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This adventure takes place on the plane of Alusia.


GM: Julia
Level: Medium


James Overton, factor of Boton, has asked Vapour and company to locate Harold, the Reve of Oakmarket. If Harold is located, the party will be reward with magical potions, including four resurrection potions.


Meet James, party employer. Depart from refugee camp and depart with Michaline knights, separate and encounter roving elementals.

Fight Direwolves in forest, rescue four of Harolds company. Learn the real reason for Harolds trip.

Meet witch, bear and leprechaun. Head to high mana zone.

Fight thunder bird. Locate Harold and acquire ant legs.

Locate spinning disk and solve maze for boon. Obtain fish from lake.

Attack the squatting necromancers

Chase off necromancers and retrieve herbs

Fight with Michalines. Research at Guild.

Obtain mud from hippo. Make potions and head to Tyco.

Arrived at Khatovar. Partied. Attacked by assassins.

Survive fight. Talk to Arena and Allied Traders Guild.

Scribe notes

We begin

While awaiting for out employer to arrive we are offered “discounted” greater enchantments. Cheap is not always quality, as Arandor learned, whenever he cast he was by minor magical annoyances. The local paperwork was filled out in triplicate and submitted with the required wavers and amendments.

We meet our employee, James, at the guild. He explains Oakmarket was devastated during the war and the town was evacuated. Harold, the Reve of Oakmarket, departed with 15 soldiers a few weeks ago to investigate what became of their town. Nothing has been heard from Harold and he is overdue. James has been asked by “concerned” parties (other merchant houses) to hire a party to locate and return Harold (Alive, Scab!). Harold was last signed at a refugee camp, four days both of Novolar and about four days ride from Oakmarket. James is both amazed and gratified the greater hero Vapour was available for this dangerous mission and increases his reward from two to four resurrection potions, as well as a number of other potions. James advised us to fly to the refugee camp and meet with a troop of Michaline knights, whom were heading in the same direction. Our meeting was interrupted by the appearance of a young hobbit selling clean water, sourced from the Sweetwater. Always humble, Vapour had Sabastian purchase some on his behalf and sent to the local orphanages. That evening we enjoyed the highlights of Seagate with James, visiting some of the more high class establishments.

Refugee camp

The next morning the party departed the guild and spent the most of the day flying to the refugee camp, and spent most of the flight mesmorised by the prowess of Vapours flying. Arriving at the camp we encountered a shantytown busting with people driven from their homes. The party distributed small amounts of money and food, as Vapours behest, as they made their way to the Michaline camp. Shown into the camp they were quickly introduced to their leader, Claudine, who explained with great enthusiasm she was to lead the troop of 25 into a valley filled with demons. The merry band all wore an insignia with the letter “Z”, for zelot, and could barely contain their excitement - with no Urelites around and demons in their sights they were living the dream. Must to Sebastians confusion they constantly refused any useful magics we had, as “Michael would provide” (apparently sending mages with useful magics didn’t count!). We were blessed that evening during prayers.

Into the wild

The following morning the groups departed in the cold, crisp light of dawn. The Michalines flying high the banner Sebastian had crafted the previous evening evening.

A day and a half later we bid goodbye to the brave soul and headed north over battered war torn terrain. The party were bother by ghost that evening spent the next day skirting our way around they pitted landscape, avoiding salamanders and various elementals thanks to Vapour's magics

Following worn and weary road toward Oakmarket we enter a large and gloomy forest. Some hours later we discover signs of a bloody and one sided battle. There were signs of dozen or so men (Harold?) who were defeated by large creatures with gigantic wolf prints. Five of the men fled, whom we search for and failed to find. Following the wolf and captor prints we find a large cave guarded by a number of dire wolves. The alarm is raised when wolves decide a flying, invisible Sasquatch is more than an innocent woodland creature. The cave is entered and battle ensues, with the heroic Vapour leading the charge.

As the dust settles Vapour stands astride the bodies of giant dwarves and dire wolves, blood and gore litter the cave floor. Scab chases a retreating wolf, and is overcome. The party eventually rescue Scab, but not before the fiends had administered him the unkindest cut - a poodle cut, oh the humanity. We spend the remainder of the day in the cave as Scab sleeps off the shock. Five survivors of Harold's expedition are located shacked in the cave network, the remaining captors eaten by their captors. Healing and feeding follow as we quiz them of recent events - Harold was returning to Oakmarket to source rare herbs, necessary to make resurrections potions - a ransom for his kidnapped daughter.

