The casting of shadows

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GM: William
Session: Winter 809 WK
Night: Wednesday (usually)
Location: Kelsie's, Albany
Level: Medium?

The Civil Clerk of Ladlaugh, Anghamerabad, requests the aid of several adventurers to recover a device and a folio. Special rates for hobbits as he knows you lot are particularly skilled in these areas.

10,000sp/Hobbit; 5,000sp/other. Looks like 40,000sp.
plus expenses: 20 promissory notes for 50 somethings each (currently: 19 notes/80 coins)

Scribe Notes

In the meeting room I find the biggun called Aaron who I adventured with before, there was also a Dragon called Cher and a confused biggun called Vigdis or Veor, Tegan is also there with her pets. She has pets because she has no friends. Faith turns up on ice skates. She is some sort brownie or maybe a miniature elf. She says she can be a Halfling for the purpose of payment. She doesn’t have any pets but does have Book.
Aaron is too young to be party leader, I do not speak elvish, Cher is too weird, Veor is too confused, and Tegan is too crazy. That left us with Faith.
We are to retrieve some important items for the forthcoming war.

A short sword called Mortal Dread that will permanently kill anyone it slays(from the war of tears era). It was made to kill some emerging immortals. It is in the museum of Bergelfin.
A printing press.
An old play, a satire on the current ruler of Alfheim. Called 'On Rulership'.
We also need to find out the loyalty and Disposition of the actual elvish forces around Alfheim.

There are apparently 12 Destroyers. They are insane elves that are kept sedated. When they awake they will kill everything in sight. 2 are in the palace. 3 are around Eidolon and 7 are moved about.
We get winter clothes, potions and various animals.HJack the Orc, a sqibbon, a wolf, scribble, two ponies and horses.
Anghamerabad moves us all to Eidolon . It is a city made of marble. When we get there some elves are having a little riot. About taxes and such like. We nip around a couple of corners and feel safe.
Faith acts all elvish and gets us lead around to some luxurious stables/servants quarters. She is taken away to proper guest quarters and we settled into the servants’ quarters. When are settled Faith comes down for a visit. She has been telling the elves that we are pets that she has picked on the way looking for cooks for her mother whom she has lost.
Faith is taken away like an elvish child, bathed and put to bed without any dinner. How barbaric and savage can you get. Faith sneaks back later and Tegan breaks her arm for her. Faith and I volunteer to break into the most heavy guarded building in town the others decide against it.

Two elves come in the early morning carrying a third rather drunk and bruised elf. Apparently the royalists have the upper hand on the street. For breakfast we have porridge with honey that is especially good.

We decide to go through the portal to the University town in order to find the play. The place is made up of large trees. None of the trees talk back but might just mean that they are shy. Most of the elves are male around here. We are recommended The Bowels as a place to stay.
After meeting the registrar who seems to recognise that faith is not two years old we go to the library. After an explanation of the elvish filing system we ask for directions to the unimportant persons sections.

Tegan can see that some of the scrolls are bear trapped and others are different to normal scrolls in various ways. There is one on the use of crossbows.Cher sees Scribble writing to the dragons that we are looking in the wrong place. Maybe the author is still important.
When we all get a bit hungry Aaron and I go out to get lunch. On the way one of the librarians seems to think that I will eat the scrolls which we are not allowed to borrow. Elves are strange, do they read cream buns?

While we are getting lunch some elves start betting that I can eat all the food we are buying. Some are betting I can’t. I mean I was only buying seven lunches and most of them are for humans. Anyway we take their bet and after a substantial meal and buying more food for the others we come away with eighty star shaped coins. We also get invited to a boarding house because apparently The Bowels are full of secessionists. After much searching I am handed some scrolls and I am sent through the tree after which we go off to The Bowels.

Tegan has started to worry that we might have engaged in unnecessary theft but is overruled by our party leader. The Bowels is in a tree. There are torches burning and a troll head on a spike outside. There are apparently two trolls in our party and they are not particularly happy about this. In the stalls there are Hippogriffs, griffins and tigers. I can not see any giraffes but Faiths one is quite small so it could be hiding behind one of those creatures with all the teeth. From inside we hear magical music, it is about a chase through the forest. The music stops as we enter. The inhabitants are all elves, mostly male, low level mages and wild elves. They might have signing about the wild elf hunt.

