The dreams of the Seven

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Scribe Notes: Session – Autumn 806

GM: Callum
Level: High.
Title: The Dreams of the Seven.
Night: Tuesday nights.


Pierre erstwhile Water Mage (Party Leader)
Lath Air Mage (Mil Sci)
Erzsabet Namer (Scribe)
Ithilmor Conjurer of the Night and Stars
Toledo Steele Warrior

The Mission:

The Fates visit Pierre when he is in Ilthilmor's broom closet and ask him to go get a book.. he says he hadn't been smoking anything honest.

The book is by Marius from the Lunar Empire and is called something like the seven dreams.

10th Vintage:

Pierre invites Lath and myself to dinner, he explains about the Fates request. Lath vaguely remembers having heard about Marius before.

11th Vintage:

At the guild we investigate Marius and find out that he was a great thinker who lived 200 years ago in the Lunar Empire, he was a master painter and also invented many wonderous machines. Okay stealing one of his books might be a little harder than we orginally thought.

We portal to the Tycho City headquarters of the Seagate Adventurers guild, and head to the Library they extort us for alot of money and we don't find out anything. We leave.

We head to the Tycho City University. Lath tries to deal with bureaucrats; Is she really a highly ranked courtier? Anyway it takes awhile. Pierre gets hungry and heads to the university public house, they dont serve alcohol what is with that? Some scholars tell us how to find the history department and we wait for Lath outside, she eventually arrives looking flustered with an offical chasing her. Inside the history department we intimidate the scholars until they tell us what we want to know, then we intimidate them some more until they stop talking to us.

Aparently Marius died in Bedlam the mad house, he Painted a book called 'The Dreams of the Seven' while he was there. He had been driven mad by his dealings with cultists (he didn't have that greater grasp on the world as it was). The Dreams of the Seven was the last book he did and he painted it on the walls of his cell with the materials he had to hand, someone copied it down and made a book. It is not very valuable compared with his other works and not much study has been done of it. Maybe this won't be so hard after all, we all feel abit happier. Ithilmor tells us that everyone magically remembers her for a month after meeting her, our bubble of happiness bursts, however to be honest I think all the lady's probably could describe Toledo Steele for a month after meeting him too.

The book is currently on exhibition in Khatovar. Which the guild tells us is a meeting place and can not be scryed into. They show us where it is on a map it is on an out cropping on the shores of the inland sea across the bay from the Lunar Empire.

We head to Bedlam (which is now a poor house) to make sure that the Fates dont want us to retreive a wall and the is no wierd magical activity going on there. We are extorted for money again, this time inorder to see poor people fighting over food it is very unpleasant but nothing unusual is happening.

12th Vintage:

We fly to Khatovar. - on the North Western point of the inland Sea, Khatovar is a neutral city state with a shady reputation, Spies, Assassins, Courtiers, thieves and their ilk are known to reside there. It is hard to scry any information about the city and it trades on this by acting as a meeting place for powerful people. The arm of the Law is strong within the city but not Just.

The Guard's get someone to detect Aura on us as we enter, they give us a list of rules and tell us that there is to be no scrying magics while we are in this city. Some poor chap is nailed up to the outer gates they point him out as someone who used scrying magics in town. The guards tell us that Pierre and Toledo Steele will not be able to wear their battle ground armor in town. They escort us to an Inn that they recommend and ask how long we will be in town and what is our bussiness where have we come from they are very thorough.

The nice consierge arranges for us to hire some leather armour for the gentlemen. Then we go and look at the exhibition, The book is lightly gaurded and there are only afew wards around the odd guard and a best of all a barred skylight. The book is in a locked case on a granite plinth. This should be a doddle we are all in good spirits so decided to treat ourselves to a night on the town.

The nice consierge recommends a place and sends a guide with us to find the Public house. They have strong spirits brewed with the aid of an ice mage

11 pm Toledo moves half of the Bar back to our rooms

3am everyone leaves abruptly and I have a lovely 6 hours sleep. Ahh compel such a delightful spell.

13th Vintage:

I sooth pain and cure infection and disease as necessary. Later in the afternoon we go back to the exhibition and look around once more. The page of the book has been turned.

We decide to take a look down at the wharves in the evening so as to plan a route of escape should we need it.

We are attacked by 4 very professional assassins they are using a 3 part poison that does not need to be ingested, it will kill you in 3 pulses and another poison that reduces your agility to 1, We kill them. We over heard the ring leader say, " get the water mage and destory the rest.", during the battle.

Their are no clues about the origin of the assassins on the bodies so we leave them and go.

14th Vintage:

The party makes a fake book, and spends some time making sure our actions and purchases do not appear suspicious.

Pierre's armour has a small piece of metal embedded in the leather it is very hard to find. Lath and Toledo Steele notice a very professional team following us about town.

We discover that a man named Valerius has been casting a very highly ranked E.S.P on us.

Their is another assassination attempt sent against us, this time by 4 Elvish assassins wearing collars who drop through the ceiling. They use the same poisons on us. Everything is looking grim but they bug out first. I notice that they have no aura.

We decide it is time to do our job and blow this joint. We clean up our room grab room service for a quick meal and ask about this Valerius chap. He was the captain of the Guards and Personal Guard of the last Prince of the city who was overthrown by the City Guilds 200 ish years earlier. His body was never found after the Coup d'tat.

Someone else has already taken the book!

We find a random tavern for the night. Ithilmor is not sure she can sleep in the common rooms. Well really who is she kidding!

15th Vintage:

We return to the guild, and plot and do some reading in the library. We pay the fines for the over due books. We plot and plan.

16th Vintage:

We return to the city and sneak into the tunnels under the city. Since we where sneaking the fighters made their heavy armour and weapons in Ithilmor's bag of holding, and they where just in simple leathers. We travel around a bit, and find a small youth which we extract information from and find that some young people have gone missing over the last couple of weeks in the tunnels towards the northern end of the city. We head north. At the end of the tunnel we find a small river, which we follow but ends in a man made wall.

We use powerful Air magics and float as gas under the wall one at a time.

Serie pow.jpg

It was all on, and more!!!! we had stumbled across the book, the people that stole it before we could, their two inslaved fallen Angles, and the four dark evil caster mages that where sacrifsing 6 children in some dark ritual.!!!!

After the first Angle wiped my arse I wanted to go home. We managed to drive them off as I think we where more desprate to win they they where. The fallen Angle was clearly a bad guy with its left side painted in evil runes, and part decade.

Fallen Angle.jpg

With six limp children we could not figure out how to leave under the wall with our magic as they children where limp. When took about 5 mins to look over the room for an exit and none could be found. Then ...

Serie pow.jpg

It was all on again, they where back with their guard, and we fort and fort and arms went swing and blood on the walls, and blows to the head and Peirre was hopeless. Toledo took the fight to them as he saw where they came from this time, which was two large and odd looking silver symbols on the ground. We followed him upstairs where they beat the hell out of us some more. Then deciding that they could not win today they left, leaving behind walls of bone blocking the hallway.

In the end we got out of the room, with the kids the way we came in and left the children to the care of the yougesters under the city. We travilled across the sea for an hour and then ...

Serie pow.jpg

we all returned to have Lath's island.

We lived - even if it was missing a few body parts.!!!!!

The Fates where waiting on the island for us. We got some trinkits for our trouble.