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Notes from a game A Cunning Rescue

Thought, a democratic republic — i.e., city officials are elected by the popular vote of the people, excluding naturally foreigners & possessions [i.e., women, children, & slaves].
Although Thought’s army is far inferior to that of the Ropemakers, its navy is somewhat better; also Thought is richer, and better than the Silent Kingdom at dealing with other Ellenic states or foreign nations. Indeed Thought is in effect the Trade capital of the Ellenic States, and treated as such by the Serene Republic [i.e. Destiny].
The penultimate king was He-who-Deposits* (s. of King Goatish*, s. of King Pandion* who defeated King Labdacus of Thebes). Despite a good start, He-who-Deposits became tyrannical & was expelled. One brief successor; and after a short period of anarchy, the democracy was established. Goatish’s widow, Queen Médea (qv), still lives.