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The Maquessa D'Ormlottre is the patron of the Great, Marvellous and Magical Mystery Show. However it has run into a spot of bother. Enroute for the Michaelmass festivities in Konigsburg they were set upon by bandits, a growing problem ever since the abortive Drow invasion. While the damage was not major several menageries escaped in the confusion. This represents a major draw for the circus and the Marquessa would like them retrieved or replaced with equally fantastic beings.

Pay 500 sp per critter retrieved.

Night: Monday
Start Time: 7:00
Location: William and Bridget's House.
Level: Medium

Dramatis personae

  1. Nicola - A nice young lass played by Bridget
  2. Julia's character
  3. anook
  4. Mark Simpson's character
  5. Horton - (m) Human Mind Mage - Errol
  6. Mayhem, a hobbit Shadow Weaver played by Jim Arona

The Mission

Last seen wearing a collar, in between Foxcourt and Konnigsburg

  • mice family .. talk
  • fleas
  • 9 ft tall demi gorgon
  • beetles
  • Manticor girl
  • fox that is an archer
  • 8 ft tall ant men
  • talking stick
  • 9 ft tall Dragon
  • an amazing Halfling .. Sam
  • 8 legged horse
  • Airborn octopus

We get paid $500 each for every animal we recover

Day One

We fly north from Seagate. Rain forces us to land in ranke. Mayhem spends the night learning to be a gargoyle. The rest of us opt to spend the night in an Inn. Learning that giant mice has been seen in Cholm, a town that makes cheese, we fly there.

Day Two

Approaching Cholm we discover two things.

  1. 1 it is not okay to hunt cows
  2. 2 flying is dangerous

Cholm is rebuilding the Inn after the war. We investigate and discover that there is a rat catchers guild in town. Tark Berk and Vargas are Orcish rat catchers. The rat catchers tell of an illusionist in town called Hugo. There is also ambient magic all over town and a malevolent mind waiting.

Day Three

We spend the day investigating the town. Finding an Inn. Nicola is entreated to investigate a missing child. We find a portal to the shadow realm in the child's bedroom. , w

Day Four

Mice Flea illusionist Amulet

Day Five Six Seven

Travel Manticor

Day Eight Nine Ten

Returning to the guild, viz shadow realm. Rescue Dwarves

Day Eleven to Fourteen

Travel to Aladar, Squid Dwarf, Ants


We track the original ambush to a portal to the shadow realm. Heading in we end up inside a thresher egg. Fighting our way out we encounter some Orcs. The Orcs show us a number portals between the shadow realm, one to a brothel in sanctuary.

We learn that the succubus has taken over the area, and has a demon incubation chamber.


Raphaelites buff us and loan us a mace which has a piece of the book of toth

Heading back to the shadow realm. We fight everything, Orcs Succubus cambians. There is a room full of pregnant women stuck to the floor.

We are victorious.

Taking the pregnant women to the AbbY , the Raphaelites seem a little worried about looking after 30 pregnant women.

Seventeenth to Nineteenth

We loot and investigate the "Seal of Evil" ON the other side of the seal is a demi-gorgon. Nicola banishes it.

In the room is a  scourge of enslavement


A hydra wonders close to our tower, and we question it.

There is a  well of power,  through a

Marquessa de Ormonte


  1. fetishes
  2. Necklace of preservation
  3. shadow glove
  4. pendant faith magic
  5. shiny stuff
  6. dagger with storage magic
  7. Rune spell
  8. gargoyle training
  9. 6 bottles of wine with 6 drafts of 10 pts of fatigue
  10. Succubus-hurting mace
  11. holy water from the one horned god - increases you're libido and cures vs cocatrice blood
  12. holy water from the Raphaelites
  13. healing potions
  14. love philtres
  15. 5 Soul swords
  16. Dart
  17. 30 Campion
  18. shiny baubles
  19. stone ear
  20. cocatrice
  21. scourge of enslavement
  22. orc
  23. 3 goblins
  24. Necklace
  25. brooch
  26. breastplate
  27. eternal orange
  28. doom helm
  29. dagger, sharp


"I'm not doing anything of a sexual nature with a spider" Mayhem of the quivering member

"You're brain shouldn't dribble out yourears from DAing" Falco viewing a seal of evil

"That was smart of us, ... obviously we have come back to do something stupid then" Anooke on why we returned to break the seal of evil