The Trial: part 1

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Adventure: The Trial. Part 1
GM: Jon McSpadden
Session: 1/2/94 and 4/2/94 AP
Level: Low

Mentor, also known as Lyondel. (Who knows why.)
On completing this quest and two others, we will become knights of the Barony of Stirling, which is where this all took place. Mentor described the situation, which was very simple: Enter a tomb and kill the Gargoyle "Verag" who has taken up residence with his sidekicks. Bloody oath, if that's not exactly what we did.


First entry to the tomb. A Rune Portal back to the guild was set up to aid our return. We were inside the tomb for less than a minute when the bloody hobbit decided to die. Pretty damn inconsiderate since we had to return to the guild to kick-start him.


Second entry to the tomb. Keshah decided not to come with us, and the illusionist Yvette came instead. This time we completed the job and cleared the place of all moving objects. All non-moving objects were also removed to pay the bloody guild taxes. For the record, we encountered and completely trashed some humans, goblins, orcs, lizardmen, skeletons, and of course the gargoyle.

The Map

The tomb is not large, with 5' and 10' wide passages, one entrance and a chimney to the central room. There were no traps. The map follows, but I don't see why anyone would want to go back there. Enjoy.