The Madness of Pope Blitzkrieg

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Scribe Notes


GM: Terry
Session: Winter 807
Level: High

  1. Blitzkrieg - male human Namer (aka Pope Innocent I)
  2. Callas - female human Earth mage
  3. Tulip - female elf Earth mage - scribe
  4. Ty Trident (a version of) - male human Air mage


The deamons know that Blitzkrieg is a hard man to hurt and an even harder to kill. The have a plan, a good plan, a plan that will prevent Blitzkrieg from further interfering with their plans. Blitzkrieg is attacked by deamon assassins that infect him with a sentient poison. The poison will trap him in his mind, but his healthy body will continue to function. He will be removed.

Although Blitzkrieg defeats the assassins he is found unconscious, and eventually taken to a Samaelite cathedral for healing. The determine there is no way to remove the sentient poison - it must be killed form inside his head. Following investigation and much trial and error the Church discover only those that have a presence in his memory can enter his mind. They are able to locate Callus and Tulip, who volunteer to enter the mind of Blitzkrieg. Unfortunately upon enter his mind loosing their memories and are caught up in the world inside Blitzkriegs head.

15/07/07 to 22/07/07

Knights of the church track us down individually, Blitzkrieg plays a pivotal role in a prophesy and the church whishes to find him. Ty and Callus manage to avoid their escort and get to Blitzkrieg before church knights, Tulip gets to Ty's castle but is accosted outside. Ty communicates by whispering wind and we meet. Bitzkrieg has to go to a ruined fort in some mountains to meet with the seer and find out more about the prophesy, as at this point we don't know Blitzkrieg's contribution. To try an loose the church knights we fly out in a random direction. We stop to rest but are attacked by meteorite shower, which kills Tulip. Tulip has a very odd experience while dead, "waking" to find Blitzkrieg gives her a message, Tulip refuses to believe the dream Blitzkrieg. A Uralite knight then attacks us but Blitzkrieg kills him! He is pacted and an angel appears to retrieve his soul. Fly to Waterford (hopefully we have lost the knights), rent room and muck around for the day.


30 pacted church knights arrive and surround inn in the morning, lead by General Tracks a Michaline Commander and second in command is Samuel Roberton a Samaelite. They have been sent to retrieve Blitzkrieg whom the Bishop of Mordeaux wants to talk to. Some tense chatting, then the knights call down the angelic host, Roberton and his follows turn on and distract Tracks allowing us to escape. Fly for over eight hors into the mountains. A poisoned crossbow bolt comes out of the blue with arcane symbols (runes) and Blitzkrieg's heraldry on it and hits him. An old enemy of Blitzkrieg's apparently. Callas summons an elemental and we search for the ruined fort.

We find it and meet two undead vampires, Victoria (blood/vampire) a very beautiful red-haired woman in black velvet and Georgio (enchanter/vampire) a handsome well dressed man. They are here to help us apparently. Later we learn Victoria can give us blood runes, they cost endurance but can increase stats, avoid blows, ignore specific grievous wounds, enhance defense etc. Runes last for a week.

Five (pacted, one from each order) knights of the oracle appear, they know the undead. They summon the seer by forming a pentagram and chanting. The seer (an old man) gives Blitzkrieg some magic items, and tells him he must find five component pieces of a chalice, combine them and then do something with it (he is unsure what). The chalice in the hands of a follower of the light will effect a large area and be devastating to daemons, however the "price" is that it will strengthen the undead. The daemons want to stop Blitzkrieg while the undead are here to help us, and will be necessary to the quest. The pieces are "hidden" but we will know them by their power when we see them. Seer gives us a map with 4 crosses marking the points we should look. Key pieces are located near, are with or involve:

  1. battle with a titan near Eltrandor
  2. in a black dragon's horde near Brandenburg
  3. in prize given to the seasonal king at the Five Sisters
  4. located in a ring of hills east of Novadom and near a forked mountain
  5. whereabouts of the last piece is unknown, return to the seer once you have all the others

Fly to middle nowhere, divine the items the seer gave us, divine the blood runes. Sleep. Two assassins appear, one behind Blitzkrieg and the other out of the fire, they try to kill us. Serious fight, take their items. Takes 7 days to heal all our injuries!


Quote of the day from Blitzkrieg who offers to "use his weapon on the hot vampire chick".

Fly to Five Sisters and find out about the "seasonal king" competition. Each clan competes in a number of events over a month the one with the most points wins the seasonal "mantle" a well crafted item that has been around for many generations. The competitions are:

  • Fishing
  • Entertainment
  • Painting
  • Making weapons and amour
  • Endurance run
  • Brewing
  • Singing or musical instruments
  • Dancing
  • Philosophy
  • Cooking
  • Camel Racing
  • Wrestling
  • Fighting
  • Gardening

Magic should not be employed, but in reality there is much money, politics, and "hidden" magic involved. We hire a guide Mehlar who helps us out with registration, bribes, a villa etc, and we form clan "Trident".

01/07/07 to 07/08/07 Competition Week One

Competition week one is singing, wrestling and fishing. With minor cheating (Tulip summons fish) we come second in the fishing. We send off for some items from Sebastian for the weapons & amour and painting competitions. The blood vampire's say they can "research" certain skills (singing and dancing), and Blitzkrieg is shocked when they acquire certain skills by drinking blood of competitors. He should have known better! However, on the night of the singing competition Blitzkrieg gets called upon to help some villagers in need on another plane and we all go and smite orcs and trolls, and return in time to have missed the singing competition, so we are last. Blitzkrieg enters the wrestling, but we are unprepared for the amount of magic employed and he comes second.

