The Grove

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The Grove is about 600 miles north of Khatovar city in a forested valley to the southwest of Lake Ualwê.

A private but not secret community of Elves & Fairyfolk called “The Grove” under the leadership of Master Aaron Bonesinger.

Many of the Elves here are those who find the hustle and bustle of Elfheim a bit too much and prefer a slower pace of life.

Only Elvish is spoken within the Grove.

Life, conversations and decisions are all very slow sometimes taking many many weeks.

Syrene claims them as her people and under her protection.

Aaron Bonesinger

A moderately old Elf, worldly and able to be 'hasty' if needful but prefers not.

Has Earth-like magics including friendly Earth Elementals.

Was abducted by an unsavoury faction of the Engravers Guild of Khatovar in 822wk and rescued by a guild party.

Was there to look into what happened to Elves and small enchanted groves that used to be in the city.