The Itute Shipyard

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The Itute Shipyard

This shipyard is owned by the Itute Trading Company and they have built this yard up from nothing to a large shipbuilding and refurbishing yard which has a large workload of salvaging wrecks for their value or for refurbishment.

It has been built on the eastern edge of Fort Flowing on land purchased from the crown in 808wk. The company has a Rankene naval officer on its board to monitor shipbuilding and refurbishment as well as maintain accurate records of salvage, disposal and tax payments to the appropriate authorities.


Details (810wk vs 814wk vs 816wk)

  • Employees 120 > 900 > 1800
  • Yard Size small > medium > large
  • Ships 5 > 20 > 40

As of 816wk the shipyard has doubled from 814wk.

The employees here live in Fort Flowing township or in the nearby lands. New employees tend to live in the barracks which has space for 100 workers until they find elsewhere to reside.

Start of Autumn 817wk

There are 22 finished vessels awaiting final sale documents moored in the breakwater. These are a mix of vessels and have been ordered by Lath

Start of Autumn 819wk

  1. There are 30 vessels in various build stages, but most in the final 3 months.
  2. There are 60 vessels (wrecks really but floating) at anchor in the river that are awaiting assessment for repair, breaking up for parts or simply wrecking.
  3. There are another 20 vessels (wrecks but unable to float now that the magic getting them here has expired) on the shore again awaiting assessment for repair, breaking up for parts or simply wrecking.


As at 814wk

The Shipyard is surrounded by a 10ft high stone wall with a number of smaller walled areas as well as 2 covered graving docks.

In terms of ship facilities there are 4 Large stone graving docks (200ft in length), 10 smaller graving docks, 30 moorings within the yards breakwater and large 'hard' area upon which ships are pulled for work.

  • A Shipyard Barracks for 300 people.
  • Offices for the site
  • several large warehouses for wood, rigging and other supplies.

As at 816wk

  • 1 more separate and secure covered dock areas have been added in the centre of the shipyard
  • a larger stone graving dock (300ft in length) have been added for larger ships.
  • 10 more moorings added
  • 2 more Barracks buildings added (another 300 men in each)

As at 819wk

People of Note