The Exodus Agenda

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: The Exodus Agenda
GM: Jim Arona
Season: Winter 815 wk
Night: Monday
Level: High

House Tintagel
Tintagel is besieged, but it's a losing campaign, with the Chaosites aiming to attrite the forces of Ungoliant, Chthon and Hell itself to expend as many resources as possible as they evacuate. Rangers are in demand.
It seems likely that you will be tasked with entering Hell to convert the ownership of The Klepsydra and Ius. Foras holds the Klepsydra, at least he did. You would have to find out which devil bought Ius at the auction in the City of Brass.

Scribe Notes

Talking, Trading and Travelling

Meet up at the guild, briefing, astrology, buffing.

W'ansday 2nd Frost

Fly up to Caulder to visit (Serifan) the The Lord of Patterns, a nice Tudor town-house, his impeccable servants are Athlings, he is thinner, dressed in a 3-piece green suit with a gold chain. We share news and seek advice:

  • he advises us the simplest way to enter hell is through the Annis gate near the ruins of Dioscura, devils are travelling through there both ways on a regular basis. He gives us directions from there to Murmur's realm. Eric and Grendel know the road from the City of Seven Walls to Foras' realm.
  • We could talk to Suneth and Jade Rain who will be at or near Kerberoth.
  • Mebh should speak to Aquilon, The Mistress of Winds who should be near Kerberoth, marshalling demons.
  • Mordrin should speak to David, Lord Artificer about clocks. (Murmur is a Mechanician and his fallen thrones are clockwork).
  • Nikola should speak to Beorn, The Lord of Beasts who is in the jungle in the land of Nod (perilously close to the enemy). It would be beneficial for Aryan too but he may want to borrow Nikola's coin.
  • he tells us of where the free sending The King of Fire and his steeds may be found in Westover. (EM 525 Multi-hex Dragonflames with 10 TMR)

Mebh and I walk his pattern, step through his Astral gate to know the location of it for the future. Then return and fly back to Seagate with the others.

Spend the night at Slippery Rock and acquire some restoratives.

Th'rsday 3rd Frost

Into the Astral via Kilroy's gate, to the Abyss, then to Kerberoth by secret means.

There we speak with Damien, The Prince of Demons and Aquilon. Damien flirts with the girls until he finds out we have just talked with patterns then he is busy elsewhere. Aquilon gives Mebh a staff of storms then Aquilon and I go flying together for the afternoon/evening.

Frysday 4th - 9th Frost

We acquire some potions, stones and phylacteries. Then head back to Alusia and Seagate to get the Phylacteries charged with spells.

Th'rsday 10th Frost

Buffed and into the Astral to the Abyss, we decide to visit the Lord Artificer first but the abyss is dangerous, unlight webs alert Ungoliant's brood to travellers and they're very hard to spot. So we skip it, Grendel wormholes us to the cliff near New Terra, we sup, climb and head through the Astral to David's gate.

Frysday 11th Frost

Mordrin is presented with a clock that will help her understand clockwork mechanics. Eric is gifted with some experimental devices in return for his notes on their effectiveness, his enthusiasm inspires others to dabble too.

Inn, Sin and Nod

Reasday 12th Frost

Back through the astral to the Abyss then wormhole to Kerberoth and engage in some discussion and trade with Theophrastus.

Sunday 13th Frost

Head through to Jiroth in the afternoon, recover from travel in the pub. While I'm making friends in private, the baggage of an unremarkable traveller in the bar catches the attention of the rest of the party. A period of masterful spycraft, seduction, and acquisition later, we find out he is a courier (under unremarkable appearance) working for a merchant house linked to a willing merchant prince and commissioned to deliver the box to a factor in Jesurea. Deciding that if a Devil wants it delivered then we don't, the contents (a large belt of demon stones) is liberated.

Later that night than originally intended, we leave town and call a cloud to head north to Nod.

Moonday 14th - W'nsday 16th Frost

Cloud flying NNE, then trying to veer east around Mt Seir but it seems we cut it too fine and our recent sins (fornicators, thieves and accomplices) keep us from departing. Not willing to make use of the convenient and willing sacrificial goats, Mebh summons a celestial steed which we eventually manage to chat to, he offers us quests to clear our sin which two accept but most of us prefer to go with a good whipping instead.

