To protect a merchant

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If you are a starting character with one, two or three adventurers then you may benefit from the following mini-adventure-wiki-style or maws:

On a warm moring a guild rep says to you;
'Hay you - there is a merchant outside looking for some help and paying cash'
Following the guild rep outside the gates you can see a merchant a cart, with two mules. The merchant is a kind looking human woman who is well dressed in her late twenties. She is standing next to a small two wheeled cart which is piled high with wooden boxes with a tarp tied down over the cart and cargo.

The woman turns to you and says;
'Hello my name is Kinnar of Ranke, and I am looking for a guard for a couple of weeks travel in Carzala and I am paying well. I have my old fathers leather armour that I can give you if you assist me?'.

Do you wish to assist Kinnar? Yes or No