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General information

Turf is the Sheriff Baron of Erewhon, a barony ruled by Saydar. He is known as an honest and fair elf. Many ask why Turf works so closely with Saydar, given his cruel reputation. Some suggest he is controlled by the Necromancer, others that his presence curbs his cruelty. The third suggestion, spoken only in whispers, is that he is monitoring the Necromancer and will enact the final solution if Saydar ever turns away from humanity. Nobody has ever heard of Saydar.

Turf is known to have strong morals and alleged to be aligned with the Powers of Light. He is vocal in his contempt for demons, their pacted minions and other evil beings. He advocated that guild members pacted to Demon and their ilk should be put to the sword.


Turf is a tall, muscular looking Elf that moves with incredible grace. He is completely bald with unusual tattoos running across his head and disappearing down his back. Upon his face he wears a porcelain mask which is covered in minute figures, he is alleged to be beautiful but is rarely seen without the mask. He is dressed in bronze coloured plate armour that is known to occasionally sparkle, with a glowing weapon resting upon each hip. Opon his back hangs a black cloak that is covered in fine silver writing. A number of potions and amulets hang from his body.


Turf is an extremely talented warrior and deadly in combat, having studied many secret tomes. His skills within the Naming college are known to be heavily modified.


Scab: I knew Pink when he was just a little elf with none of this whole leaping-about-tatoo-head thing going on. He was fine then, it's all that high power magic and living with an orc that done it to him. Or being a namer, that's bound to have driven him crazy, all the other namers are stark raving bonkers. Mind you I thought about being a namer once but the starched underwear didn't agree with me.

Sith the Necromancer: Turf stop pretending, you don't need to be butch all the time darlingk.

Uzi: "Good"? Ha! Rumour is he sucked off demons to get Master in Warrior... He's good in a fight though. For a dancing elf-type.


Winter 806

Turf is sentenced to death by Western Kingdom due to some particularly heinous crimes. His whereabouts are currently unknown and multiple hefty rewards are offered for his head.


Date Award Details
Spring 800 WK Bravest The party encountered a desecrated Church of Chantris and encountered what they initially thought was a drow Turf boldly leapt forward and discovered it was an undead lich. So he engaged it to tie it up. In another encounter, he moved to block damage heading towards Father Rowan.
Winter 800 WK Bravest Bravely turning back to rescue Kern and Bleyse past overwhelming
Winner (by a large majority) - Turf
Winter 800 WK Smartest Rescued Silkin from negotiating with a succubus
Summer 800 WK Smartest The party had succeeded in getting rid of the nasty people attacking the Calimar. As the Calimar prepared to thank the party, Turf managed to circumvent the compromise of the party's principles by slaying the Calimar.
Summer 798 WK Stupidest trying to interfere with Bozo. [Another clarification required]
Summer 798 WK Bravest The Hero that the party had was not doing too well against the 24' Titan. So Turf charged in to help.
Spring 797 WK Bravest Winner.
Autumn 797 WK Bravest Winner.
Winter 797 WK Bravest Winner.
Winter 796 WK Bravest Winner.


Date Adventure Significant diary entries
Autumn 815 WK Secret Seven and the mystery of the missing Sun
Spring 813 WK Kill Them All To travel the length and width of Bowcourt ridding the land of foul creatures and protecting the people
Spring 812 WK Things Fall Apart Save a parallel well world from Entropy, Cold, the Undead and Energy Death
Autumn 811 WK Brides of Blackrod Blackrod, so recently resurrected from his justly deserved slaying is back with yet more villainous plans for world domination. And, this time, he's brought company.
Spring 809 WK Nadin's Revenge Contact is lost with the island of Delph and trading has ceased, a guild party are hired to investigate.
Spring 809 WK Famous Five go to Delphi Contact is lost with the island of Delph and trading has ceased, a guild party are hired to investigate.
Summer 809 WK Songs of Pain and Sorrow To investigate the mystery of a young man by the name of Leander Gentle. He is a healer of middling skill who has been known to help out at the Guild infirmary. In these few weeks before the Guild Meeting, he was found dead.
Summer 809 WK Little Big Plane Callas gets a letter from MadRon for an information gathering quest. It also says to clap two and a half times for more info; upon doing that another letter falls from a hole in the sky with another letter, it says the job is to test the "Strength and viability of portals on other planes", and has a map. The letter is on very thin paper, so almost transparent, and the map is very odd and double-sided. It has planar transportation on it - cant descern the destination. Callas pulls a party togther and we get ready.
Spring 809 WK Exiting for the Emperor An old inscrutible sun elf called Derivant wants a party to resolve a rebel army in an elf city.

