The Lands of Chaos

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Travel through these lands is by intent. A traveller names a destination that they want to travel to and steps out. Knowing the name of the place you want to go to is generally enough, but the place must be proximate to the Lands of Chaos or contained within it. If it isn't, then each day of travelling will find landmarks but never get the traveller to their destination.
Each day of travel through these lands reduces a Ranger's chance of finding a landmark by 10 until they have no chance, at which point they are forever lost. They will likely die when their food and water runs out, their remains almost never to be found. In the improbable event that they are found, rescue may ensue. Or pillaging.
At random intervals, but usually at least once a day, a landmark may be encountered. This sequences reflects an individual's understanding of the geography of Chaos. Groups share the same experience if they travel together.
Those who fly above the Lands of Chaos enter a Trackless Waste and are never seen again.

Known Paths

The number of hours to travel to the landmark from the previous one (or from the starting point).

Kerberoth to the Heights of Chaos

Caravan Route
Landmark Time Notes
Ford of Sands 5
Crimson Spires 6
Sapphire Pools 10
The Bridge and the Lock 8
Crumbling Paths 5
Coldstream 12

Kerberoth to the Ruins of the Sphinx

Found by: Starflower on WAFT
Landmark Time Notes
Scented Jungle 8 Found uncertain herb & flamecap spores
Ford of Sands 5
Ruins of the Sphinx 8

Ruins of the Sphinx to Tintagel

Found by: Starflower on WAFT
Landmark Time Notes
Crumbling Paths 8
Cloud Trees of Sindareth 3 Rare landmark, found cloud seeds
Fields of Serioth 3 Found The Children Dressed in the Clothes of Poppies
Coldstream 5
Crimson Spires 3
Flaming Rocks 2
Thorns of Havoth 9
Tintagel 1

Heights of Chaos to Kerberoth

Found by: Starflower on WAFT
Landmark Time Notes
Sapphire Pools 10
Garden of the Fountain of Wine 10 Found potion wine
The Bridge & the Lock 10
Fields of Amber Grain 3 Found magical grain
Kerberoth 10

Kerberoth to Scented Jungle

Found by: Aryan on BC
Landmark Time Notes
Cloud Trees of Sindareth 10
Fields of Amber Grain 14
Flaming Rocks 12
Crumbling Paths 7
Scented Jungle 8

Heights of Chaos to Scented Jungle

Found by: Aryan & Mordrin on NoS
Landmark Time Notes
Fields of Serioth 9
Crimson Spires 13
The Bridge & the Lock 11
Scented Jungle 12


Cloud Trees of Sindareth

Large trees similar to mature oaks. Vines growing amongst them with occasional pods. Master Rangers may sometimes find Cloud Seeds.


Crimson Spires

Crumbling Paths

Fields of Amber Grain

Fields of Serioth

Ford of Sands

Garden of the Fountain of Wine

Flaming Rocks

Ruins of the Sphinx

Sapphire Pools

Scented Jungle

Jungle. Herbalists may seek rare/unique herbs here and will find them once, each subsequent visit they may find the same herb again but may not search for another in the same way.

The Bridge & the Lock

Thorns of Havoth

Thorn bushes and tar pools.


It seems that chaosites are the offspring of demons of the Abyss and other creatures. Whereas demons have no Generic True Name, chaosites do, and have properties that they share with one another. The GTN of a scion (i.e. someone descended of that line) of House Kerberoth would be 'kerberite', although that particular House will accept members from outside the germ line. The GTN of a chaosite too undifferentiated might simply return 'chaosite', however.
It is hard to categorise chaosites because of their close affinity with, well, chaos. They all have some ability to shapeshift, although it is often stronger in some than in others. They have increased resistance to effects that disintegrate, again stronger in some than in others. They are extremely long lived, many living as long as giants and dwarfs while others seem to have the same kind of life expectancy as elves.


Thari Ranks to 10. The spoken form is easy to learn, taking half the normal time and Experience point cost. The written form uses a runic syllabary and is heavily ensigillated. This means it must be learnt like the spoken form but unless you are a Rune mage, it takes twice the time (i.e. It would take 20 weeks to get the written form from Rank 0 to Rank 4, 5 weeks to learn to speak it that well).
Each House has their own provincial accent. It is strong enough to be identifiable, and is almost impossible to shed. The difference in accents between Houses may be so great as to require interpreters from time to time.