Resting and recovering, Ralf shares his knowledge of a friendly witch deep in the forest. Later that day we find ourselves in a clearing, facing a small cottage surrounded by a well tendered hedge. Soon after hailing the house we are explaining our journey and sipping tea with the elderly witch that inhabits the cottage, she offers to perform a vision ritual to assist us that evening. We learn Harold is heading to the "Tomb of the Giant Lords", a mound near the village where rare herbs grow. Sebastian set about performing repairs, while Vapour performs some other strenuous duties, as we await the setting sun.

That evening the ritual is performed, with Vapour naked to enhance the magic, and we all see a vision of a gigantic bear and spinning disk. Vapour receives a second vision of a restore life recipe.

  • Heart sword – fish in the local lake
  • Death Lilly – found of the mound
  • Spears of Life (x10) – legs from giant ants in the high mana zone, dipper in mud and dried under the light of the full moon.
  • Eyes of the Green Sage – sage leaves
  • Times Beginning – thyme root
  • Essesnce of Air – breath of an air elemental

Visiting Neighbours

Ursula is a gigantic bear who lives in the woods, and the daughter of the Witch, who we find the next morning. Scabs gift of wolf steaks convinces her to speak with us and we learn of a four foot wide spinning disk, known as a life preserver, that was seen in the high mana zone some many miles from us. The village is filled with elven necromancers who are to perform an evil ritual on the upcoming high holiday.

We are directed to a friend of hers, who we locate by following a rainbow. He is a leprechaun who trades us protection from draining in exchange for luck. He also know he to increase your luck by making a doll or visiting deaths island. We trade the collar containing the greater for a spectral sword that is exchange in the hands of a noble.

Flying Excitement

We are a hour into flight, over the high mana zone when we see a gigantic bird covered in lightning ! We landed and hid behind thorn walls, but the storm bird was determined to have lunch. Launching bolt after bolt on the party it closed in for the kill. Viola stood with its back to the creature so it couldn’t see her, and the party fell upon the creature. Led by Vapours heroism and Scabs woodland lore the party were victorious, they then spent a significant amount of time healing up.
[Essence of Air from bird]

Returning to the skies the party resumed their flight and Vapur sent some wind speeches to Harold. We they hit upon the idea of following them and it lead us to an earthen fortress surrounded by ants (the size of large hobbits). Harold and the remainder of his party we found in the fortress. He had grown a tree, a delicacy of the ants, to attract them in but did not expect hundreds.

One blacksphere and many exploded acidic ants later, the party had 80 ant legs. The mud pools were north of the fortress, but looked to be inhabited by hippos. Sabastian created a barrel to be lowered into the mud from a height.

Amazing and Awesome

We forget getting the Mud for now, as that won't be needed until the full moon. Instead, we head to the large spinning disk floating in the air close by - the same one seen in our Visions.

We each disappear as we get close, and find ourselves in a magical Maze.

After solving 3 riddles sequentially, we are transport to meet the Green Sage where we are granted answers to 3 questions. Our choice (taking up 3 questions) is to ask how turn our Ritual of Purification into an Awesome Ritual of Purification.

Departing the maze the party heads to the lake to obtain the fish. We encounter flesh golems performing the same task (on behalf of necromancers), which are dispatched.

Attack, of a Sorts

Deciding to rid the town of the necromancers before the High Holiday the party begin to plan. Following scout and discussions the party follow a water elemental through an underground river to beneath the city. Using dark sphere we tunnel closer to the remains of the keep on the hill, forgetting it is called the Tomb of the Giant Lords. Fleeing the giant skeletal hand the party exit the waterways via the town well.

Lead by the brave Vapour the party charging the main tower which is trapped and shrouded in darkness. Luck, cunning and applications of magic lead the party through the wards and traps, forcing the necromancers to retreat into the tower. Avoiding the undead hoard the party give chase and force the necromancers to flee. The party clean the gore and guts from themselves while Vapour heroically dispatch the horde of undead from the courtyard.

A short flight later we have retrieved Harold and wait a tense evening before harvest the magical herbs. Scab becomes bored with all the waiting and summons a new familiar – while on a place of power, during a high holiday. How could it go wrong?

Distractions and Discoveries

Having returned to Lotties hut, we have around two weeks to awaiting the full moon. We discussed the impending meeting with the kidnappers and decided to seek guidance from the skies – the astrology reading was blocked by deity magic - the deity was related to doors, beginnings and endings.

