The meteor has landed

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A meteor crossed Alusia three months ago, traveling in an easterly direction and burning eerily. It is guessed to have landed somewhere in the Sea of Grass...

A tribesmen, wearing only rags, has turned up at the Guild with tales of demons in the night, the disappearance of cattle and some tribesfolk.

This calls for a guild party to investigate!

He is sure his tribe will pay the guild well. If the tribe is still there when the party arrives...

The tail of the comet.

Some time around the guild meeting an emaciated warrior arrives to the guild asking for assistance. With the help of a translator he approaches our party and introduces himself as Jub. He explains that he desperately needs our assistance as his tribe is being destroyed by a plague that started soon after a strange meteor crash landed in their vicinity. He describes that creatures that resemble humanoid lizards take anything living during the night and return them, dazed and confused, to the village a day later where they promptly explode and a worm 'hatches' out of them. Their skin is very tough and their blood corrodes most things it touches with time. His tribe's shaman has created a potion to repel and confuse them in small numbers but only shortly. He says that as he was leaving his tribe was burrowing into the ground to form a bunker against the creatures.

In our party we have:

MDK, an extra-planar Dwarf Warrior, who was nominated military scientist,

Ronin, a Dwarf Mind Mage, who was nominated party leader,

Ilmarinen, an Elven Air Mage, who was nominated scribe, and

Rashida, a Human Warrior.

Session 1

We ask Jub if he has any pieces of the creatures that have been attacking his village. We shortly DA his prize and find that it's true name is a Xenomorph. We then go to the Alchemy store to organise some sort of acid protection. The shop keeper shows us some purple paste which would act as a very temporary buffer, being eroded instead of the substance under it we buy 2 of the pastes for 400sp. The Guild then organises transport to the sea of grass for 2000sp. We set out on 2 carts and it takes us 5 weeks to travel into the vicinity of Jub's village. We spend the time revising tactics.

When we come within three days of arrival we find that everything has become unusually quiet.There is not a single sound to be heard except our own movement. We press on. Two days later we come across a pile of bodies, headed in the opposite direction to us. every living creature has an evidently open chest cavity, even though most have decayed almost to a point beyond recognition. He gather up what weapons and valuables we can find but we find that most of them have been eroded.

We then continue on, setting traps and watches at camp by now. The next day we arrive at he village. A quiet desolate ruin of huts made of mud and hide. Jub is ignoring the bodies and ravaged sight that we are passing by and heads directly toward a massive round hut that bulges out of the ground. He bangs on the door while we stand by. Eventually he tears the 'door', which is made of several hefty hides sewn together, open and we meet the survivors. All 15 of them. We get ushered inside where they happily greet Jub and our food, but nothing else.


Once we are inside, the door has been sewn shut and we have met the survivors, we talk about a plan of action. Deciding uncertainly that we think it best to first investigate the surroundings we are interrupted by a scuttling on the roof. We figure out that the creature is agitated by sound and tell the translator and the cart driver to cause a commotion while we slip out through a secret back entrance. It turns out to be a toiled in the adjacent longhall. We hear something scuttling around the floor. I zap it as soon as it gets into view. It's a facehugger. The entrance to the longhall is protected by the deterrent that the shaman has created. It is dried and very viscous. We come outside and see another facehugger on the roof of the main bunker. We promptly dispatch it with a crossbow shot. Ronin can sense more of these things around the place and we decide to clear the village of them.

We come into a workshop area, wary that a creature is nearby. It lunges at Ronin out of the rubble. He blocks his face and pushes it under his shoe. It's tail tightens around his leg and he feels a point driving into his heel.

Session 2.