Faith negotiates a good rate for the nights’ stay. It is free if we survive the night. We hear rumours of Prince Aaron arriving in several Days. He is recruiting for the Rangers. On more important matters the food is very meaty and a bit on the rare side.
The bunks remind some of us of an ossuary. There are is not a lot of room for big people and there is lots of cleaver little touches to maximise the use of space. To fill what space is left we use a giant wolf and ice blocks, and I got the tree to lock the door. Faith went for a walk and disturbed some chanting and sacrificing ritual but we all got sucked off into an enchanted forest. Tegan turns into a wolf, Veor into some sort of bovine, Arron is a tiger and Cher is a Dragon still. After a brief debate about staying and fighting we meet a wild goat avatar. The laughing god?? He says that staying and fighting has not been tried before. The normal way is that we are to attempt to run toward the river. If we make it good things happen. We run.

We wake tired and in the room. When we go down to the dining room for breakfast the elves seem to be happy with the nights’ events. We get drinks that are most invigorating and intoxicating. All of us except Aaron go back to bed for a few hours. Aaron drinks with the elves for a bit longer. Our breakfast drinking gives us valuable insights. Amaroleanus wrote the play. She is in a dungeon in Selkai (lower capitol city). Her tongue has been cut out. We are told of the Palace of Bones. On the way out at lunch time Tegan and Veor take the troll. They might make Halflings yet. The troll grows quickly so we negotiate we it and it joins our party. Tegan spends 3 stars on clothes for the troll. We don’t stand out at all now.

We portal back to the city and take a ferry down to the lower city (15 stars). On the way down we see the steaming crater lake and Her Majesties Lower Place. We are given a silver whistle for summoning the ferry when we want to go back up. There two elvish woman that guard the temple to the old gods. We ask which gods are which and some of us leave offerings to the right gods.

After the temple we look at a non-floating stone building that that pontoons do not connect to. We are firmly sent away. Tegan saw hands reaching up from the boiling lake so she naturally poked with a stick. She was trying to fall in the lake when we stopped her.

When the guards change Faith and I sneak into the flying skiff. After a journey up to upper city we take the skiff down again. It is just like cart driving almost. We then get off the flying skiff and get on a normal boat to get to Prison/Lower Palace. Using the non humans as prisoners to get close to Prison. Once there the two guards are quickly overpowered. We leave some of up top so the palace looks guarded.

Down through the trap door we go. It is quite dark down here. From the first cell a pale hand reaches out and drains some will power. In the second cell is a human like form with what has to be magical tan. This guy is more buff than Vapour. He is Prince Erin of the Magical Plane of Air. We would let him out except for the small technicality that he promises to rip us all apart. There is some questioning of the playwright to prove she is who she says she is. This is non verbal on account of her having no tongue. Once we are satisfied with the writings we let her out and tell her to “not look under the hoods”. We take another elf to help confuse matters. Faith thinks she is a dead ringer for the elvish queen. She cannot remember much, not even her name. I will call her Queenie until we find out her name.

We leave the prison without stealing anyone else. The ferry back up to the upper city costs 17 star coins. Not hanging about we make good speed back through the portal and on to the Bowels. Queenie has directions to something called a Gateway that we could use to run further. At the Bowels they say that the Gateways are dangerous and inhabited by demons. Cher leads us through the locked gate and into the gateway recommended by Queenie. We squeeze our ever enlarging party and animals into a small room. We are suddenly very tired and in a small room. When we open the door we are somewhere. Possibly Elvandar or Dalmaria.

After a short while lights approach so we try to negotiate for a bed for the night. We finally get to sleep about Munchies. Captain Tails makes us as being Seagate adventurers. Apparently most people around here don’t go wandering about with trolls and orcs and humans. After Tegan promises not to do anything bad we get to sleep in till nearly lunch time. We trek into town wondering whether we really want to wander about with a troll. Queenie remembers the last queen from several centuries ago.

The town is small and called ??? There are very few permanent buildings apart from the large inn and a blacksmith. Valdus is a nearby healer we are told to shake a tree and he will come out. Queenie agrees to hide as a statue for a while. After stabling the horses we fly out for a nice relaxing camping holiday out in the forest. (Carpet cost 2stars). Tegan Talks to some local elvish ranger types. She discovers two things. One our playwright cannot speak elvish without a tongue and two our playwright has a big mouth. After some minor crashes the rest of us settle down for some spider stew.