08/08/07 to 14/08/07 Competition Week Two

Competetion week two is entertainment, weapons & amour and painting. Victoria, Tulip and Callas who are all fantastically beautiful (Tulip due to one of the seers items) do "mud wrestling" which turns out to be hugely popular with the judges (who are all male), surprise, surprise, and so we win that one. Sebastian's items arrive and we do well in those competitions.

15/08/07 to 21/08/07 Competition Week Three

Competition week three is philosophy, endurance, brewing and cooking. Georgio does the philosophy (comes second), Callas does the cooking (third), brewing(??) and running (second). At the end of the race we are attacked by a Titan with magic amour etc and two pet light spheres. The whole thing is repeated three times until we manage to beat the Titan, Blitzkrieg thinks something odd is up but the rest of us have memory loss. During the various fights Callas dies and has an odd dream where Blitzkrieg gives her a message "I've sent two of you to help". Blitzkrieg dies and also has an odd dream where Turf gives him the message "We are here to help you". We get a ring which is the rim of the chalice, and divination gives: protection from demonic magic. That night Blitzkrieg dreams another message "you are not on Alusia, we have sent two people to help you". The next day a poisoned crossbow bolt comes out of the blue with arcane symbols (runes) and Blitzkriegs heraldry on it and hits him.

Quote of the day from Blitzkrieg is "We don't care about the light spheres, the light spheres are not the problem".

21/08/07 to 28/08/07 Competition Week Four

Competition week four is dancing (third), gardening (second), fighting and camel racing. Blitzkrieg does dancing with Victoria, but upsets her and so we don't win the dancing. There is some emotional to-ing and fro-ing between Blitzkrieg and Victoria. A large earth elemental comes and destroys the garden despite our best efforts with "the roses". Blitzkrieg wins the fighting, after all we are professional fighters. Despite our best efforts to turn the other competitors magic off Callas comes second in the camel racing. The next day a poisoned crossbow bolt comes out of the blue with arcane symbols (runes) and Blitzkrieg's heraldry on it and hits him, in the groin this time.


Overall we don't win, and so there is the problem of getting the mantel. However after the presentation feast we are invited to give a "mud wrestling" exhibition at the winners villa. A lance of light appears and Icarone arrives, he has an important message for Blitzkrieg, but before he can pass all of it on a millstone falls out of the sky and flattens him. Blitzkrieg "sees" a Samaelite church with figures worshiping in it (squish). It then starts raining millstones. We gather up bits of Icarone and then windwalk to the winners house as we think this is an excellent opportunity to try and take the mantel, while everyone is distracted. We tunnel under, locate mantel and come up to find the household in a bunker made from "walls of iron". We threaten the owner, demonstrate our strength and get the mantle and windwalk out into the dessert. Fly for nine hours and then camp.


Athus a follower of Samael arrives (he's very pompous) and tells us that the church as split and the majority of Cardinals have elected Blitzkrieg pope to ensure he can complete his prophesy, the previous Pope has refused to step down. The politics with other powers is very muddled. Blitzkrieg sends him off to find out information about the black dragon living hear Mittelmarkhauptstadt, and to convene a meeting of the supporting Cardinals in a weeks time. We roll around laughing and make jokes. Blitzkrieg tries to purify, has visions and is attacked by a phantasm. We fly for four hours to the rough position we expect to find the ring of hills. We locate an earthen ring which appears to have altered goblins (they are heavier and more muscled, and appear to be organized into a goblin army!) living in a warren underneath. We tunnel in, locate the item which is part of a large mechanical device, destroy part of the device to obtain a "rod" which must be the stem of the chalice. Fly partway to Mittelmarkhaptstadt and rest for the night.


Stay here for the day healing wounds.


Around midday Athus arrives and presents the bowl of the chalice, saying they took the initiative and many good Samaelite knights have dies to obtain it. We send him back to Mordeaux to organize the Cardinals and say we will follow shortly. We fly to the stone fort were we originally met the seer and wait. The five knights arrive and summon the seer who brings the last piece. Blitzkrieg has to know make the chalice and fill it with water to activate the anti-daemon properties.

Blitzkrieg wants to take it back to Mordeaux and so we fly back. When we arrive he is greeted by huge crowds and we are surrounded by the Papal Guard. Blitzkrieg then orders them to attack Ty. Callas and Tulip begin to act to defend ourselves against the traitor Blitzkrieg, but when Ty survives multiple injuries which should have amputated hands and legs etc with no obvious effect from very high level church nights, we decide something fishy is up. We don't know it but the daemons have infected Blitzkrieg with an sentient poison that will incapacitate but not kill him and we are all "in Blitzkrieg's mind".

Tulip and Callas after a few pulses DAing and Ty etc. also turn to fight Ty who gives a very un-natural evil laugh. Evil Ty (in fact the personification of the intelligent poison) and Blitzkrieg fight it out. Blitzkrieg eventually wins, and we are expelled back to our bodies. We wake up enfeebled and week being looked after in a Samaelite church. Apparently we have volunteered to go in and help Blitzkrieg fight off the daemonic sentient poison. Blitzkrieg certainly has some issues re the blood vampire Victoria, and becoming pope!


Blitzkreig, Callas and Tulip spend a number of weeks convalescing. Ty has developed a tan having spend the last few months on his estate.


Blitzkrieg offers to "Use his weapon on the hot vampire chick"
Blitzkrieg: "We don't care about the [two] light spheres [attacking the party], the light spheres are not the problem"