Trials of the Hafted Weapon

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Loot from the game in two files which are:


GM: Jono Bean
Session: Winter 809 WK
Night: Tuesdays
Location: New Windsor
Level: Medium

Find and recover a ship last seen heading north of Destiny 18 months ago. Captain: James; Cargo: Spices.
Percentage of Cargo (est 10,000sp).

Scribe Notes

1st of Frost

Meet at Guilding meeting room

Get to know one another.

Discuss assignment, including terms and payment. Discuss transportation. Employers give little in the way of an idea as to what the job is really about.

We are basically told we are to seek a lost merchant vessel, missing with all hands (1 captain + 9 deckhands, all human) We are given a list of ports the vessel visited prior to it's disappearance.

Go to Old Seagate harbour via different routes.

In habour is the "East wind of Tyko" a ship of 600' long, 200' beam with 9 masts and crewed by Giants. We board "The Blackened Blade" it's much smaller sister ship for the coming voyage.

Set sail out of Seagate for Chelamby, entering into an unnatural 'fog' where we and the crew are attacked by pirates.... who are using an "inn" and the land it stands on as their vessel. We eventually drive the pirates off.

Human is killed in combat unfortunately. Personally I am torn between doing as ordered with regards to using a magic I have in effect up and instead trying to save Human. The balance of saving one vs the real possibility of being overrun as a group. I am still not sure if it was the right decision (but will never know). Silverfoam loses a leg in the conflict and notes in passing on the matter "I do apologise, it is traditional for admirals to get legless"

Human is brought back by unusual means onboard the "Blaken Blade"'s large companion ship.

6th of Frost

By our perception after about 12 hours we leave the mist and come out seeing an island with clouds above it.

Silverfoam divinates Toledo Steele to see what magics were used against us. The result was Wicca and Water.

We sail into the port of Chelamby (of the Kingdom of the same name), it is earlier morning.

After making anchor, the ship's first mate informs us that we will probably be there for 2 days and gives us some mail to take ashore and delivery. He requests that we return aboard to help deliver a shipment in the evening of the same day.

Silverfoam asks about where we can stay without the prospect of marriage. Basically an apprioprate, neutral Kassen to stay at. (that is not part of either of the 2 local factions).

Pilot master tells us of a good healer in the city for Silverfoam's situation. We walk through town and find the healer/wicca (elven). We look to acquire restoratives and healing potions. Salve of Regrow lim is available and told we need to supply green aggart if we are to get restoratives. Annocke is advised to seek out Quilos, a mage in the ice to the north and given a small container of paste with 3 uses. Synthetic poison antidote is on offer. Human is offered a potion to give visions of what one seeks. Quickness powered is available. We learn that there is a reward offered to learn why the Aura Borealis cancels out the effects and abilities of the Thaurmaturgies, the reward is offered by a local guild in Chelamby (they seek a sample of a special rock that has this effect imbedded in it) We learn that orcs, giants and humans have been through purchasing a poison that is particular effective against Silverfoam and Annooke. We also learn that Dwarves in the north will pay alot for the hearts of certain fiery flying snake creatures.

As we leave the healers a guard arrives with a letter for Silverfoam.

Reference Information



Standard Buffs

Raise Will-power: +10 or +15


Anooke given a doom Anooke loses his shadow (and doom with it) to help Human, he cannot have alot of Celestial - Shadow magics (good or bad) effect him while he does not have his shadow Anooke given paste with 3 uses by Elven Healers in Chelemby

Silverfoam and Grendel are given tailored clothes apprioprate for nobles, for the occasion of the party at the Kassen in Chelemby

Human purchases an ice jewel(s) in Chelemby Human gets 10' vine of ice(?) cutting while shopping in Chelemby Human purchases an ice spider that will repair armour Human is now 6'4" rather then 6' from resurrection Human learns a word of death... from Death

Silverfoam purchases 9(?) gutbuster potions @ 8 END/16 Fat (?) ...billed c/- Elven Isles & for a stored coutnerspell.

Black Coven gives us 9 pikes (for what purpose, use unknown) at no charge

Silverfoam given gift of use of "Hammers of the Dwarves" Silverfoam given gift of plain green boots from Queen of Alfheim

Pay for the pirates with the Undead Giant Spider (bar of true silver ~ 5 pounds of Platinium).

5 Golden Scales from the Gigantic Undead Basilisk (of Shield size)

Vial with a single drop (ice history gives "Will heal an ailment") from Healer's Guild, given to Silver Foam as gift

Mechanican 'upgrades' in the chest (Silverfoam, Toledo Steele, Anooke, Human and Grendel)

Finely crafted antique chest (10+ gold, with lock of 2+ gold) made of rare wood

Cost to party of 1 nights stay in Adjectbar = 11,700 sp

1 pound of blue sand purchased by Annoke for 25,000sp

Toledo Steele's 'gold brick' potion returns Grendel to the 'rigor' of youth (as a side effect to the reason for using it)

Looting of Siren's cave (items found lot given in detail at time)

Free a Reverant and Silverfoam undertakes to attempt to deliver a message for him to a Coven (within 7 years).

Silverfoam, while stoned, loses his head & a few crates of minor baggage — but has sketch map of the Isle of adventure where it occurs.

Town reward for dealing with Giants and Sirens, 6 Bags of Silver (2 used on adventure)

Wicca Polar Amulet given to (Silverfoam, Toledo Steele, Arwen, Anooke and Human) for killing the Ice Bear Human received a Cloak for giving the killign blow

Dwarves repair Arwen's Jousting Armour (to be picked up)

Arwen and Human receive Rnk 20 Greaters (don't know if this is important or not given limited duration)

Human and Arwen collect sand that dispells illusions / invisibility from gates to Incogniton

Chest, made of Gold, Silver and Ivory left behind by Lycanthropes

Arwen "given" beautiful, jeweled collar and highly improper clothing. Collar + triangle mean what is placed in the triangle is being worn by Arwen to full effect (good and bad, but not visible, or feelable by others in any way)

Another set (that is a plain, non-slave set) is aquired.

Synthetic Poison Antidote given by Richard (in addition to the 12 doses given earlier)

Anooke purchases 36 healing potions

Arwen and Human(?) are offered training by Moonshae

Any loot that there may have been from the Giants (last challenge before our removal from the quest) And 12 Gutbusters