There are some large webs in the trees when Faith and co wander off to investigate the surrounding trees. They could capture elves. Faith in her infinite wisdom pokes a stick at it. An eight foot spider (is there any other kind?) obliges and attacks Faith. After being captured she escapes when Tegan distracts the spider.

There are many tracks of bears, wolves, spiders, and very large insects. Six elves turn up again just before night fall. They tell us that these are not good times for our kind. We are accused of Sedition, Kidnapping and many other things. Faith, being used to being the accused, denies everything and starts to plan our escape in the morning.

The spiders are apparently the least of our worries. The fachan come out at night. They are ugly brown and only have one eye, one leg and one arm. They are long lived and wilful. The sensible amongst us sleep up the big tree(Tegan sensible). The others spend the night in the icehouse made by Veor.

We do our staggered travel again in the morning. Veor makes a snow ox to make fake tracks just in case the elves are especially foolish. I think she just likes to play in the snow. When we make to the nice landing site in the clearing on top of the hill I talk the trees. Trees don’t often talk back but when they do it is usually important. This one is called Aaron and is a dryad. She tells us that there are brownies and pixies around here. Also the trolls are coming and they will eat us. The trolls are coming to compete for the dryads hand in marriage. All the dryads are getting married to trolls and all the trolls are bigger than our trolls. Apparently Tegan and Veor are trolls too.

Faith and Veor fly off on a vain effort to find our troll we left in the last village. They do not find him until he wanders into our campsite in the evening. The Trolls are more like walking trees and our troll is becoming bigger and more tree like. Aaron the Dryad thinks that what we describe as trolls might be tree trolls that are cursed. She is intrigued by our stories of female trolls. Apparently at one time elves were captured and turned into orcs that then breed. Tegan’s pet orc doesn’t seem happy at being told he really an elf.

The trolls engage in games. They want to play toss the human. Veor makes a snow Cher for them to toss instead. Cher names it but I can’t remember so I will call it Sonny. The trolls seem to enjoy tossing Sonny much to Cher’s distress.

After a night of little sleep the trolls leave and the clearing becomes much quieter. We stay for five days so our playwright can write. She even writes the old play some times when she is not writing about trolls. Then one night Sonny disappears.

We need to get a tongue for our writer. We go back to the village to find the healer. We also make plans for information gathering by getting someone to sleep with the soldiers. It probably would have been more successful if they looked a bit more elvish. I must learn how to do that.

In the morning we visit Valdus the healer. He thinks that human/trolls in the party should realise their true elvishness. He appears to not believe in humans. How can you blame him when our humans have Morphic Ambivalence Disorder.

This is confirmed by Morag. She knows that we are working for the great duke and that we have liberated a person of great power. She has lots of weird stuff, Silver chains into other dimensions, love potions, and amulets. We take four love potion vials, and an amulet of fate but we turn down the amulet of common sense.

That night we find out how good are humans are at seduction. While they are failing in their temptations Faith and I get the information out of the camp. There are supplies for 300 elves and 100 horses. The next day back at The Bowels we pay 4 seleni for 3 nights. There is a recruiting drive on. Elves are joining the western guard for a century or two. We explain that we are not here to study, we are here to see the world. We are spotted as being not normal. Faith explains this with “We do things differently.” Prince Erin has turned up and he is most interested that the playwright has been let out. Tegan tries to spy on the price and the playwright but her mouse enjoys a cockroach for her.

In the morning we return our borrowed scrolls to library and meet our old betting friends. They know about a coup being planned. They also have a MEAL planned for me. IT really is rather alot of food this time I am rather glad that the after dinner mint was only wafer thin. We make more money (15/50 Seleki). I have a bit of a nap. We get all sorts of information about touring on the canals. There are many ways to spend a lot of money on the canals.

We leave the playwright with the prince and the horses in the stables and buy a boating license for 12 seleni. With an ice berg we travel 50 miles without military matters. It costs 2 seleni for veal, white wine, cheese and crackers. It is peaceful for a day then we find a large military camp. We are welcomed into the camp of several thousand entities. It is the 17th Cavalry. They have prestige, equipment but no luck. They have not won a battle in some time. Since before Carzala I think. Never mind they have lots of spare officers. They are remarkably friendly and invite us in for some jousting.

