The deepspring disappearances

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Adam Tennant
Summer 791
Adams den of dispair

  1. Dalran - E&E - Chris
  2. Kilroy - Rune - Deam
  3. Sheminah - Air - Rosemary
  4. Dillenger - Shadow Celestial - Ivan
  5. SF - Mind - Roger
  6. Jade - Fighter - Avette
  7. Gopher - Earth Mage - Paul Kilby
People have been disappearing near these Pallisades. Funny things have been happening - I can't rem more
Bad guy
The head psychiatrist named Claus
Memorable moments
Dalran and Kilroy sitting outside the asylum and watching when 2 guys in white clothes come around the corner and Dalran runs away from them yelling "I'm not a looney" until they catch him and bring him back for 'observation' until the party recoveres him. It should be noted that Dalran only tried to escape on Shadow Wings AFTER they had thrown a net over him, which became the worlds shortest escape attempt and made the guards hit him even harder to quell the demon being. Kilroy would have helped, but was laughing so hard he tripped and rolled down the hill

Even better, Dalran decided to explore the bottom of a mountain lake Deepspring Lake, can't remember why. He had 30 mins of Water Breathing and 15 mins of Cold Protection when he entered, but decided to push on to the very bottom being a 15 min trip. You do the math, he died of hypothermia within a minute of finding the lake contained nothing of interest.