Thirteen feet and to trust your fifth look

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Scribe Notes



Adventure: Thirteen feet and to trust your fifth look
GM: Jono
Season: Autumn 820 WK
Night: Starting Monday the 9th of March in Albany at Kelsie's place
Area: Alusia
Level: med/High
Info: Information from players for Jono
Playtest: 47 - Thief - 3.1.1 and 33 - Assassin - 3.1.2 37 - Healer - 3.1.4

Adventures related to this adventure are Half a crisp spring, Liberty of County Palatine of Borovia and Operation Word.

Dramatis Personae
Two friends of the Elemental Lords - known as the Elemental twins with support from many others.
  • Blackthorn is currently missing.
  • A group of adventurers, in good standing, with clear minds and skilled in the art of stealth & sharp things are needed to aid us the Elemental twins, Ambrose & Miss Ink, and Morgor the Shaper & the Keeper of the Great Heart by shaping the future of Blackthorn the adventurer, so that events unfold, well for Blackthorn.
  • Agents for the Queen of the Western Kingdom are looking for him.
  • Morgor believes that Blackthorn will kill the Senators of Decay.
  • Syrene says that reading the night sky says that a contract has been taken up by the cult leader of 'The tears of the Watch' for the capture or death of he who is unseen by the night spy, and stands at the gates without self. - Blackthorne
    • The Governess (master spy from Sanctuary?) is trying to undo Blackthorne, contracts for his capture.
  • Rumor has it the Senators of Decay working for someone from Khatovar and they will attempt to make sure that Blackthorn is drowned in the River Lethe.
  • That Blackthorn is seen (by spies for the Moriquendi) in the streets of Seagate between the Equinox and no later than the Harvest Moon this season.
    • Better if Blackthorne is really there,
  • Our tasks:
    • The Shrivers need to help the Janx ghost come back - unless we can stop it.
    • Kitty & Pur need to be rescued from Hell.
    • Acquire 3 Gorgon heads for the fae in trade for an instrument
Training of special skills.
Gems to the value of 60,000 sp.
The shaping of an item each (given things to work with) - combining the properties of two items into one.
A small box from the Great Heart.

Scribe Notes

Seagate of Spies

Duesday 1st Fruit

Elemental twins meet us at the guild and invite us to meet with the other employers in Seagate. Outside guild gates, Witch selling kittens that will take your first death. They warn us that Ambrose (agent of the summer King) is rather touchy and not likeable, he cannot give a straight answer. Miss Ink (black skin, frizzy hair) is currently trustworthy. Syrene, Morgor, but not Matt. Hettie and young man bring drinks and food.

Moniquendi Drow here to look for Blackthorne and artefacts from the Elven armoury and Arch Vampire Straad. The Elemental Twins suggest we Allow he spies to see Blackthorne and then leave. Miss Ink suggests killing the spies to draw out their 3 better spies as it will be easier to kill them in the city.

We are given medallions to protect us from ghosts in the tunnels.

Verity makes contact with Blackthorne, he is on a ship, taken from Seagate by people with Sancuary accents. Taken from the docks, handed off three times, one of which may have been billy-baker boys - Duncan, a ruffian in dockside.

We head down to the docks as a pair of merchants and guards/thugs and talk to the clerks at the harbour master's office. Other groups have been inquiring about departures, possibly Elves, good quality boots, good horses recently ridden hard. Maybe from Ranke, looked human. Other group was interested in one of 4 ships:

  1. Captain Reinus - unlikely
  2. People movers
  3. People movers
  4. Cargo movers

Spies are watching and memorising everyone visiting the harbour master. An Elf (from the Elven embassy) and 4 guards also watching. Other group staying in Golden Wing - probably working the the W.K Queen, waiting for a water Mage, they have a ship in the harbour.

A group watching from a balcony are working for one of the major merchant houses. A break-in at the harbour masters is expected tonight.

We head to the Golden Wing, sending in Verity, Starflower, and Keeshah to dine and memorise the agents of the WK Queen so we can find them later. The targets leave by hired carriage.

We leave town to find Blackthorne's ship.

Sanctuary Colour

We portal to near Sanctuary, fly out to sea and set off a thunderclap checking with BT to see what he can hear, repeat a couple of times and conclude that Blackthorne's ship is in Sanctuary harbour.

