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[Eldaran: beautiful white wings, sing. Vanyaramë]

A branch of the Elven race altered and adapted for flight and possessed of great feathered wings. The Vanyarami probably broke off from the parent race during the height of the Elven Empire, using arcane magics to permanently change themselves in a way that bred true. Vanyarami tend to be pale of skin, and taller and more slender than their parent race.

The Vanyarami clans were known for their purity, virtue and asceticism, standing very much opposed to the decadence of the final years of the Empire. Interestingly the appearence of the Elohim is similar to that of Vanyarami.

Almost all of the Vanyarami disappeared from Alusia shortly before the War of Tears; it was believed that they have gone to seek the dragons who had left ages earlier.

Vanyarami have been discovered living on the world of Elusavia, (one of the Alternate Alusias), where they are known as the Isilwë and a city of the winged elves also rides on the back of the great void dragon Nin-gizhida.