The Kapit Spirit

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40 miles west of Kapit at the highest pinnacle in the range there resides a Spirit. Around the mountain exists an area which causes confusion, visual distortions and pain extending out from the peak. Adventurers report these are very difficult to get through although a small number of people have been found to be immune to the effects. The effects are as follows

  1. At around 12 miles out from the peak people report hearing voices, gabbling in tongues and completely indecipherable.
  2. At nine miles this is joined by visual hallucinations and disorientation.
  3. At six miles pain begins and starts to increase the closer to the peak you go.
  4. At three miles the pain becomes unbearable and most people lose consciousness.

At the peak itself is an area without this effect that is approximately a mile in diameter. Within this area is a cavern system in which a Blue Dragon resides along with a Portal to a cavern in the Filgiso Forest