Tower of Knowledge (OZ)

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This tower may appear at any location however the ritual to summon the tower is difficult and fraught with peril.

Locations that Dramus has previously summoned the tower are listed below.
They are listed by plane and highlighted where the location is a high mana zone.


These are the location on Aleria where the tower has previously been summoned to.

  1. Wansbone Clan homestead. Appears as a door in a spare bedroom.
  2. A Fae Forest to the Southeast of the Wansbone Homestead. Appears as a tree.


These are the locations on Alusia that the tower has previously been summoned to.

  1. The woods downhill from the Guild (15min walk) - Appears as a tree.
  2. 9a Potters Lane New Seagate - Appears as a doorway.
  3. In the southern Sweet Riding (8 Miles Northwest of where the Wolf River joins the River Running) near the fae woods. Frontiers of Alusia map reference: 32N28W - Appears as a small stone tower.
  4. Northern Edge of the Superstition Mountains, to the east of the Thunder River. (Map Ref 27S17E) - Appears as a large boulder
  5. A tree beside Ruby Waters
  1. Dramus's quarters Newcourt - Appears as a doorway.
  2. Top of the White Tower Newcourt - Appears as a small tower after the fashion of the white tower.
  3. In the machine room beneath Newcourt
  4. D'arbres Forest. Northern Newcourt - Appears as a tree.
The Baronies
  1. A small village in central Ranke - Appears as a small cottage.
  2. Guest room in Isil Eth's guest quarters in Elfenburg- Appears as a doorway.
  3. DeWinter guard barracks, Mordeaux - Appears as a doorway.
  4. On the Alfheim border to the north-west of gracht in the cupboard of the Von Jones Inn.
  5. Zirac Holding in central Ranke. - Appears as a doorway.
  6. Small forest to the east of the Southhaven Academy for Girls near Port Artz - Appears as a tree.
  7. Simbre a small down in the Duchy of DeBourgnac
  8. Formerly Gerald's Fee in southern Aladar. Appears as a small building.
  9. A door in the central tower of Castle Silvercrest, in the Barony of Steinhugel, Grobbety in Aladar.
  10. A small cot in a glade a few miles south of Raskley in southern Eltrandor.
  11. A large tree on the Isle of Valdevar
Eastern Alusia
  1. The garden of Kokhan the Summoner, Kinlu - Appears as a Tea House.
  2. In a Dwarven Stronghold in Eastern Alusia. - Appears as a doorway.
  3. In a gully a few miles from the previously mentioned Dwarven Stronghold. - Appears as a rocky outcropping.
  1. M'nor Island - Appears as a ruined and crumbling tower.
  2. North-west coast of Palestrina - Appears as a large Oak
  3. Northern Tip of Delph - Appears as a stone door in a cave.
  1. The University of Mount Everwhite - Appears as a tower.
  2. Northern Terranova 150 miles north-east of the sea of ash in a maintained garden - Appears as a small cottage.
Other Locations
  1. A high mana zone which corrupts people who stay there too long. (Somewhere in Central Alusia)
  2. A Small Tower in the council chambers of the Olde Bright. (Note tower may be attacked by Golems on arrival.)

Recent History

Recently the tower has been behaving oddly. Locations the tower has been summoned to during this period include

  1. A door in the Guest Suites in the de la Verain manor, Duchy of Algain - Currently door appears to ber permenant.
  2. A tree in a grove 5 miles from the de la Verain manor, Duchy of Algain - Door appears to be permenant.
  3. A location in the desert near Shorapur. Initial site was high Mana created by a pacted entity (Savnok). Appears as a small tower in the local style.Site not revisited to determine state.
  4. A small island (and protectorate of Asheth) off the coast of Azuria. Appears as a large Rock. Door is permanent and possibly connected to Delph

Alternate Alusias

A number of Alternate Alusias have been visited and the tower points are as follows.

Alusia 3
  1. A small village on the slopes of the Mesa where Ishkhara resides. Analogous with Masada on Alusia. Tower appears as a small elven building in the style of the village.
  1. Mages Casting chambers, North Lending - Appears as a small tower.
  2. A valley similar in geography to Elfenburg situated to the Northeast of North Lending - Appears as a tower.
  1. High Mana Zone beneath Vauxhall Castle.
  1. Within a Stone Cirle in a location corresponding to the The Cloisters in Northern Brastor on Alusia. The area is High Mana and the Tower appears as an orthostat.
  1. In a pocket plane, while on the back of Nin-gizhida. Return has not been attempted to determine where this door may lead.


These are the locations on Oz that the tower has previously been summoned to. The tower may only travel to 5 location in central OZ, one in each territory. A number of location have also been visited in Greater Oz.

Gillikin Country
  1. A tall spindly tower thousands of feet high situated in Loonville.
Winkie Country
  1. A small cottage situated near to Mombi's house.
Munchkin Country
Quadling Country
  1. A tall termite mound set with other mounds to the north of China.
Emerald City
  1. A green townhouse within the Emerald City.
Greater OZ
  1. Valley of the Dolls - Appears as a Doll house.
  2. The Knowledge Dragon -