The Mystery of the Missing Mana

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Scribe Notes: Session – Autumn 806
GM: Zane Mendoza
Level: Low.


Job: To travel to the plane of Savarea to investigate where all the mana is going from around the village. Savannah/Savarea

Payment: Wands of invested counter spells.

Scribe Notes

Day one of Fruit We gather at the Guild to meet with the hirer, and meet each other. We buy winter woolies and spend the night getting to know each other.

Day two We travel by boat to the Five Sisters.

Day three We travel by the portal to the ice plane Savarea, arriving mid afternoon. The land is tundra. We cover up against the winter weather, wearing our Guild tabbards over the top of our own gear. We head east, towards the village. We travel several hours in the cold, to a spot our guides have stored provisions. An igloo is made for shelter by Shemin-ah, and we dine on our first wyvern meat. During the night movement is spotted, which passes us by.

Day four Investigation of where the movement was spotted reveals tracks of a ogre, which are highly intelligent and civilized here. The leavings, however, contain a gnawed human leg. Discussions with our guides reveal that humans aren't so favourably looked on here, slightly further down the hierachy, including being used as slaves, or hunted/kept as food stock.

The Planes of Savannah/Savarea

Things we noted about the place no mentioned previously in scribe notes, or I just thought was really cool/interesting.