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  • College: Namer
  • Race: Not Quite Human
  • Born:


Current holder of the Star of Alusia (as at Summer 811)

Adventures/Scribe Notes

  1. Summer 804 Game Afoot
  2. Autumn 804 The Dark Continent Adventure
  3. Winter 804 Rings of Deception
  4. Spring 804 The Great Library of Ekonda
  5. Winter 805 The Mystery of the Vanishing Lodge
  6. Summer 806 Mayhem in Dwarven Mines
  7. Autumn 806 A Message for Gia
  8. Winter 806 Winter Games
  9. Summer 807 Trouble in the Tribes
  10. Winter 807 Fire and Ice
  11. Spring 807 Dead Like Us
  12. Spring 808 Living on the Edge
  13. Autumn 808 The Family Jewels
  14. Summer 808 Can we fix it?


Theodonna has a little bit of skill in the arts of a Thief. Theodonna is trying her hand a little with Mechanician and being a Miner and a Locksmith.


Theodonna has a wide range of weapons that she is trying out, but it is finding it hard to advance her skill level in some of them, as her spells are taking up quite bit of her time.

The main weapons that Theodonna uses are a Katana, Main Gauche, and a Quarterstaff.


Being a Namer Theodonna is trying to get proficient in her Counter Spells. She enjoys finding Counter Spells that she does not know.

Theodonna has Bane, Banishment and Disjunction, as well as the art of Divination. Hopefully soon she will be able to learn some more spells and rituals of her College.