The Eye of Baelor

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This demonic artifact appears as a Giant Mace with demonic runes etched along the haft and head.

  1. It is part of an ancient demon of Corruption
  2. It contains the souls of 15 ancient elven sorcerers who are under a geas type effect and they are chained with chains of silver and mithril inside the Mace
  3. The eye has the effect that it corrupts anyone who sees it. Specifically it has been used to turn thousands of Elves, Halflings, and Humans into devils in service to Malthus. It was used for this during the War of Tears and in The Elven Civilised War.
  4. As a weapon it does additional damage to blessed beings, powers of light and their agents
  5. The wielder can cast Greater curse through the mace as a cast action and can effect entities at no EN cost
  6. It's an all round bad and thoroughly evil ancient elven artifact from ages past
  7. It was made by Malthus (according to an angel of Raphael)

In Spring 809wk the souls of the sorcerers were forced from the eye and destroyed by the 4 Swords of Ascension, the eye now has only its innate abilities.

Eye of Baelor

May be used as a rank 20 Crystal of Vision with the additional effects of being made aware of other scrying devices (crystals, waters of vision, fire visions, etc.) in the area and able to look through them. This is an evil artefact; it is the eye of an ancient evil demon.

GM: William Value: 20,000 sp Adventure: Molon Labe Spring 809wk

The Eye is collectively owned by Aryan, Gerald, Kern, Kilroy and stored in the Guild Vaults until a way can be found to destroy it.