The Kings Rapiers

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Kings Rapiers

Baroness Clementine of the Court of Konigburg
Summer 818 WK - Baroness Clementine is the new leader of the Kings Rapiers (Western Kingdom) - the Rapiers are charged with removing the Drow from Borovia.
Rumour has it Clementine was appointed leader of the Kings Rapiers, and charged with leading them to removing the Drow from Borovia working as the King’s eyes and hands in this matter in late 817 WK but the dates are unclear. Some courtiers within the court have noticed that the Queen is not in favors of the Kings Rapiers being sent to deal with the issue.

Make up of the Hobbits in Arms

The Rapiers power makeup -
All captains report to Lady Scurestaff, Baroness Clementine.
Captains - The company has six captains who the ~30 lieutenants report to, some of which are involved in support & supply chain.
Lieutenant - One in ten hobbits has the rank of lieutenant who have rank 2 Mil Sci.
The captains carry special master machination item named - Twist Box, which are enchanted. These twist boxes receive information from another master twist box if within range of 5 miles.

Seasoned Kings Rapiers -
280 Hobbits who are skilled at Rapier & mangosh and spear, axe. All are equipped with silvered weapons, backpacks that half the load of carried items
Armour 5 or 7 / 3 point armour.
6 healing potions - Waters of healing, (D-5 +18).
5 strength potions - Waters of strength , (D-2 +12).
2 x rank 1 invested Lightning Bolt spell (used for stunning enchanted creatures).
All have greater and lessor enchantments.

Shock Heavy hobbits -
100 Heavy Hobbits who are skilled at Rapier & mangosh.
Each have an enchanted Western Kingdom set of arms - which will delay all blows for 5 pulses before they take effect.
8 / 4 point armour, potions same as above.
Magic trap, dropped at their feet, will target nearest hobbit and Enchanted Weapon spell & Enchanted Armour & Quickness.

Caster hobbits -
60 Mages which are dressed in normal Kings Rapier looking armour but you can tell they are mages by the colour of the feather in the tricorn hat.
All capable and solid middle ranks as E&E mages with enhance enchantment (range and BC), Quickness & Slowness.
A few of the other mages they have are Earth, Celestials & Namers. They are rumored to have some fabled King Stones.

This elite band of 550 Halfling Fighters (and occasional Mage) has great stature in the Western Kingdom as the loyal protectors of the King. They are well dressed and have red tricorn hats.
Sabastian is known to supply equipment the the Rapiers.


821 WK

King's Rapiers sent to Seagate.

818 WK

The King increased membership from 220 to 550 members.

817 WK

Baron Clementine of Seagate appointed as Commander of the King's Rapiers. Aurora is appointed a special advisor for the Queen to the King's Rapier's.

813 WK

Rumour's that the Rapiers gain Royal favor and are expanded.

810 WK

At the start of Winter 810 WK, the hobbits received a missive from King Ulric Schwarzrotgold asking them to return to his service. 40 hobbits departed to Konigburg then with the other 160 returning at the end of Spring 810. They all have reclaimed their old uniforms and are protecting the King once more.

798 WK

Tensions ease with the replacement of Bishops.

795 WK

A wide range of incidents between Church and the old The Kings Rapiers with tensions running high.