The things in Baron Turds 'Back-passage'

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: The things in Baron Turd's back-passage
GM: Paul Schmidt
Season: Summer 813 wk
Night: 29th Dec 12
Level: Low

  • Prudence - A powerful fire mage (Party Leader)
  • Gnashdar - a good and honest Orc Necromancer
  • Slaydar - a good and honest Orc Firemage
  • Tien - A powerful Immortal
  • Daisy - A powerful fire mage
  • Marco - Not a powerful fire mage
Rothschild the majordomo of Baron Turf of Erewhon
Hired to do investigate unusual goings on under Baron Turf's Castle and the find out the source of the rumours that Turf is not the legitimate baron of the realm and that Ithilmor has been tricked into marrying him under false assumptions and pretences.

Scribe Notes

The Tribe assembles

Meet with the other people in the meeting rooms. Me and Gnashdar are told by guild security that we should expect to be slapped by the ladies in the party, a lot, but this is part of adventuring life. The party also may have to beat us, but it was all for a good reason. We think it because they are all jealous of us. Prudence was the only member of tribe that said she was powerful, so she claimed leadership. We can tell that Marco, the only other man in the party, is intimidated by the presence of two manly orcs. His weak and puny human body is shamed by the orc prize.

This fancy guy called Rothschild from Erehwon wanted us to perform some discrete investigations. There are some odd rumour going around and strange things happening in the basement. We should not tell the people of Erehwon our real mission, but just act as builders. We can get to Erehwon using the moon gate, so we arrive there in the evening.

Get to Castle

Arriving at the castle we bunk up with all the other workers. The foreman, Yohan, knows whats up but tells us to keep it quiet. He explains the caverns are no longer in use, primarily because the well in the courtyard supplies water and the underground river is no longer required.

As its evening we dine with the workers, the party share a table with some surly dwarves. Gnasdar and Slaydar are shocked by their behaviour, Slaydar is so offended he decides to sleep in the stables that night. We do hear that Turf is evil and has enslaved Ithilmor, also some people refer to the Baron as Slurfdar – no one knows who started the rumours but lots of people heard this.

Delve the Caverns

The next morning we are lead deep into the castle and Prudence looks at the future is some water. Its all strange, there are deep shadows everywhere and we see two versions of everything – old and dilapidated, new and in use. We barrel into the caversn and check it out, only to be attacked by two floating monsters that lash us with tentacles. Slaydar lashes them with the death fist attack he never knew he had and they die, then disappear. The place is old and not longer in use, dust covers the floor and the rotted remains of wine casks occupy the main room.

We start wandering through the extensive caverns and run across some odd runes high upon the wall. Not sure what to do Gnashdar, knowing his position at the bottom of the pole, lifts up Slaydar to touch the runes – nothing much happens. The dust on the ground disappears and the ground appears well walked, working our way back the entrance we find the wine barrels intact and containing nice wine.

Everything changes

We head deeper into the caverns making our way through a functioning armoury, past a few troops, and locate the underground river, while examining the area servants appear with buckets to take water to the surface. We make them talk and they explain its a daily task for them, and many other staff, to provide water to the Castle. Someone called Lord Saydar is in charge, not Turf. There are now two types of mana, normal and alien, the shadows in the cavern are deep and stretched with a sense of illusion. As we walk away from the river the world changes back.

We wander further through the caverns and locate a room with deep impenetrable shadows, finding a shadow we pass through. Slaydar cleverly leaves behind a marker. We appear to be in the same cavern, but the ceiling is covered in runes and there is a hole leading to the surface. Our explorations are interrupted by a corpse that drops through the hole, the body appears broken and dead, with the exception of the eyes that are ever moving.


The next few minutes are chaotic. Barrels drop through the hole that exploding covering us all in fire, they the floating creatures swarm through to attack us, they hold wands and weapons in their tentacles. The party flees through the portal and escape via the underground river, emerging outside the castle surprising a number of villages.

Making our way back to Rothschild we explain the events of the morning. He shows great concern, explaining they creates are Grell, they are masters of alchemy originate from another plane and can penetrate planes through ripples or inconsistencies in Fate.


Resting up we head back in via the underground river and ambush the Grell who had set up an ambush around the castle entrance to the cavern. They are accompanied by hordes of brainless controlled humans, their minions. We fight and are almost overwhelmed, but the powerful fire mages, Prudence and Daisy, overcome them with flame. Marco is killed in the fight. A single Grell escapes through the portal. We block the cavern, destroying the runes, and retreat to heal up.


We return two days later, having resurrected Marco, and search the caverns extensively to find all presence of the Grell removed and all runes gone. The mana is normal and there is no deep shadows. We have beaten them off. We report to Rothschild and head back to the guild.


  • Grell - they are masters of alchemy originate from another plane and can penetrate planes through ripples or inconsistencies in Fate
  • Slurfdar - name used to refer to Turf, the leader of Erehwon
  • Saydar - people in the cavern name this person the leader of Erehwon.


Summer 813wk: Meadow
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Full Moon

1 Guild Meeting

Head to Erehwon

2 Investigate cavern. Return to Guild 3 heal human 4 return to Erehwon. Finish up. 5 6
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