Lady Silaboffle is sponsoring them on manoeuvres. She is no longer on the knuf and is on a mission instead. They are all prepared to go to war for the first time in 3000 years. Tegan talks to a little bird and finds out that they are going to go north and attack in a place with trees. That exludes most of the icy wastes and oceans. Later she uses ratty to look for information he doen’t really read elvish so we use Faith instead. An unforntunate accident results in Tegan suffering a broken neck. She is OK and we do find out a date for the ambush. It is on the second day in spring.

We leave in morning after second breakfast. Then we go to the land of the hobbits. There is much good food and drink. We get a wine tasters guide to the province. We talk of many things including the great and good hobbits of other lands and military matters. Everyone seems to know about the manouvers. After three days of sleeping in properly sized beds we leave to go north. The local hobbits seem to have lost a child.

Before night fall we find out that monsters are shot on sight and that we are not really in Elfhiem any more. It might be Lucerne. When our camping is interrupted we offer our hosts information and are promptly detained as spies. However we have a clever disguise. No one would send our party into elvish lands to spy. We have no elves, we do have an orc, a great lizard and some humans. None of which actually speak elvish.

We do get some rooms in the end. They elves are going to walk into the ambush. They also would like to know what the lord of Lauder is up to. They also tell us that the southern part of Lauder is dangerous, which is proved later in the day.

Further up the river Fossigrim attack out of the river. Arran seems to think that they are beautiful mermaids. Everyone else just hits them as some of us end up in the water. We then camp as Tegan turns into a double biggun. She yells “I am the scariest thing in the woods”. This seems to scare the rest of us as well as the fossigrim. It also attracts the scariest thing in the woods. He says “Who has challenged me!” At least I think he was a he. He changed shape a few times.

Tagh the Red Cap and Tegan had a scaring completion which she somehow manages to win by making the rock run away more than he could. She wins one of Tagh’s eyes. He also takes away some of her nightmares in exchange for sparkly things. He also gives a display of soul sucking to those that can see. Turns out Lord Lucius has ordered the Creatures of the Unsealy to keep every else out except guild members. Apparently we look like guild members.

The next day we make our way to town. We hand over the play and our intelligence to the Clark. Faith explains why we freed Queenie. “It was locked up in the deepest darkest dungeon so we took it.“ After this we get Arran healed and Tegan named. She has an Amulet of Fate, A staff that can shrivel limbs. And the eyeball of a redcap. It can see invisibles, in the dark and also see phased objects. It also allows Tagh to see out of it when it is put in Tegan. She doesn’t want to hang about . ”Lets go off and kill something while I’m still giant”.

We talk to Lucius about his gardening project but we tell that he has something bigger going on.We are going to Elfenberg where we cannot eat the food. What a terrible place. We take plenty of supplies as we are to travel by cloud.

When we get there we go to the Queens head as it has come recommended. The barkeeper says that everyone is leaving. Apparently a bunch of winged elves that haven’t been seen for fifty thousand years have been through town. These elves do not like lesser races or anyone else much. One used to be the cup bearer of thee High Empress Letheana. Also apparently the Grail of Raphael has been stolen recently from the museum by hobbits. It wasn’t me. We check into the queens head for 3 Seleni per night.

We go off to check out the museum while our air mage settles in. It is guarded by a dragon who will eat us if we get caught breaking in. The short amongst us are turned away as they are afraid of a repeat of the Grail of Raphael incident. Hmpf I haven’t stolen anything from a museum... yet.

While the others get a tour and Faith plays I find an alternative entrance. Those winged elves have taken away the Mail of Arg and a ring of geas along with several other artifacts. They tried to take Mortal Dread but were not allowed to as they do not have a right to it. Prince Eoren is allowed to take it. This leads to discussion about bringing him in to take it. We decide to continue working for Anghamerabad.

Mortal Dread is kept in a magically enhanced case. There are alarms and the case is strengthened. It is also trapped with poison gas amongst other lovely tricks. Your standard impossible trap then. We come up with a much more cunning plan that picking the lock. This involves getting a curator to compare Mortal Dread to another ancient sword we happened to have prepared earlier. He was most interested in the sword that Veor carried. When the curator removed Mortal Dread from it’s case we noted the key, the movement of that key (left then right) the chant and the pouch the key was put in. After Mortal Dread was put back the curator went to leave us. Our temporary giant Tegan broke a ancient artifact (pot) that was nearby the curator. This distracted him and enabled Arron to remove the key. While the curator’s aids tried to calm the apoplectic old man Tegan tries to reassure him that “it was old anyway” Cher offers more successfully to fix it. With the curator gone and Tegan asked to leave I open the case, Veor removes the sword, Aaron puts the key near the ‘accident’ and we all leg to Ladlaugh.

