Titania (Plane)

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(One of the Alternate Alusias)

(Formerly referred to Hero World -- an epithet given it by a guild party -- the realm's inhabitants call their world Titania).

The technology and culture of this world appears "classical": triremes anchor in Seagate harbour alongside colonnaded docks and warehouses; the crowds wear chitons or kilts and sandals.

The people are mostly human, but other races are not unknown. One oddity of this world are "heroes", individuals possessed of abilities unusual for their race, and rumoured to be the result of Titan bloodlines.

League of Adventurers

In this world the Guild is the "Seagate League of Adventurers"; courageous and daring heroes who do battle with similarly powered villains from the "Fraternity of Evil"(as witnessed by Jade and Serena). League members met by the party on their brief stay include:

A 7'6" male human, possessed of great strength and endurance and who could fly at whim. (Has a stylised T in silver on his bronzed armour)
The Centurion
6'8" male human who could create copies of himself.
A slight elf who moved so quickly that he was a virtual blur.
The Amazon Queen: A powerfully built 7' human female with unknown powers.
The Dark Praetor
A tall dark figure dressed in galvorn, (black mithril), and possessed of the ability to control darkness.
A lithe human female with strong oracular powers.
A tall and beautiful (if haughty and standoffish) human with the ability to transform people into animals as well as teleport great distances.

Other Heroes

This plane was also home to Primus, the greatest to the heroes, a male human some 9 feet tall and possessed of truly exceptional strength, endurance, intelligence, etc, etc. Primus spent much of his time alone in an fortress that he had constructed on the moon, and it was there that he had experienced dream contact with Ishkhara, the Sorceress of Masada. The party transported Primus to Alusia 3 with them on the next leg of their journey.