Landing north of the city, we join a gypsy caravan and enter the city.

Make our way down to the docks, identify the ship Blackthorne is on and then make our way to a dodgy dockside inn to wait and watch. Various Sanctuary colour in and beneath the market.

A well dressed man running urchins leads us to stumble across a very sophisticated poisoning scheme aimed at the W.K. Queen, using a magically misdirecting copy of her dinner ware. We plant locatable ribbons and sticks in amongst the packaging to trace later and leave it as we found it.

Blackthorne is transferred to a dinghy and taken under the wharves into the sewers, we follow along the tops of buildings to the establishment of a merchant prince - Headquarters of the Stepsons (mercenaries). We tell Blackthorne who has him, he requests extraction asap.

We follow Keeshah's scrofulous totem to an adjacent building mid-renovation, make our way to the basement and into the sewers.

Chapter 3

After some effort, sneaking and hiding, we stealth inside, and rescue Blackthorn after a horrible combat with over a dozen very hardened thugs, who where employed to grab Blackthorn. They never met their employer. We quietly sneak out of town. We are followed for a few miles by some human sized figure at extreme range (1/2 mile). We safely return to the Seagate by way of rune portal.

Buffs & Mil Sci

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration Bl Ch Ke St Th Ve
Strength of Stone (Syrene) 20 +21 to EN. Return to Seagate for re-casting. 21 hrs
Witchsight (?) ? 11 hrs
Disguise (Ve) 20 21 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Rune Armour (Ke) 20 +25% Def +5 AP 1 SG 10.5 hrs Y Y Y Y - Y
Smite (Ke) 20 On Strike: D+21, Kocked prone 21 Hrs 1 1 4 1 1 1
Willow Healing (Ke) 7 3 end per pulse 14 Hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Rune of Truth (Ke) 13 PC + 26 + Greater % to spot illusions/hidden/disguised 14 Hrs 72
Modify Aura (T) 6 +/- 3 Levels 7 hrs
Linking Lifeforce (T) 18 Reflect health within 1900 miles Perm
Linked R&S Golems (T) 12 May hold your spirit on death ...
Ice Traversal (C) 20 Travel over ice and/or snow without slipping or sinking in. (+7 TMR on flat ice) 7 Hrs
Mind Shield (St) 8 +26% vs M.Att. 17 hrs Y Y Y Y Y 11
Self Only  
Mind Speech 12 180 min Y
Sense Danger 83% 48%*
Instil Flight (T/Ch) 10/20 40/60mph 650/+ lbs limit 5½/10 hrs Y Y

Enhance Enchantment (Ve) rank 15: 95 seconds
Stasis Amulets (Ve) Immunity to Stasis
Evening Dance (Ve) +21 FT & MR
Morning Dance (Ch) -11 on Fear Checks, 1/day re-roll MR OR Ignore Stun effect.
Mil Sci (St) +9 Defence and Initiative when engaged.
Pass without Trace (St)

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Bl Ch Ke St Th Ve
Rune Weapon (Ke) 20 Acid D-5+7 x D10 pulses 25 min
Enchant Weapon (Ve) 10 +11 BC%, +4 Dam. 15 min
Berry twice per day for 2 hours, +2 PS, EN and FT.
Warrior for 10 hours, +10% SC, +10 Initiative, +5 FT.

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Blackthorn Verity Starflower Blackthorn
Keshah Thaeuss Cher

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Verity Cher Starflower
Thaeuss Keshah Blackthorn

Double File

Cher Keshah
Verity Blackthorn
Starflower Thaeuss

Single File


NB V, C, & S all reflect damage to the front and left.


Autumn 820wk: Fruit (4)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon1.jpg Lugnasad 1 Guild Meeting 2 3 4 5 6
Moon2.jpg 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Moon3.jpg 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Moon0.jpg 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Moon1.jpg 28 29 30 1 2 3 4
Autumn 820wk: Harvest (5)
Moon2.jpg 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Moon3.jpg 12 13 14 15 Equinox 16 17 18
Moon0.jpg 19 Harvest Moon .. 20 21 22 23 24 25
Moon1.jpg 26 27 28 29 30 1 2
Autumn 820wk: Vintage (6)
Moon2.jpg 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Moon3.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon0.jpg 17 Blood Moon 18 19 20 21 22 23
Moon1.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Beerfest