Tycho docks

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The Harbourmaster

The current Harbour-master is Salamo De Grosse. Runs everything on around (and under) the original harbour when . This includes much that is either reclaimed land, or areas mistaken to be on dry land. There is a street, Harbourside St, which now appears to run through the middle of Tycho. This is the demarkation point between the influence of the Harbourmaster and the Governor.

Harbourside is generally a wide bustling boulevard with markets and shops all along, but in the past it has been the scene of viscious battles between the forces of the Harbour and the City. Usually these two powers co-exist diplomatically if not peacefully.

The office of the harbour master employs an armed force for customs, policing and defense. These are know as the Marines.

The Underdocks

The most interesting thing about the docks is the underdock. Labyrinthine passages and through ways created by the collapsed buildings, half sunken ships and decaying piers that make up the foundations of the Docks.

The floating market is a travelling, illicit market that convenes secretly in different places in the underdock.


A street among the merchant family warehouses.

The independent merchant families form the third party in power in Tycho. Behind Harbourside, on the City side are row upon row of merchant warehouses. The main warehouses of most of the merchant familes. These large, well fortified, stone buildings have been better store houses than buildings built nearer the sea, out on the ends of the piers.