Truce in the Fastness of Girwyllan

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Truce in the Fastness of Girwyllan Written by Darius Jedburgh on April 1996 AP

Guild Members

A whining hobbit.
A staunch dwarven fighter.
Enough said.
Party leader and noted mage.
The famous explorer himself (and two orc bodyguards).
Fighter and pretend Namer.
Elven fighter mage.
Female enchantress.

Diary of Events

April 1, 1996 AP

Decide to disguise ourselves and attack the harpies. We do so and fight them to a standoff, loosing Bart in the process. We cut a deal with the harpies, ourselves and the Duke for a sixteen month truce. The deal was as outlined.

  • Neither the Guild, nor its members, would attack or conspire to attack the harpies for sixteen months.
  • The Duke would lift the bounty on the harpies for the duration of the truce.
  • The harpies would not attack the Guild, its members, the communities around the high mana area or the Duke's men.
  • The three harpies current held at the Guild were to be returned with their non magical possessions.
  • Bart, Faldo and Gross would be returned to the party.
  • The harpies would answer two questions about the high mana area.

We returned to Guild to collect the three harpies. We then traveled to Candlestone farm and then into the high mana area.

The exchange took place during the afternoon and the deal was made by secret means. On the way there Kilroy disturbed a nest of large spiders.

We reach Dobin the Hobbit's place (north of the troll cave, north of the spiders, east of the river) around evening.

Dobin told us the following information:

  • Some information on castleroot.
    1. Orc poison.
    2. Helps not stun.
    3. Grows in the blue crystals.
    4. Mix with butter and given to horses makes them go twice as far.
    5. Helps regrow trees.
    6. Is physically crosshatched.
  • If a person draws themselves at the bottom of the cliff to the east of the green water river, opposite where the river runs underground, takes castleroot tea before going to sleep, and dreams of the shape they want to be when they awake, then they may change in some way.
  • If you have a bowl of Nazra then make a float with pine needles and it will help you locate things.
  • Swithen is trapped in Nazra Minor (or maybe Major, but I don't think so).
  • Tomorrow is the "False Equinox".
  • Hobbits have some sort of magical baking.
  • Necros have three unicorn horns. They help to find the unicorns.

Other things worth noting at this point.

  • There is a comet with comes every 60 years. When it does arrive it is seen three times, at two yearly intervals.
  • The trout turns up at the time the comet is seen (or there abouts).

April 2, 1996 AP

Travel to where the fish is to turn up. The fish turns up, along with the owl, three goblins, Ernie and the harpies. It was about 8pm and a full moon. After eating the fish, we leave and head to the cliffs.

Get to the cliffs and spend the night there.

April 3, 1996 AP

Clementine wakes us as a large bear. All out food as been putrefied by necromancy in the morning. Mordrin collected 20 green waters while the hydra was been distracted.

Head on the get to the copper tree. Collect several sacks of leaves. Find 36 piles of triple stacked rocked. Some weird goblin ritual. To the west are 13 crop circles of six symbols each, in astrological sequence. At least one is protection and one other is the equinox.

Meet an elven ranger from Elfheim checking out the elven necromancers current occupied in the high mana area.