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A trader by nature, Vidal swaps and trades information, items, abilities and just about anything else. His abiding interest is the bargain and he will generally try and get something that the seller does not wish to part with, not because he wants it but more to make the trade harder and extend the bargaining.

His belief that all things should balance in payment extends as far as his enjoyment of the bargaining may be included in the amount being bargained, resulting is surprising deals for the opposition.

Despite this minor failing he is unfailingly honest and will never make a trade that is unfair for either party.

He is also known for his strict neutrality, making no moral judgements about the trade and never taking sides in any conflicts.

He resides in an ossuary in Tanah Boemboe an eastern province of The Isles of Freedom

Gifts granted by Vidal have appeared to come from a Green Dragon under divination.

He may be part of a group of five(?) dragons who are agents to some Elder Gods, or a moral theme, or something. Its complex. See Kit or Mortimer for details.

Dealings with the Guild

Winter 807WK
A guild party met with Vidal to assist in their quest to find a flute player, however the party did not realise he was a Green Dragon at the time. Logan and Anooke both exchanged a vial of blood with Vidal.
Characters : Logan, Anooke, Brundar, Kirgoth, Menolly
Autumn 807WK
He ceased to exist in very late summer. A Guild Party kept an eye out from him over much of the inland area. He was seen returning via a portal on the Autumn Equinox at Midday.
Characters : Thaeuss, Kern Silvercrest, Kit, Mortimer, Logan, Silverfoam
Spring 806WK
A Guild Party went to see Vidal to assist with a mission they were undertaking. While still friendly he was not as previously forthcoming with information and ushered the party out fairly quickly.
Characters : Thaeuss, Sven, Lucius, Vychan, Victoria and Tari.
Autumn 806WK
A Guild Party originally met Vidal while tracking down the soul of the Riverman. The party (with the exception of Kit) traded a small amount of their own blood in exchange for the soul but refused an offer to find out who had asked him to store the soul in exchange for Kin spending a night with Vidal. (No details on what the Dragon expected during this time were ever forthcoming).
Later the party spoke again with Vidal who appeared to be pleased with their actions although the full reasons for his happiness were not explained. In exchange for perceived services Vidal allowed the party to ask a number of questions regarding the islands which he answered.
Characters : Thaeuss, Kern Silvercrest, Kin, Kit, Mortimer, Everan and Tari.