Mortal Dread is not going to be used. Apparently it is going back into Anghamerabad’s hoard. He now wants us to get him a printing press. It is for the proper organisation of a rebellion. You need consistent manifestos and orders and for that a printing press is needed.

Tegan gets a vision of where the nearest press is. It is in an orgy, in Old Seagate. It is in or near the Temple to the one horned god. We get the Beltane Elves to transport us down to Seagate by telling them that we are doing what we are told ‘for the war effort’. After 3 days the Talon takes us to Seagate and the sqibbons get to play on the way.

Veor asked for a printing press packed and ready to go. The priest looked at us bit funny and after some explaining about what we wanted, told us that it was Device of Darrien. He also showed us the printing press. It is huge, it takes up an entire room, and it traps lizards by the tail. They are making lots of pamphlets with curious pictures. Most of them are probably anatomically possible. The press comes in bits but it would take too long to remove that way. Now with a big cart, a couple of trolls an ax and lots of rope we might get it out quickly enough.

Darrien send us to the Stonetown dwarfs. They tell us it will cost eighty thousand silvers for them to make a ‘Device of the ingenious method of replicating books’. It is also known as the amazing device for replicating pictures.

The next morning we depart for Ladlaugh with a dwarf to negotiate the sale of a ‘Device of the ingenious method of replicating books’. As we arrive near evening we do not introduce the dwarf till the next morning. We leave them alone to talk which was probably a mistake as a little later a slightly sheepish Anghamerabad come back explaining that he ate the dwarf. After some thought that we could trade a plant for the dwarves to ferment we find that Tegan has weird visions after eating it. Of course it might not be the plant. WE decide to talk the provincial accountant instead. We introduce her to the concepts of taxation and tax avoidance at the same time.

We have time during the week between fights to Seagate so we go to University by portal. There are rumors that the Elvandars have stolen Mortal Dread from the museum. Prince Eoren is not due back for another decade or two. So we go and find him. Cher tells hell some stuff that gets him very motivated so we leave and go back to Ladlaugh.

We leave a report for Anghamerabad and go back to Seagate to get more dwarfs. We take a load of gold with us to pay the dwarfs. We negotiate them down to one lump less than we have (20,000sp) for a Device of the ingenious method of replicating books. We also explain that the first dwarf got himself eaten by a dragon. We don’t explain that we work for that dragon.

The dwarfs build the device in the noisy part of town. Under guard will be rest up. Tegan is still giant when she goes off hunting. There is no game out there, only games. The Elves are hunting each other for the practice. One of them shoots her accidently but it bounces off. They didn’t know she was 12 feet tall and arrow proof, and not an elf.

Anghamerabad wants us to do one more thing. Get info on the winged elves and get Silaboffle hooked on knuf again. I know that’s two things but would you point out mathematical mistakes to a dragon. He sends us off to see the Guardian of the Vale of Sharmez. It may have something to help with understanding elvish.

The Vale is three miles to the west and the guardian would appear to be a tree. We talk to it and it allows us to talk some brain fronds that contain Lucius’s elvish language abilities. We do not have enough to speak it all the time so Tegan eats some of it now. There gift for doing good deeds. There are Acorns you use for brain injuries, flowers for hearts and nuts and seeds for other injuries. You do need to water and tend to the plants until replacement parts can be sourced.

Tegan also get to learn how to suck essence from things and I get to learn about gem creation. The others seem determined to convince the guardian that they cannot be taught.

We take our brain fronds and take a rough cloud ride back to Eidolon during the night. We are dropped off in the lower city which is better than the poor fellow who was dropped from the upper city. The mad elves are engaging in dwarf tossing. The cost of the ferry has increased to two selikai each, or three for deposit in a discrete place. We choose discretion and are dropped off in the garden of Lord Protector of the Western Wastes . AKA Prince Eoren. The garden is overgrown and the kitchen door is locked which holds us up briefly.

