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Natural Habitat 
Highlands, Other Planes
Very Rare
1-2 (1)
Titans appear basically human or elven, but they are between 20 feet and 24 feet tall. They are also unusually muscular, and appear strikingly handsome or beautiful. Titans are 3-hex figures.
Titans are basically good in nature, and they will help people on occasion. They are often very touchy, however, and if they think a human is being insolent they will not hesitate to kill them, although sometimes (30%) they will just vanish. If a titan inhabits this plane for some reason, it will have a large castle, very substantial treasure, and numerous storm giant guards.
Titans are highly magical. They can turn invisible, disappear from this plane, and move through the air by willing it. They can also use spells, talents, and rituals of any one College. They are protected from physical attack by a magical aura that surrounds them. This aura also adds 40 to their Magic Resistance. They will know all General and Special Knowledge magic of their College at Rank 10 or above.
Movement Rates 
Running: 600; Flying: 300
PS: 60-70 MD: 12-16 AG: 13-17 MA: 19-26 EN: 30-40 FT: 50-60
WP: 17-20 PC: 16-18 PB: 19-21 TMR: 12/6 NA: Aura absorbs 12 DP
Titans use human-type weapons of 4-times normal size (improve Base Chance by 20%, multiply damage by 4 after modification). They will sometimes wear armour (which functions in addition to their aura) if they are doing something which is pre-meditated, and that they know will be very dangerous.
Hand & a ½: BC 80%, Damage [4D + 20], Melee, Rank 7.