The next day the party decided to fly back to Seagate to research, via a check-up on the Michalines. We snuck close to the Gray Valley and fought a gigantic winged devil that Arandor insisted on attracting. Following the fight the party crept in to the valley, hiding from the hordes of devils flying about the sky. Were about to turn up when we witnessed a pure column of light lance down from the sky a few miles ahead – the Michalines were close! We reach an antimagic zone which made up the Michaline camp. Never had we seen such enthusiastic combatants, freed from and sullen Raphaelites they were in their element – making forays out of the zone to kill the legions of devils. We stay a few days subtly using magic to heal and aid them, they tried many time to lecture us about the use of magic but their sermons were always cut short by yelling “look, a devil”.

Out exciting days with the Michalines were following by a relaxing flight to Seagate and investigations. We learnt of the scrying protection of Khatovar and a deadly assassin named Trevor – not necessarily the signature of the ransom note. Some days later we return to Lottie and Harold.

Hungry Hippo

With one task remaining the party flew to the high mana zone to obtain magical mud. Arriving near the mud pool we find a village of refugees, fled from the madness of the war. We are greeted with some suspicious until our sharman, Scab, converses with the village sharman. Wine flasks and opened and food is provided, and we discover the mud pool is guarded by a gigantic hippopotamus and only those that pass the sacred ritual are allowed to approach.

Some hours later Scab and Arandor stand on the banks of the mud pool, the remaining party members having failed the ritual. With no mechanicians or air magics they struggle to gather boiling mud from the pool and seek the aid of the Hippo. Some hours later they roll barrels of mud into the village and we learn (1) Scab suffered 3rd degree burns after asking the Hippo to spray him in hot mud (2) they dressed a dead pig in Sebastians cloths and fed it to the hippo and (3) they owe the hippo a mate.

Returning to Lottie and Harold we spend some days recovering while Harold treated the ant legs and creates the potions, with five successes. Returning via the guild we set out for Khatovar, having decided to talk to their mercenary guild.

Khatovar Ahoy

The quickest way to Khatovar was to portal to Tyco and fly from there. The portal drained all our energy and we spend three days revering, which allowed us time to navigate the guild system and purchase the various authorisations we required, as well as sampling the local food and wine.

We flew to Khatovar, landing an long walk from the city. Approaching the city we join the line of merchants and visitors waiting at the gate and spent some time with the guard having the rules of the city explained. We located the Blue dolphin and settled in the for the evening – much alcohol flowed that evening and some of us didn’t settled into bed until the next morning. We did learn the Jax, three followers of Janus the two faced God, were killed some time ago and great harm would occur if they returned to life. If only they had powerful resurrection potions...

The next afternoon the last of the party arose to a round of restoratives and lashings of lunch. We paid a trip into town and discussed the world with a Seer from the Blackrock mountains as well as sending a note to the Allied traders Guild requesting a conversation with Trevor. Returning to the Inn later that afternoon we settled in for a nap (except Scab, who was visiting with a Succubus). Our sleep was interrupted when six black robed assassins stepped through the ceiling and attacked.

A minute later the party we’re pulling themselves together and healing up as quickly as possible. Careful use of magic and significant amounts of luck was required to win the day. One assassin had fled, the other lay unconscious or dying in the room. Clearing out and down to the common room we asked for the guard, and a refund on the room. When the guard arrived we returned to the room to find the bodies all removed and blood cleaned up. We left the guard to investigate while we returned to the common room to discuss out next steps. During discussions we were approached by a factor from the arena and made some tentative agreements to sell Scab.

Later that afternoon a member of the Allied Traders Guild approached with a large number of guards, to discuss our note to Trevor. They had no knowledge of Harold, so we asked for a meet with the man himself.

Buffs & Mil Sci

leprechaun bless - can only be drain a max of half fatigue

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Va Sa Sc Sv Vi Ar
Shadow Form (Sa)  9 20%* def 5 hr y
Witchsight (Sa)  16 See invis 8.5 hr y

The party can have as many Leeches as they want.