Inside we find a den for conspirators with it’s own secret passage to a park 80 feet away. We also find a den for a Lady Karase who has a collection of lovers. Her dairy say’s there have been strange noises heard here. We find out later that day that the house has a ghost when we meet her.

She is Tarawin who was Prince Eoren’s wife. She was smothered by someone with a scent of jasmine. It was not the Prince who was at the palace. She is a cousin of Silaboffle.
Tegan, Aaron, Veor and I go for a walk after dark. Near the palace we see three dwarfs sneaking about. We consider climbing the 20 foot walls around the palace but the whirlwind vortex ward are a little off putting. Veor tosses Tegan’s mouse to it’s death over the wall. We try a cunning plan to distract the lone guard at a side gate with a screaming squibbon. He calls for back up and more guards come. We move to plan b.

We go looking for taverns to find inebriated elves. The first tavern has an elf that tells us that revelry has been outlawed. There is a new moral order caused by the winged elves that has reinvigorated the traditionalists. There are demands for the ancient artefacts and the restoration of the empire. There are lots of elves telling the same story though the night. They contribute 5000sp of knuf, 6000sp of rings and jewelled daggers, and 80 selikai in coins. Isil Eth is mentioned as a good choice for high priestess to rule the empire.

We sneak back to the house near dawn ever so slightly kurfed. We leave a secret plan in the den of conspirators to drug the winged elves and make them look like party animals. We leave after dark for the university.

We track down the prince and find out that he has some serious body guards. He doesn’t like talking about his dead wife. We barely survive the questioning but we do find out that his old Major domo now serves Lady Maris of Elsfield.

After five days we catch up the armies of Silaboffle. There are now even more soldiers, they have met up with the other armies. They are all ready for something and are a little confused by why we are preparing dinner for the high command. We tell them it is hobbit tradition. Of course while cooking for them kurf is added for Silaboffle’s benefit. It tastes a little harsh without the secret ingredient.

The generals are all pleasantly stoned but Silaboffle is very angry stoner. She would have had us killed if her men were not all on knuf at the time. While the dinner was on Aaron put a supply of kurf in her tent. He found a good hiding place for the kurf that already had a sacrificial dagger in it. The dagger had dried blood on from three weeks ago. A quick divination reveals it has a sort of linking life force on it. The dagger is a symbol of a pact with a power of darkness. The Earl of Death and Havoc to be exact. We put it back and leave in a hurry.
We take the canal to the house of Lady Maris. While we wait for the appointment to wee the Major Domo we wait in an in and hear grumbling about the curfew that has lasted 500 years. We look strange around here.

The major domo tells us several facts. Elves don’t normally become ghosts. Prince Eoren had a love marriage with a weaponsmith from up north. Lady Silaboffle could have motive. His nephew (Prince Rylec) may have been motivated by the marriage in his own marriage. Other suspects include Master Tanglebones, high adviser to Prince Velteyn, or the ladies of the court. Lord Tyran has gone west and he had a liking for jasmine.

Other servant we could talk to include lady Beryllia who just happens to be the accountant of Ladlaugh. We buy some wings from an elf we met in a tavern for a star each and make for Ladlaugh. After another two days we make it Ladlaugh and make our reports.

We find another suspect, Lord Kaylen, a follower of Tyran. There is also a possibility that it was professional assassins. We could just break into the Office of the Assassins to find the Death Warrant. Lady Alais is sure to treat it a great joke if she catches us.

We decide in the interests of justice to do some interviewing. We start with Lord Kaylis. He comes from Elvendor - the land of monsters. Why can’t it be the land of tea and crumpets and fluffy bunny rabbits. We go in as monster hunters. Our captain is going to visit Halane a supplier of concoctions.

After a two day journey by cloud we arrive. There are a lot of monsters about. Big ones, little ones all sorts. The elves are all armed and armoured even the little ones. The inn is cost 2 seleni per night plus 1 for the packed lunch. The food is quite unusual, it has many legs. There turns out to be something eating Cher’s aura.

We find Kaylis, he is an earth mage with a ring of blinking, a sword of slaying and magical armour. He is not the most powerful in the local court but is not the least most powerful either. Some of us are charming and get us all invited to stay at same place as Kaylis.

We are hosted by Eorolis a talent laden mind mage. There is talk of a Chaos Dragon and a fire mountain. The monsters come from the dragons blood. They also talk about Krong summoning the beautiful earl. The other guests do not know who killed Tarawin. They suspect it was the assassins.