Chaos Lords

At one time, the defining characteristic of a chaos lord was one who could slay other chaosites with predictable regularity. This has gradually evolved to include those who instruct others to slay with predictable regularity. It is only safe to say, therefore, that a chaos lord is a more powerful chaosite.

Houses of Chaos

The Houses of Chaos are feudal groups of chaosites who have gathered together for protection and to share resources. They are organised rather loosely along family lines, and they tend to share features in common.

House Kerberoth

This is a House bordering the Lands of Chaos and the Abyss, between the Seven Kingdoms and the Empire of the East. It is militaristic and has been known to sell its services to others who wish to prosecute a war. It accepts members who are not scions of the line, and even non-chaosites, provided they bring value to the House.
It is ruled by Lord Tirwh.


Kerberites of the germ line are usually solidly built and perhaps a touch taller than a man. They have horns and tusks, legs that bend backwards and a tail. They can be of any colour or even pied, but the normal range of colouration is from a slate-grey colour to a deep reddish-brown among males. Female kerberites have a much wider range of colours and are more likely to be pied. A pied kerberite is considered particularly attractive.


Kerberites are usually strong shapeshifters. About 80% can assume a physical form that expresses an element of some kind, 11% can assume a physical form that expresses darkness, 5% one that expresses light, 2% than can express both of these, and 1% that assume an insubstantial form which is abstract. Finally, about 1% of kerberites do not have an altered forms, but even these can usually develop one. With practice and experience, a kerberite can increase the effectiveness of his alterations and learn new ones.
Chaos lords of this House can usually manifest at least an elemental form, an abstract form and a battle form. The battle form is an awesome thing and the main reason that House is so feared on the battlefield.

Abysmal Affinity

Many, but by no means all kerberites have a special affinity with the Abyss.They move through it faster, with less effort and are more aware there. Those who are very advanced in this ability do not count as an entity for determining if they will attract demons while traveling through the Abyss.
Chaos lords of this House are often powerful enough to make others not count against the critical number, so that they can escort larger numbers than is usually allowed. Furthermore, they can draw upon the power of the Abyss to offer suasian against Fate from time to time, using the Abyss to avoid harm even when not in it.


Sorcery is known and practised by some kerberites, but the House library is not as extensive on these matters as others. While kerberite sorcerors do not suffer any penalty with regard to magic, it is uncommon to find one who is more than simply adequate.

House Kerberoth keeps extensive records and collects the Individual True Names of important entities wherever it can find them.
It is worth noting that summoning is not a profession where the practitioners enjoy a long and peaceful life. The Chamber of Conjuration is covered in unpleasant stains, marks of the unhappy consequences of sneezing at the wrong time, perhaps.
Although the House employs many scribes and librarians whose function is simply to keep records, there is only one Summoner.

Hounds of Kerberoth

A hound of Kerberoth is about the size of a small horse, and massively built. They are trained as beasts of war, and fed on the product of the Wells of Seeping Green. They have a powerful sense of smell, and a memory for scent to match. It is said that once they have been set to the trail, they will hunt their prey tirelessly to the death.
These beasts are naturally uncertain to the third degree and mostly, seem immune to damage. On the other hand they can do very little except travel and very few barriers are capable of stopping them in this condition. They can reduce their degree of uncertainty to two, which will make them slightly more vulnerable to attack, but at the same time means that they can inflict damage. Finally, for short periods of time, they can reduce their degree of uncertainty to one, where they have no uncertainty-spawned defenses. However, in this state their strength is truly awesome, approaching the might of dragons.

The Chaos Lord Clang is hound master of House Kerberoth.

Artifacts & Regalia

The Chalice of Regret

Well of Ice - acquired 3rd Heat, Summer 812wk

Well of Water - acquired 8th Seedtime, Spring 812wk

House Mal'ebonir

This House is located somewhere near the Empire of the East. Only scions of the germ line can advance to positions of authority in this House. Other chaosites may be employed by the House but are hardly ever members of it. Non-chaosites will almost always be slaves.
It is ruled by the chaos lady, Methralina.


