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Location 15 Miles north-west of Brastor Township in Brastor. Tobintown.JPG
Government Baroness Emily Kafnick supported by Chief Architect Sabastian

Duchy of Carzala Subinfeudation

Population ~3,800 in 818WK




– Drinking Tax
– Hearth Tax
– Bonding

250sp once a year
25 sp twice a year
%2 of goods' value/month

River trade Most river trade stops here (rappids to the north). River trade can make it to Westgate and Charity onwards to Emmitsburg
Subinfeudation Carzala-sub-map.jpg
Market town for Brown Woods, Benzonville, Cutwood Curse, Thingonville, Westhold
As of Summer 818WK


A market town in Brastor Holdings. Political allegiance. Tobintown is the seat of the noble and once impoverished Kafnick family. The current Lord Marshal of Brastor, Harold Kafnick reports to the Castellan. The family lost most of its wealth defending Brastor against the Dark Circle, but has reclaimed some wealth in 812WK. The family in Tobintown is effectively led by the second wife of Harold, Baroness Emily Kafnick, following their marriage in summer 807WK. Emily is twenty years younger than the Baron. and a skilled and capable courtier and administrator, well liked by both servants and townsfolk. Her husband is mostly away, being Field Marshal of Brastor, and can be found at Castle Brastor.

Tobintown is well established with many 5th generation families with old money living in the area. The town is currently undergoing a bit of a boom with many new buildings going up. Community barn raisings are organised regularly by the Baroness Kafnick. The area is supported by Chief Architect Sabastian.

Market town for the villages of - Brown Woods, Benzonville, Cutwood Curse, Thingonville, Westhold.


The Wall and Gates
The town is surrounded by a 15' tall earthen embankment with a similarly deep ditch on the outside, water from the Champion River slowly flows through the ditch. The only bridges over the ditch are at the northern and southern ends of the town.
North Gate
is an elaborate brick structure, extending up into a 42' tall watch tower. The watch tower has magnificent views of the river and mountains to the north from the upper deck. The gate was blocked by a couple of logs and an old cart until the gate was completed.
South Gate
is two solid stone pillars. On the East side is a 40' high squat stone tower. The crenelated roof is open to the elements but provides a good view of the road and river. The gate was blocked at night by logs or an old cart until the gates were completed. Connected to the south gate tower are barracks for up to 100 men and a corral for their horses.
Town Square
The town square is paved with local stone, a deep clean well is in the south-east corner. On the eastern edge a large Inn, on the western edge is the the town meeting hall.
At the northern corner of the town hall is 30' tall delicate brick clock-tower, a spiral stair winds around the outside giving access to where the clock mechanism would be if it had one.
The Barn
A very very large set of stone barns with many many hundreds of tons of rye, grain, flour and hay. ~235 staff work at loading and unloading badges and sorting out shipments of rye, grain and flour to other settlements within Brastor. Barn leader by Dunan Largefoot (hobbit) who reports to Chief Architect Sabastian.
Paved streets lead from the square to the northern and southern gates, and east to the stone wharf on the bank of the Champion River.
Shop Smart, Shop Sabastian-mart
Purveyor of All Things Good, a prominent merchant house.
Town Hall
A simple two-storey stone building with a wood and thatch roof. The ground floor is one large open room with a raised platform at one end. Stairs at either end lead up to several small rooms upstairs, most of which are unfinished and used to store possessions of families who are still rebuilding.
Fighting Spirits In
A two-storey stone building with a wood and thatch roof. Downstairs is the common room, bar, and kitchens. Upstairs are the innkeeper's rooms and some guest rooms. Clean and tidy and run by a small man named Jet Clarks.
Half a mile South-east of town, the completion was delayed by a season due to sabotage and finally finished in Summer 807. The saw mill is set next to the river and is constantly busy proving wood for the rebuild. In Spring 808 the mill was upgraded conta-rotating blades. Run by Billson
Griffyn Toys
A small toyshop, opened in 812, that makes childrens toys. Run by Arken Griffyn, a retired dwarven soldier who fought during the Dark Circle war and carries a number of savage scars, he shuns all talk of the war. Arken and his young son live in the town.
A small, but surprisingly well fortified building. Run by Sister Ruger, an elder and now retired Michaline Knight who lost an arm during the war but always carries a mace and short sword on her hip. Sister Ruger is a friendly woman how makes time for most people but wont tolerate any sort of boorish behavior, she is often seen at the Inn.
No. 1 Hobbits' Detective Agency
Established a two story stone premises in 814. This branch of the office specialises in finding lost minds.
Thinknottle's Fish and Flames
Right on the riverfront this is tobintown's finest eatery with freshly landed fish flame grilled to perfection by its celebrity chef Thinknottle.
Wishing Well
Local legend has it that anyone casting a copper coin into the well and thinking of someone will bring that peron good luck for the season (stcks with lessor enchantment).


