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Thorn thoughts cannot usually be detected or "read" as she tries to remain under the effects of the spell Mind Sheild at all times.


Thorn is 5' 6" tall 125lbs Human female in her early 40s with short brown hair and hazel eyes. (PB13)
She is almost always armed even when not adventuring. On her weapons belt of leather and black stone she wears the Swords of Arnor; a matched pair of silvery katana like H&1/2 swords, and a truesilver dagger, all in black sheaths with silvered fittings.
When not in armour she usually wears shirts, long pants in dark blue and black, made from top quality materials and tailoring, but otherwise simple and plain, black long boots and silvered spurs.
While she obviously has money, the weapons and the way she moves (as a result of high physical stats and high ranks in warrior, unarmed etc.) warn that she is dangous and can protect herself.

While on Adventure she may wear either well crafted Dark Grey Hard Leather, or an expensive suit of Invested Silvered Improved Plate Armour.
Along with the Swords of Arnor; a matched pair of magical Katana like mithril H&1/2 swords, she is usually armed with several daggers, a magical warhammer,a black metal battleaxe, as well as a bola and a long bow.
If mounted she will carry a shield and lance.

Visible Value

50,000sp plus depending on Armour
Leather armour - 13,000 sp or Silvered Plate - 55,000 sp


Combat: High
Magical: medium, has concentrated on just a few spells to medium high ranks the rest are off her MA only.

Skills and Abilities

Party Roles
Warrior, Milsci, Logistical support.
Healer, in combat healing as well as spec. grev. repair and resurection after.
Undead/Demon magnet, Thorns swords glow if undead/demons are within 50 ft. The light discomforts them & they will prefer to attack her over others in the party.
Warrior (Rnk 8)
Healer - Tactic Empathy (Rnk 9)
Milsci - Skirmish, Logistics, Siege (Rnk 7)
Mechanician - Architecture, Fortications, Earthworks, Bridges, Hydro & Complex Mechanics (Rnk 5)
Beastmaster - Equines, Canines (Rnk 6)
Ranger - woods (Rnk 4)
Troubadour - Story Telling, Singing, Flute+1, Prestidigition, Tightrope Walking, Acrobatics(Rnk 4)
Courtier (Rnk 3)
Merchant (Rnk 3)
Philosopher - Magic (Rnk 3)
Spy - Assess, Hiding, Shadowing, Slight of Hand, Counter Spy(Rnk 3)
Assassin (Rnk 3)
Artisan - Blacksmith (Rnk 4), Animal husbander (Rnk 3).
Horsemanship (Rnk 10)
Stealth (Rnk 5)
Swimming (Rnk 7)
Climbing (Rnk 5)
Flying (Rnk 9)
Common (fluent)
Elvish (almost fluent)
Dwarvish (almost fluent)
Orcish (simple)
Hill Giant (simple)
Lunar (simple)
Southern Khoras (simple)
Silent Tongue (passable)
Itaruvian (simple)

Can use almost any weapon but Thorn's main ones are:

Hand & Half (Rnk 8+)
War Hammer (Rnk 5)
Battle Axe (Rnk 7)
Unarmed (Rnk 7)
Long Bow (Rnk 8)
Lance (Rnk 5)
Dagger (Rnk 9)

(Thorn has training in over 30 weapons, and can use others from any weapon category using Warrior)


Empthy (Rnk 20) Upto 3 targets
Mind Shield (Rnk 12) (modified spell range 15+ ft) Multi target
Mind General Counter Spell (Rnk 7) Multi target
Mind Special Counter Spell (Rnk 7) Multi target
Control Animal (Rnk 7)
Control Person (Rnk 7)
ESP (Rnk 7)
Hypnotism (Rnk 7)
Limited Precognition (Rnk 9)
Force Shield (Rnk 20) (modified spell range 15+ ft) Multi target
Healing (Rnk 11) modified spell range 15+ft, upto 3 targets
Mind Speech (Rnk 10)
Mental attack (Rnk 7) modified reduces targets Bases Chances for 6 pulses resist for half effect.
TK Rage (Rnk 7) modified 60 deg short cone, short push back with some damage.
Phoenix Wings (Rnk 11)(Fire College variation of Celestial Star/Shadow Wings) Multi target

Purification (Rnk 12)
Binding will (Rnk 12)

Other Stuff of Note

Enhanced Vision (Rnk 20) (Racial ability)
Infravision (Rnk 12) (fire)
Resist Pain (Rnk 11) (Mind)
Resist Temprature (Rnk 12) (Mind)
Sence Danger (Rnk 20) (Mind)
Detect Aura (Rnk 20) (Namer)
Aerial Affinity (Rnk 12) (Air College)
Interpret Runes and Symbols (Rnk 10) (Rune College)
Permanent rank 20 Greater Enchantment on all 4 areas (Not removed by death)
Fearlessness - is fearless
Thorn's Items

List needs up dating from three adventures ago.


Long Term
Short Term


Friends and Allies
To be advised...
None that she knows of.
Gods and Powers