The University

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Si Ialolaesoria os Condraer Jhaesol (Elv. The University of Highest Learning)

Set apart in pleasant countryside and also connected to Eidolon is The University. As far as any proper elf is concerned it contains everything that needs to be known. Getting at it is another matter. While the various academics, dons, professors, lecturers, philosophers may be willing to help an enquiring adventurer there is no equal likelihood that the information is accurate, several millenia out of date, a wild pet theory, the ravings of a lunatic or just not the actual answer to your question. But there is at least someone who has an opinion on what you want to know. Peer review is more a matter of having more vocal and burly supporters than anything approaching modern academic rigor.

Due to ancient custom the pursuit of knowledge and the life of a scholar is seen as a 'male' activity. Most of the faculty are male and in the absence of a large organised religion the university is a dumping ground for elven male nobility.