That night our room are like cells but the locks are on the inside. During the night Faith is made ghost like. She makes Kaylis tell the truth and he tells us that he wanted to cause Eoren more pain but didn’t have time before Tarawin died.

In the morning we make it back to inn to collect our lunch and have second breakfast. Tegan rubs some animals together and ends up all stiff. She had grabbed a necrotic toad and a basilisk rat( which is a lizard that is also called a Nasty little bastard). She also gets some experimental alchemist potions. Back by cloud to Ladlaugh.

Our next interview is to be with Sillaboffle. After a three day journey by portal and berg we find the camp. Veor and Tegan are in charge of chaos, Faith and Aaron are to sneak and interview, Cher, Hjack and I are to secure the exit. Sillaboffle’s partner woke up briefly when Faith and Aaron entered the tent. Sillaboffle tells them that someone beat her to killing Tarawin. I surprised that she talk that well with a tongue that is poisonous and three feet long. Faith removed her earrings in a quick and bloody way. They escape into the chaos, horses are going all over the place and a great snowy bear is wandering through the camp. We get the first berg out of there.

When we back to Ladlaugh we talk to the accountant but she is immune to the truth telling ear rings and she turns out be a former assassin. We do however have possible connections to the playwright and the Head priest of Eidolon seems to be involved .

Reference Information


  • Anghamerabad, a dragon and clerk for the Alfheim province of Ladlaugh.


Standard Buffs

Type Magic Effect Duration Aaron Archak Cher Faith Pierre Tegan Veor
Armour Beast Armour +3AP, +9% ? N Y Y N N Y N
Enchanted Armour (Rk7) +16% 7.5 hr Y N N N Y N N
Durability +2AP ? N N N Y N N N
Ice Armour 7AP ? N N N N N N Y
Vision See Invis ? ? Y N Y Y Y N N
See Dark ? ? N heat ? Y heat N N
Catvision ? ? Y N N N N N Y
General Stuff
  • Enhance Enchant (8)
  • Greater +12 on Magic + Skills (3 days)
  • Aaron's weapon spell- Enchant Weapon (Rk6) +7sc +2dam for 11 mins
  • Other stuff?


  • Left over expenses and Hobbit eating competition winnings
  • Four Love potions
  • Amulet of Fate
  • Stick of cursing
  • One horn god pamphletes
  • Spare gold for printing press
  • Five brain fronds
  • Nuts,seeds and flowers for body part replacement
  • Rings,Jeweled daggers(6000sp), 80 selikai
  • Left over kurff??
  • Experiment Alchemy from Elvendor
  • Poisonous animals from Elvandor



Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon2.jpg Samhain
Frost (7)
  1 Guild Meeting 2 Visited University Library 3 Visited temples to old gods 4 Elvanar 5 Dryads and trolls 6  
Moon3.jpg 7   8   9   10   11 Found the healer 12 Prince Erin meets the playwrite 13 Start the cannal tour
Moon0.jpg 14   15 Joustin with the 17th cavalry 16 On to visit with hobbits 17   18   19 Unwelcome in Lucerne 20 on to Ladlaugh
Moon1.jpg 21   22 By cloud to bergelfin 23 Comparing swords 24 back to Ladlaugh 25   26   27 off to seagate
Moon2.jpg 28 return with a dwarf 29   30    
Snow (8)
  1   2   3   4 back to seagate
Moon3.jpg 5 return with an other dwarf 6 by cloud to capital 7 Staying at prince Erins 8 Universty & on to the cannals again 9   10   11  
Moon0.jpg 12   13   14 Find 17th cavalry 15 Solstice hobbit banquits 16 Interveiw the Major Domo 17   18 Yuletide1st Interveiw with the Accountant/maid
Moon1.jpg 19 Days of Chaos 20 Kaylis sees a ghoust 21   22 back in Ladluagh 23   24   25 3rd visit to 17 cavalry
Moon2.jpg 26   27   28 2nd Interveiw with the Accountant/maid 29   30 Twelth Night  
Ice (9)
  1   2  
Moon3.jpg 3   4   5   6 First Plough 7   8   9  
Moon0.jpg 10   11   12   13   14   15   16  
Moon1.jpg 17   18   19   20   21   22   23  
Moon2.jpg 24   25   26   27   28   29   30