Winter 808 WK Latherin and the Jade Sarcophagus Turf finds a card in his pocket saying "Opps opps opps", it is from Baccarat. An animated magical sentient object/artefact (NOT daemonic) has got loose (it was provoked and attacked and is now retaliating) and is burning/destroying cities on Kanlaoise. It produces lots of flashing light, perhaps is solar item (re solar elves) and Baccarat has had a nasty premonition of it kicking his butt.
Summer 808 WK Sun Elves and Daemons An old(!) inscrutable Sun Elf asks to see Blitzkrieg outside of the guild. He has a job on the plane of Kanlaoise, an old dwarven hold has been taken over by a Cabal that is producing demon tainted objects in large quantities.
Winter 807 WK The Hippo's Helpers The party are hired to fulfill a promise to find bride for a Hippo.

Spring 806 WK ? Meanderings for Madron Madron the Astrologer hires us to investigate the astrology reading
Spring 806 WK Kijaand Restoration (Part I) Peroform some investigation for Baccarat and Delerium.

Autumn 806 WK A Manor of Fate Delerium and Baccarat and company can set up incognito and put in a portal from the Drow empire to Alusia. First however, is to check out the old portal from Alusia (at Five Sisters) to the destroyed pocket plane to see if it can be used at all.
Spring 805 WK Plague upon Thee (Part II) A sample of a deadly plague has being recovered by a guild party. Sebastian of Hamburg has asked us to capture a minion of the Blood Lord, of the packet plane, whose alchemical knowledge may help them develop an antidote.
Autumn 805 WK The Hunting of the Omnicognitron Lord of Fate (Baccarat) from the pocket plane of ??? contacts Turf. Turf gathers party and we fly to seven sisters and pass into pocket plane, we are met by a servant of Backerack who takes us to Bacerack's casino where we meet him. Dr VonSprocketset a Gnomish inventor has gone missing leaving a large glass making invention (Omnicognetron) on the rampage. The Omnicognetron may have been reprogrammed by a minion of the Blood Lord as it is now actively hostile when anyone approaches. It is large enough that it has messed up Metastopholies (a semi senile gold dragon that lives on this plane). During its rampage it has released two vampires by smashing through their prison (the Blood Lord's temple a large pyramid).
Spring 805 WK Five Woks of Fury (Wok of Clay) reclaim the Wok of Clay
Spring 803 WK Where is the Blood Coming From? Destroy the blood worm that is destroying the water. Locate and terminate the blood vampires.
Summer 801 WK Adventures on Aquerius (Part III) Fom the Seagate guild by Sebastian of Hamburg who works for Lord Harcourt and Pendelton to ensure that certain magical items are buried underground so that they are not destroyed in the burning of the forum in Republica on the plane of Aquarious.
Winter 800 WK Bringing Light Into The Darkness Find the Light of Reason and re-establish the Church of Chantris in Gunlion Hill
Autumn 800 WK Battles in the Dark Journey into the Dark Circle
Winter 799 WK Edge of the Underdark Find out what the drow’s plans are for the surface.

Autumn 798* WK Defense of Ssqua Investigate Apollyon’s aims, and attempt to stop the spawn army onslaught on Terra Nova.
Autumn 796 WK Saydar's Pub Crawl A party whom some should have known better end up setting up Saydar as Baron of Erewhon.
Autumn 796 WK Least We Forget Here that a party of useless incompetents as been captured and must be rescued. The party was made of Flamis, Basalic, PJ, Icarone, Anathea and Stark.
Summer 796 WK Against Azzur The Engalgoons take on Lord Azzur and both sides call it a truce after half a minute of fighting/meeting him.
Summer 792 WK Mordag's Little Finger Recover the staff called "Mordag's Little Finger" for the Sorceress in Silver