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The Male Air Mage!!

Quote: "Vapour is an excellent Air Mage. He is the prettiest of the three male air mages and so it comes as no surprise that the female Air mages have voted him man of the year for two years running. Not only kind and well spoken he is also handsome, tall and dashing, all part of the Vapour style."

Some may have their doubts, but rest assured it is all true - just ask Vapour, he'll tell you himself.

He is played by Neil Davies.


My god, he's gorgeous. Ok, actually he's not. Great body - if you like the over-pumped gym-boy kind of look - but other than that pretty normal on the looks department.

When relaxing, Vapour tends to wear clothes in the "minimalist" style. The choice of clothes chosen for the picture here is a good example of what he would consider Dressing Up, rather than Dressing Down.

When on guild business, Vapour is often seen sporting his new red-wrym skin armour, which he is very pleased with. This armour is body hugging to such a degree that it shows off and accentuates his muscle tone even more than normal. If prepared for battle, he may reluctantly move to his purple Leather of Air Mastery. Not nearly so good looking, but pretty impressive nevertheless.



The guild thought Vapour a "perfect candiate" to the Air College due to personality rather than magical ability or ambition. As such, he currently has very limited magical knowledge, with 'a few ranks in a few spells'.

  • His highest rank spell is Air Special Counter he decided to study after hanging out with Lath for a few weeks.
  • He can fly with the grace and beauty of... Vapour.
  • He can walk on air as if the air was solid. Typically using it to make himself look taller and to walk on water.
  • Vapour is a Master Warrior, preferring Hand-and-a-Half and Main-Gauche, and oiled wrestling with large audience.
  • He has dabbled a few other skills, but gained nothing more than a grounding in most.
  • Those joining in with his morning exercises can be pumped up somewhat as well.
  • Can teleport back to guild once every 2 lunar cycles, assuming there is a moon where he is.
  • Can teleport up to 50ft once per day.
  • Can see air currents, winds and creatures of air.
  • He can (occasionally) parry spells completely with his main-gauche.
  • Can fly through hurricanes without issue
  • He has a rather impressive pet dragonfly. It is 10ft long and 20ft wingspan, is very quick, agile, and has a seriously nasty bite. He tends not to bring this on Adventure though as not to overshadow Vapour.


Note: Most of following background information is not publicly known

Vapour (not his birth name) was born 7th of 7 to the Seen family in Seacroft-on-Sea. His home town was not a prosperous place, and Vapour was introduced by his 2 older brothers to the local tradition of "opportunistic weath procurement". At the age of 16, Vapour and his brothers met a resident of Seacroft in their local tavern who boasted of feats of daring, incredible wealth and the adoration of all from his days of "Adventuring in Seagate". The 3 brothers were soon visiting Seacroft to further investigate the investment opportunities.

As per normal, his brothers sent the youngest in to do the dirty work. Vapour was taking far too long though, and after hearing a large crash from within the building, his brothers decided to cut their losses and leave. **

The town guard arrived some time later, and Vapour was next seen being dragged off naked to the lock-up.

The owner accused him of stealing a massive fortune of gold and jewels over the last months - thousands of silver pennies worth!! (Totally outrageous! No one has that kind of money! And the man was obviously lying, since there was nothing of real value in the house!) Unfortunately, the charges were high and the proposed penalties severe. With a bit of luck in using whatever skills he did have, Vapour managed to escape before suffering the permanent penalties. He returned home only to find himself looking for help, only to be shut out by a petrified family who had already been visited by officials.

The following months were spent on the run, and he headed south to find the fabled Seagate Adventurers. Perhaps he too could receive the adoration of ALL!

After finding that he had the bare minimum magical entry requirements, the standard guild was unanimous in their decision that the Air College was the perfect place for someone with his personality.

Adventuring History

Date Adventure Significant diary entries
Winter 812 [[]]
Spring 811 Following the Fumes II
Winter 811 Too much of a good thing
Spring 810 Following the Fumes I am stronger than mortal men, and look even stronger. Some say I should spend some time working out at home. But in the end it was just criminal not show off Colette's magnificent masterpiece to the world. I dare to say it, but my physique is about about as perfect as it can be.
Winter 810 EnTitleD to die for
Spring 809 A Pirate's Lament
Winter 809 The Black Pearl
Spring 808 Black Watch Chronicles III: Tidings of Comfort and Joy Woooh! Went out adventuring with a bunch of Dwarves -- my new buddies! They liked me so much, they even gave me a cool dwarven name - "Vapric"! Wooh!
Winter 808 I met her in a dream I had a great dream where I was surrounded by thousands of adoring women. Later (in real life) I saved a clan of dwarven princesses from being taken over by the same "terrible evil" that gave me the dream. Really, just how evil could it have been?

Oh - some other people also came along: Sam the Ork has biceps larger than mine, but doesn’t really fight with them, for some reason. He must be popular with the ladies though, being that good looking! Peter is also a pretty staunch fellow but needs to loosen up. A lot.

