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Viola is a good and worthy person, an upstanding member of the guild, first to pay guild fees and is a fine, upright citizen of Carzala. She is very fair to look at. She is willing to always help her fellow guild members with spells and abilities. She is also harmless and no threat to anyone.

Of course she is an Illusionist so some of this may or may not be true. Write-ups for Viola

Formerly pacted to Renove. Issues with depacting have been settled with Renove
(see Jon Mc for GM questions). Viola is actively looking for a powerful protector, in the mortal realm this time.
Viola has been on a spirit journey to cleanse her soul. She has a Totem spirit Owl, called Zephr, who
is helping to guide her. In order to for Zephr to communicate with her Viola needs farsensing, which she is currently questing for. So guidence is a bit shakey at present.

She has 3 children. Her oldest child, Oliver, lives with a retired adventurer Ned Tanner, her other two children are campions (Renoves) and are hidden by the guild.

What she does

Main spells/Talents.
Project Image
Flash of Light

Cart Driver

Stuff Viola has

Lucky Rabbits Feet.

Invested Items:
1 charge disorientation
1 charge rk1 opening
1 charge rk 1 water breathing
1 cure poison turnip
1 charge rk 1 controlling animal
1 charge rk 1 wind walking
2 charges animate dead.
Infertility paints.
1 x rk1 Earth Special counter.
1 x rk1 fire special counter.
1 x rk1 water special counter.
1 x rk 1 celestial special counter.
1 x rk1 storm calling.

Shaped Items:
Lady Patience's Charm - helps concentration
Thrusting Broadsword -plus to DM, BC, does A & B specs.
Ball Gown Rk8- inc PB & SS. Decrease female reaction.
Hidden Bone Dagger - holds one stored spell.
Enchanted Backpack - holds 60lbs weighs 40lbs.
Chromatic Whip of Discipline - a chance to hypotnise.
Dark Sabre - rk 10 weapon of darkness. Golden Jaguar - be completely silent. +20 stealth. Net of Entrapment - wraps around people.
Ice drakes heart - rk15 endure hardship
Potion of Haste x3
Life aspect potion x3
4 x Green waters
1 x waters of strength.
4x blood poison.
Perfume of Human Attraction.
4 x standard guild healing potions.

Form Changing Stuff:
Viola has the visable (as a pale blue glow) aura of a titan until she dies.
It reduces incoming damage by to.
plus 3 pb takes her up to racial max
minus 15 from stealth, makes her easy to notice.
Can be DAed and if questioned on weakness or some such thing the Aura will be ineffective against that person.
Tiger claws- Viola's fingernails have retractable tiger claws.
Witchsight Talent.
Viola has drunk from the river styx and as a result:
Viola cannot be poisoned, gassed, drowned asphyxiated, and doesn't
need to eat or breathe. Magical poisons or gasses do not affect her. Even
legendary poisons and venoms.
Can release hatred when fighting - +20 sc can't stop until all foes are on the ground. She can use magic in this state.
Has a Spirit Guide called Zephr. He has the powers of air, truth and love.
He has the talent of Dark Vision, Sense lies, rank 10 Wind Storm, can summon trees
make peace, and can tranport 4 entities. He has a rank 20 greater.
A perminant until death rank 20 greater enchantment on all base chances.
Viola is "extra flexible"
Her aspect is just air.


Renove is not actually hunting Viola, but she doesn't think she should poke him.
Necromancers of Sanctuary - (GM:Jono)are not actually hunting Viola (unless she goes to sanctuary), but she doesn't think she should poke them.
Quite possibly others.(most of Violas indescretions are done in disguise)
Viola is played by Bridget Jane Dymock-Johnson

Things for GMs to know players stop reading here.

Viola's checkered history.
When pacted she abducted and gave to Renove quite a few children.

Viola has is not longer pacted as of Winter 807. See these scribe notes.
--Jono Bean 00:06, 30 Aug 2007 (NZST)

Viola was pacted to Renove and tries to find 'innocents' for him to 'corrupt'. She must attempt to do this. She can pass by opportunities if it will endanger people or muck up the party. Renove becomes displeased with her if she doesn't find him people to play with regularly. GM: Julia McSpadden

She had a permanent rk 20 illusionary aura, the answer to all questions is green. She also has permanent illusionary deep pockets and disguise (looks like herself- unmarked) illusions. (Not any more- pact removed)

She has 3 children. Her oldest child is with a retired adventurer Ned Tanner (for his own safety), her other two children are campions (Renoves). Viola found out that they, as adults have stolen themselves off her and hidden themselves from Renove. They are seeking a way to make themselves into rival powers or perhaps to destroy their father - who knows. GM:Ben Taberner.

Viola had her memory wiped so that she doesn't remember this but she did hide instructions for herself to find out later if she wanted to. Renove has mind mage minions and she didn't want him to be able to read any incriminating information.

Viola has pins stuck all over her body, unbeknown to her every time they are pulled out they kill more children in sanctuary. See Jono for more details.

Other pictures of Viola

Viola having a red hair day.