  • Market days are commonly 4-5 days a week.
  • Tinker's rest - 5th day of the monthy where it is good luck to purchase from a tinker.
  • Darkmoon Faire - entertains for a week from the ~15th of Fruit.
  • Braegons' free healing day (local high ranked travelling healer).
  • Braegons' town square dance.
  • First of Spring, Guild masters often select apprentices from local youth.
  • Holiday Saint Sabastian meal day - large town open-air feast.
  • Hog running day - some brave locals try to catch a huge oiled Hog (called Brownbuity).
  • Mid Winter - festival and dancing around bonfires to ward off evil.
  • In the days of Chaos - if Sabastian is not around some locals may attempt to burn a wicca man of the Gazers of Heaven.


Arken Griffyn

Now seen as a local Dwarf who has a toy shop in town, is the leader of the local merchants and often helps with coins for many of the local businesses. It is said he has family in the Superstition Mountains and often talks of a land-loving admiral with a land-ship.

Kafnick Family

Lord Marshal of Brastor, Harold Kafnick is often away in Brastor Township or Seagate. The family in Tobintown is effectively led by the second wife of Harold, Baroness Emily Kafnick, following their marriage in summer 807WK. She is said to be good friends with Chief Architect Sabastian.

Town Guard

Four militia (Esq Bill Fair-word, Big Sue, Mighty Max and Perrie Edwards one foot) have been assigned permanent duty in Tobintown, they have set up camp in the comfortable northern watchtower. The barracks are primarily used for storage and the common patrols that often stop overnight. The guard is supplemented by volunteers from the townsfolk.


Tobintown was once a small town where the local farmers traded their livestock and produce, travellers rested before setting out or after arriving through the passes to the Sweet Riding, and the local craftsmen were known for the quality of their weaving.

During the period of the Dark Circle occupation Tobintown was used as a refugee mustering point and alliance outpost, and was sacked several times by both sides.

Very few buildings survived the decade of war intact. A couple of those have been left standing on the west side of town as a reminder of the town's darkest years. A few brave souls enter the buildings to remember the dark times but nobody will live in them, the taint of evil and death is indelibly etched into the walls.

Spring 817

A griffon was seen flying near the town. This caused a great deal of panic that resulted in a fire which burnt down the stables situated by the docks.

Winter 814

Rumour has it that Sabastian personally blessed the local fields, orchards, and livestock.

Winter 813

First hunger and famine free year since 804WK. Locals declare an annual holiday called Saint Sabastian meal day.

Winter 812

Sabastian personally completes "The barns" for Brastors food stores.

Winter 807

Sabastian personally oversees the completed the sawmill.

17th Harvest, Autumn 807

Following numerous delays the mechanical marvels of the water powered saws calamitously fail, injuring several workers and destroying the mechanisms. The mechanician and crew barely escaped lynching and were last seen rafting downriver on their waterwheel.

20th Meadow, Summer 807

The Tobintown sawmill produces its first lumber for the Brastor Reconstruction. Recruits pouring into town to cut lumber and work the mill are temporarily housed in the south-gate barracks.

Summer 807

Braegon returns to town for a few days, finishes the wharf, assists with the sawmill construction, and spends some time improving the roads to the north and south.

Winter-Spring 806

Late in winter the guild adventurer Braegon clears and re-paves the town square, digs a new well at the side of the square, and lays stone foundations and first floor for a new Inn and town hall on either side of the square.

During Spring Braegon raises an earthen wall around the town, constructs the south gate and barracks, and lays foundations for several buildings in the town.

One of his colleagues passes through in late spring, builds a slightly taller tower at the north gate, a beautiful spire next to the town hall that he declares to be a clock tower, and then continues his journey mentioning something about working on the locks.

Autumn 806

Brave settlers returning to Brastor rebuild a few common buildings to live in while they re-establish their farms and rebuild the rest of the town.

Winter 805

Settlers and militia driven back by the Dark Circle forces shelter from the unusually fierce winter storms in the remains of Tobintown until they are evacuated through the hills to the west.

Pre Dark Circle Adventures