I Almost got sucked into the pits of hell at one stage, saved only by the one-use teleport. I left a priceless statue of myself with the clan leader and ladies to remind them of me when I was gone. The warriors in that clan did a good job of fending off the various demons or whatever that came from the pits. Learn't a lessons from that I tell you.

Summer 808 Sabastian's Eleven A little private work with Sabastian. The less said, the better. My brothers would have been impressed. Starting to learn a few skills from Sabastian. We work well together - me attracting the lovely ladies for his modelling, and him providing training and 'enhancements' to help refine my mind and body. Sweet.
Summer 808 The Tiger and the Mouse A nice send off from Seagate, quite a few of the ladies crying as I left. I do feel sorry for them, with me having to leave. Hooked up with Sabastian on this adventure, good chap I haven't had too much dealings with, except through his agents. An entire new city now considers my their saviour. Awesome! For my efforts, they taught me an ancient storm mage spell, that will impress even more. Wow. On another note, what is the point of having massively muscular legs if they are covered in hair and can't be seen? Similarly, the regeneration effect I picked up sounded great, until I found out it means I might end up growing back wierd claws or tentacles if I ever lost an arm or leg. It wasn't so nice having to go to shrivers a SECOND time to get that one removed! Stupid Chaos effects.
Spring 806 Gathering of the Fumes All the gang out together, for great times. A pretty busy time keeping the Plains Barbarians happy during the fertility festival, but I managed to keep all the ladies happy with a small bit of help from Shoka. Not that I needed it. No.

Oh yeah! Finally got some Armour fitting for a man such as myself! This stuff is just great, making me look even stronger than I am. And that is saying something.

Q3-1996 AP Failed rescue in Ildrisholm Cruised up to Ildrisholm to try and rescue a party lost last session. Not such a good idea! Turns out the entire party were dead , with a hoard of greater undead in the way. Way out of our league unfortunately – nothing we could do for them.

Did meet with a clouster of monks that were air mages. I should concentrate more on these thing they could be good for my career.

Bit if a screwup really. If was only stronger, I'm sure I would have done better. Maybe I should take a bit of time off. The guild is costing me money - it’s not me, I know – but maybe I should get a real job for a while to try and make ends meet.

Q2-1995 AP Haven Tower Epilogue Been thinking more about this natural diet thing. Those stones taste like…. stones… but anything that tastes that bad must be good for you, right?

Glutes looking good. I’m very popular around the air guild, no surprise though. The guys are wimps or have bleeding eyes.

Q1-1995 AP Haven Tower Nice trip! A couple of weeks hanging out on a boat travelling to Newhaven, a few days sorting things out, then back again.

That damn hobbit, trying to insult me at every moment. She has a serious height envy issue, poor thing. I would have pushed her overboard after the second day, if it wasn’t for the guild contract. But the crows nest was a lovely place to get away from it all, sit in the wind feel the raw natural weather. Aaah, this is why they made me an air mage!

Q4-1994 AP Shadow on the Mist
Q2-1994 AP Shadow over Caulder
Q1-1994 AP The Trial: part 1, The Trial: part 2 Sounds great! “Become a night of Ormond” just a few trials to succeed in.

The first trial one went without hitch, and I was brilliant as party leader: decisive, authoritive, charismatic, and successful. Perfect.

Looks like I might have a bit of competition with that new blok Aryan though. He’s might be just a farm boy, but has a chest like a barrel! A great guy, although a bit flabby around the middle. Too much beer I suspect.

Note to self: need to do some more work on my chest area.

Got a bit distracted after the first trial helping out some of the ladies shift furniture down the road, and turned up late for the second trial, so missed out. It did give me more time to work on my chest, which is looking excellent.

Q4-1993 AP Nadrak Dwarves She might have had tusks, but that princess was pretty hot! First time a girl has managed to wrestle me to the ground, and I was putting up my best! It’s got to be love.

The princess was really in to me. Is my new training and diet working? Is it something to do with the natural diet? I could be on to something here with those rocks.

Think she was quite impressed when I took a bite out of the stone gate as a memento when I left.
Have to visit again some time.

Notes on Orcs:

  • Got to admire their strength, but a shame the muscle definition is lost a little under the thick skin.
  • Mating rituals are unusual. When an Orcish princess hits you, smile when you hit back.
  • Also, hit back hard if you like her and want any respect.
Q3-1993 AP In Search of the Sorceress in Silver's Kit Met the Sorceress in Silver for the first time. She got me to personally help out with some manual labour, lifting boxes and spent plenty of time watching me work. She was definitely impressed.

The work on my biceps before adventuring is obviously working. My abs could do with a bit more sculpting though.

Managed to score a “hard luck” stone that allows me to eat rocks. That’s impressive.

**What they say happened: The story of the Seen boy's capture was a favourite amongst the town guard for many months. According to the Guards, Vapour was found trapped under two full-length mirrors, dressed in no much more than a rusty helmet and with an even rustier two-handed sword in his hand. The two mirrors were facing each other, and speculation is that Vapour was swinging the sword around while trying to watch both mirrors as once, tripped, and cause the whole lot to collapse on him.