Mal'ebonirans look quite like elves, but their legs bend backwards and their skin colour varies from dark shades of green, blue or purple to black. Their hair can be of any colour but is usually silver. Hair is very important to mal'ebonirans. You never see bald ones unless it is the current fashion.


The mal'eboniran ability to shapeshift is more reduced than for most chaosites. However, many mal'ebonirans are very skilled at using the limited shapeshifting they have to the point where they can capture the appearance of individuals they have met. Facedancing is limited to humanoids, and to within 25% of the facedancer's mass.
Chaos Lords of this House can adjust their appearance to make themselves hypnotically attractive to other humanoids. This ability works like a Charm spell. They can read the play of emotions across an unguarded face and make accurate guesses at what they're thinking. Amongst themselves, they can communicate silently, so long as they can meet each other's gaze.

Enhanced Senses

Most mal'ebonirans have senses that are enhanced well beyond the normal. This makes them hard to poison or drug without their awareness.
Chaos Lords of this House can often 'see' in pitch darkness, usually by gathering information from their other senses as well. They are preternaturally aware and many of them seem to have a sense for danger.


Skill in sorcery is considered particularly valuable. Especially the field that deals with maledictions and curses known as Spite Crafting. Mal'ebonirans are known to go to great lengths to collect particularly interesting curses. Not many practise spirit binding.

Drug & Poison Use

The extensive use of recreational drugs is partly responsible for the House's reputation for decadence. The education it provides its scions in poison use is undoubtedly one of the reasons for its reputation for sinister, clandestine manoeuvrings in the dark.
The Games of Venom are a variety of sports that House members watch with avidity. Methralina has made it public that her days of competing in these events is a thing of the past, but like many, is often seen in attendance. The game that carries the greatest prestige is the Insinuation at the Dance. Each pair of dancing partners seek to poison their opponents at the same time that they avoid succumbing to poisoning.
Chaos lords of this House almost always are resistant to poison from any source.


Scions of this House are actively trained in intelligence gathering, misinformation, and the execution of complicated plans.

The Murdery

The murdery is a tower, or more properly the top stories of a tower which is connected to the stables of the House. Amongst others, the Crows of Malediction are kept here.

Artifacts & Regalia

The Well of Lies

House Tintagel

This House is found near the Sands of Time. It is a minor House, but the only one with significant numbers of wizards as members. It is loosely organised, members doing very much their own thing.
It is, in theory, ruled by the chaos lord, Rufio, a wizard of middling ability. He is at pains to tell people that the only reason he is in charge is because he is at an impasse in his researches and this is something to occupy his time.
In reality, much of the running of the House is administered by a warrior simply known as 'The Castellan'.
Note: Much has changed since the events recounted here. The Castellan has taken a more active role, and the House is aware of its startling lack of defence.


Tintagelites of the germ line are capable shapeshifters, yet rarely have elemental or abstract forms. They appear as humans, some with demonic features like horns or legs that bend backwards, others not. Unusually, in their base form, the sclera of their eyes is always black and their irises are red.


Tintagelites are usually versatile shapeshifters, rather than powerful ones. They can assume more shapes than most, even quite exotic forms. More information can be found here.
Chaos lords of this House may be able shapeshift others, assume the form of swarms or groups, or even animated elemental forms.

Temporal Affinity

A few tintagelites can manipulate their experience of time so as to slow things down or speed things up from their perspective. More information on this can be found here. These abilities wreak quite a toll on the practitioner's body.
Chaos lords of this House with this ability can often make accurate predictions or examine the past. If they are advanced enough, they can even reverse the aging process, from time to time growing younger when their bodies become enfeebled.


Tintagel is the only House known to include substantial numbers of wizards. Many members practise other forms of magic, but wizardry is particularly prized here.

Artifacts & Regalia

The Klepsydra
This artifact is now in the hands of the President of Seekers, who has agreed to keep it safe from the Lord of Similarities in Hell.