simply because it's resistance to scrying makes it hard to use a magical technique to gather information about them.

We have no particular information about the Necromancer/Namer, unless Petras, the archeologist from the University of Ur is, in fact, him. He is very old and quite frail, however, and yet entirely unmolested by the local D'resh. Petras claims that he bribed them not to hurt him, and it may be that they have cultural inhibitions about not slaying someone once they have been successfully bribed. Or it may be that he just terrorised them into leaving him alone. Necromancers are good at that.

In any case, GoK's prophecy suggests that the three sons of this powerful cult master are vying for the position of High Priest of the Cult of Yig. And, of course, there can be only one. The other brothers are to be sacrificed to the greater glory of the Father of Serpents.

We believe that they are all trying to summon Yig to Alusia, this being the challenge that grants immunity from sacrifice if successful.

I believe the Namer/Necromancer's strategy is to wait for the moment when one of the other brothers is about to be successful, and then slay him.