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Valery is an average looking female human, who has been a guild member for over ten years, but keeps getting distracted by other things, and so can still count the number of adventures on both hands. For example, she lived in the Sea of Grass for a couple of years after rescuing the Shaman's daughter on adventure there. She helped investigate the mana leaking guild vaults, and then spent a few years helping the guild library recover by copying out their records. She helped out at the Brastor Breakout, and then joined the army to fight the dark circle.

She is most easily described as a wiccan with a glaive. Her ex-adventuring father gave her the glaive as a farewell present, and she has spent quite some time becoming most proficient at it. She recently took up Long Bow and Daggers for those occasions when a glaive won't reach / fit in the room.

Generally she is quite helpful and will do as directed, and will volunteer for tasks that need doing.