Umbral Shadow Knowledge

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Knowledge of the Dark Side of Shadow

Orias has gifted Darien with long-forgotten knowledge of the darker side of Shadow. Darien gains an Umbral Pall equal to his total rank in magic from the Umbral Shade. This provides ablative protection against damage caused by spectres, wraiths and wights up to a total of his Pall each night. His Pall can also be used as a percentile bonus on cast checks instead of the normal college shadow modifier; any resulting magic will be of the Umbral Shade.
The Umbral Shade is the shadow cast on the world when the Demons first fell. As such, it will not harm demons, undead, or other intrinsically evil beings (e.g. Umbral Shadowform offers no defence against devils), and may be particularly effective against Beings of Light.

Spell of Shadow Folding

General Knowledge
Range: 15 feet + 15 / Rank
Duration: Immediate
Experience Multiple: 300
Base Chance: 20%
Resist: None
Storage: None
Target: Magical Shadow
Effects: The Adept to manipulate a magical shadow of their own creation. Generic uses include hiding the shadows of the Walking Unseen, or hiding Shadow Wings (while allowing them to work normally). It may be used to enhance Shadowform to have the same effects as Armour of Earth; increase the effective rank of Charismatic Aura; a Web of Darkness must receive 2 × Rank damage to be destroyed. Finally, casting this spell on a shadow before Shadow-walking allows the Adept to look through to the destination shadow for a split second before whether deciding to Shadow-walk. Any spell affected becomes of the Umbral Shade.

Spell of Shadow Soul

Special Knowledge
Range: 15 feet + 15 / Rank
Duration: 1 day (+ 1/Rank)
Experience Multiple: 300
Base Chance: 30%
Resist: Passive
Storage: None
Target: Entity or corpse
Effects: The soul of the target is wrapped in shadow, so it can’t leave the body. When a person with a shadowed soul dies, there is no ‘death buzz’, or awareness by Powers of the person’s death. Having a shadowed soul Preserves Dead as per Healer, and prevents resurrection, and speak-to-dead abilities (until counter-spelled). The target may not astral travel, dream-travel, or do anything wherein their soul would leave their body. The target may not resist Undead life drain, or apply any Necrogeny or similar effects to reduce its effects. Particularly observant priests and similar folk concerned with the welfare of people’s souls may notice the shadow lying over a soul.

GM Andrew Withy