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<-- Lunar Empire The guild of Transport and High Travel.

By Imperial decree no group shall be allowed to charge money for the transport of 
people or goods between cities excepting representatives of this guild

Based in Lunar City, this guild has buildings in most of the large cities within the Empire.

Because of the High Guilds rules there can be no other official merchant organisations. Because of this restriction merchanting has become a family thing. There are many powerful Merchant Families throughout the Empire where membership is only by birth or marriage. These family structures escape the restrictions on local organisation or monopolisation by the Guild of Transport and Travel. At the very least it can be said that there is friction between Merchant Families and the Guild.

The guild holds a charter allowing the guild to control merchants as follows:

Control wagons/carts with more than 2 wheels.
Control ships and barges more than 35 feet in length.
Control ships and barges using or having the assistance of a water or air magic’s.
This often amounts to a tax on vessels and or merchants.
Light wagon 100 sp / year 
Wagon 180 sp / year
Barge 30 sp / foot / year
Ships 60 sp / foot / year
Vessel gaining the assistance of a water or air mage for the season 20sp
Flying magic’s are also taxed and nominally controlled:
Flying by Wicca or Air magic’s – caster 507 sp / year
Flying Celestial magic’s – caster 220 sp / year
Flying Ship – 5,000 sp / year
Flying Castles - 12,500 sp / year (includes any flying land).
Other flying – tax depends on region and local governor.
Portal costs:
Using the portals can be done one of either two ways.
1) 1,200 sp per person and you travel to the destination safely. 
2) 200 sp per person and you may arrive at the destination with no fatigue and often 
are unable to recover it for a few days. 
Cognitam City
Luna City
Elz Ast City
Joranit City
Ajeel City
Harandash City
Yuthuppa City
Raibanth City
Alkoth City
Parthais Ruins
Yalmfoot City
Durnvok City
Blackwell Stronghold