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Status Region
Location On the North West Coast of Southern Alusia (10-20°N 15-0°W)
Area approx 400,000 square miles, 40% Desert, 50% Mountains, 10% other
Geography North westers desert region, some desert along the north, Central rainforest plateau, southern mountains and rain forest
Population 3-5 million
50% Human
40% Goblin
Major Towns
H'anvuche, Nuwadhimash, Koulikokoro, Gambay, Sikassu, Mbayali





Hardwoods, Gems, Slaves, Nuts, Birds, Wild animals.
Iron, Cotton, Fruits


Thonia is located about 2000 miles SSW of Seagate, on the NW Corner of the Southern Continent.
The majority of the human (& other common races) population is in the desert tribes that mostly travel following the water and grazing grounds. These tribes are very spirit based each aligning with a spirit aspect, tribes are known to follow Animal, Fantastical monster & Nature spirits of all kinds, and they are don't perform binding magic on anything but non sentient local animals, instead having alternative spells & rituals. There are also six city states, one located in the NE of Thonia and the others along the SW coastline. Non humans are a far more common sight in these cities than the overall break down would suggest. In the deeper deserts and under the mountain ranges there is also what could be called a Goblin empire, of desert goblins mainly with other monstrous races mixed in. They are far more organised and militant than most goblins, having almost dwarf like regimentation to them, and a long series of skirmishes has been fought between these goblins and the desert tribesmen as long as any of them remember. Orcs are seen in both regions, and not entirely trusted by either due to the potential for being spies, but also act as diplomats between groups that wish to avoid a particularly nasty skirmish escalating to a large scale war.
Of note in the region is the high magic plateau in the centre of Thonia, currently known to be the roaming ground of some red dragons, the permanent tent city and shamans encampment at the south edge of Lake Kyme, and the magical folds that lie like traps for the unwary through the desert, badland & mountain valleys. These magical folds are effectively compressed space, where a valley that from the outside appears only 100' across could be as large as several hundred miles on the inside. Hitting the transition between the outer and inner spaces at magical speeds is generally highly fatal, and rumour is rife of old pre war of tears empires hiding in them that follow forbidden magic. The land trade route detours around the desert regions any significant folds are found in, though shallow folds along it do make magical travel more difficult and sometimes damaging.