Recommended are

Black_Leech (cure first poison and dies)

Green_Leech (protects from mental backfires, -1Ft/24 hrs)

Red_&_Green_Leech (witchsight PC+40%, excruciating pain on the first day of the month)

Red_Leech (2nd resistance to charm)

White_Leech (+2 steps better consciousness checks)

If your perception is less than 15 then take Blue_Leech (+1 pt for stun) - at higher PC it drops it by a point or three

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Va Sa Sc Sv Vi Ar
Shadow Wings (Sa)  10 40 mph 5.5hr
Air Walking (Va) 8 4.5hr -
Feather Falling (Va) 4 2.5hr y
Vapour Breathing (Va) 8 4.5hr y
Water Breathing (Sv)
Waters of Strength (Sv) 16? [D-4]+16? ? Y

People and Places

James Overton

Factor of Boton and pary employee. Has been tasked to perform this on behalf of other parties whom wish to remain nameless. Party suspects the are other merchant guilds.

Harold of Oakmarket

Reve of Oakmarket and head of the merchant house. Extremely talented herbalist. Departed two weeks ago to investigate what has become of his town. locate the rare herbs, requires for his daughters ransom.

Four of his company are rescued from direwolves - Yoham, Hans, Ralf, Stephan. Six were eaten. Five are missing.

The Green Sage

At the end of the "spinning disk" maze. Will provide knowledge by answering 3 questions to those who make it through the maze's 3 puzzles.


Harold's kidnapped daughter.

Lottie the Witch

Lives in the great forest and mother of Ursula. Performed vision ritual with the party.


A giant bear that lives in the great forest. The daughter of the Witch.


Lives in the great forest at the end of a rainbow. Bestowed protection against draining.


leader of a Michaline faction. Putting the Z into Zelot.


a small town in Aquila, devastated by the recent war. Was famous for saffron, orange cloth and herbalist potions.


a camp west of Novolar where refugees of the war have fled. Where the party met the Michalines.


The ransom was due to be dropped to this city.

Khatovar assassin

Could move through walls at will. Had poisoned daggers that stripped agility. Had expendable items that let then dodge magic

Astrology Reading

Reading of the nights sky
Fair of face in far off place,
Honour bound by scheming hound,
Thrice paid for life's short lease
Strive maid to service deaths release
When fates wheel turns o'er whim of few
Winds of greed or gallantry all true
So long lives hatred
So long lives dread


  • Heart sword – fish in the local lake - OBTAINED
  • Death Lilly – found of the mound - OBTAINED
  • Spears of Life (x10) – legs from giant ants in the high mana zone, dipper in mud and dried under the light of the full moon. - OBTAINED
  • Eyes of the Green Sage – sage leaves - OBTAINED
  • Times Beginning – thyme root - OBTAINED
  • Essesnce of Air – breath of an air elemental - OBTAINED


  • potions for finding harold
  • 2 resurrection potions


  • Collar - stores spellcasting fatigue
  • Collar - greater enchantment- traded away
  • pelts
  • noble sword
  • Ritual of summoning 2 familiars - Scab
  • Necromancer - ???
  • Spirit Familiar - Scab


  • silk armour x 5
  • sticks x 3
  • tramp stamp - scab
  • sweet nectar - Sabastian
  • mirror - Vapour
  • height mud - Scab
  • purification change

  • draining blessing ?? Did this last?


Winter 814wk: Meadow
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon0.jpg Beltane

Full Moon

1 Guild Meeting 2 Departed for refugee camp 3 Departed refugee camp for oakmarket 4 Waved Michalines goodbye 5 Fight wolves 6 Visit Witch. Visions
Moon1.jpg 7 Bear and Leprechaun. 8 Fight in HMZ. Locate Harold. Kill ants 9 complete maze and obtain fish 10 scout the tower 11 Attack tower, retrieve herbs 12 rest 13 Michalines
Moon2.jpg 14 Michalines 15 Michalines 16 Michalines 17 Michalines 18 Michalines 19 Flying 20 Flying
Moon3.jpg 21 Guild 22 Guild 23 Flying 24 Flying 25 Hippo encounter 26 rest 27 rest
Moon0.jpg 28 Full Moon.
29 Harold makes potions 30 Harold makes potions 1 Harold makes potions 2 to guild then Tyco 3 Tyco 4 Tyco
Summer 810wk: Heat
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg 5 Khatovar 6 7 8 9 10 11
Moon2.jpg 12 13 14 Midsummer Eve (Faerie Day) 15 Solstice 16 17 18
Moon3.jpg 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Moon0.jpg 26 Full Moon 27 28 29 30 1 2
Summer 810wk: Breeze
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg 3 Day of Death 4 5 6 7 8 9
Moon2.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon3.jpg 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Moon0.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30