  • Mebh - Give the Gift of Honesty to The Duke of Thrones
  • Nikola - Give the Gift of Sacrifice to The Lord of Similarities
  • Aryan - Give the Gift of Chastity to your one true Love 10 EN
  • Mordrin - Give the Gift of Chastity to your one true Love 10 EN
  • Grendel - Give the Gift of Honesty to the Duke of Thrones 12 EN
  • Eric - Give the Gift of Honesty to the Duke of Thrones 18 EN

Once cleansed of Sin, we proceed to the jungle of the Land of Nod and land in a clearing caused by recent tree-fall.

Th'rsday 17th - Reapsday 19th Frost

We wander the jungle searching for the Lord of Beasts, and slowly healing from flagellation. After a couple of days we catch his scent, his attention, and then he finds us. Nikola and I acquire new forms to aid us in Hell, she loses a finger and gains better control of her were-form. Beorn then heads off to visit a nearby lover, I offer him Jam for energy.

Terrible Duke

Sunday 20th - Duesday 22nd Frost

We rest in the jungle, recovering from our Sin Purging, on the third day there is a disturbance in the jungle, a snapping and breaking of trees. We come to full alert and prepare for battle.

We know something large is coming, Grendel picks up a mind near the large thing, there is a sense of evil. Summoned hell hounds come first, coursing ahead to flush out prey. We meet them with a volley of enchanted arrows, vortex winds and telekinetic rage. Another wave falls to a similar fate, Grendel catches the controlling mind in evil ensorcelment that leaves it stunned, the large creature reveals itself as a huge dragon as it wheels to fly its master to safety. I leap after it to cut the demon loose to fall to the angelic swords of my companions, the Dragon twists turns and plummets to thwart and destroy me, we crash to the ground together and engage in titanic struggle involving lots of my blood and a few shiny patches on his scales. The rest of the party arrives and joins the battle; the Dragon tries to swallow Mordrin but finds she is a spiky Dwarf; Nikola works at a loose scale to create an opening in its armour, Eric pounds his blade into the opening, Mebh delivers the final blow to render it unconscious. Then we split our attention, pounding on both The Terrible Duke and his Draconic Steed to keep then insensate until the Demonic Avatar is vanquished and Mordrin extracts the heart of the Dragon to grant it a final death. Mordrin earns a doom with her work, she is Flammable (38 MA).

The Heretic

W'nsday 23rd - Reapsday 26th Frost

Grendel uses a new ability and devours some of the dragon heart and it works too well, he is partially corrupted by the evil of the Dragon.

Devouring Rule 1: You are what you eat.

We leave the forest and cloud fly west hoping to bypass Mt Seir, but Grendel's fresh sin is too attractive and we are drawn in. Landing we can see how the ley lines curve in towards the mountain and I trace a path away but we lose Grendel to day dreams of evil and corruption. Back tracking, Mebh douses him in Holy Water then we try dragging him out again without success. Discussing and coming up with a cunning plan, Grendel turns himself to stone, Mebh binds him and reshapes him into a wheel which we roll along until we're clear of the mountain's effects. We're at the edge of a north-south valley, rough broken ground, very hard to traverse and signs that chaos winds come through here regularly. We decide to fly over, the cloud is slow arriving and whispy or shredded when it arrives but it does carry us over the valley. Below we can see giants moving in the valley - Nephilim. Beyond the valley we can see Sura in the mountains to the north, Mebh calls another cloud and we head south parallel to the road. Part way through our journey we pass the twisted spires (which we're not discussing) and Mebh scents a friend (the implications of which we're also not discussing and some us are trying to forget!). We land discretely north of Jiroth and walk in, from there we quickly travel to Kerberoth.

Sunday 27th Frost - Reapsday 3rd Snow

Mebh is keen to talk to allies in Edwardia, Grendel wormholes us over the abyss but we are intercepted part way by The Mistress of the Abyss. Fortunately she is happy to see me again, she stopped us because of the trail of corruption that Grendel is trailing. We talk, she lets us proceed but we decide to divert to Pacifica for Grendel to seek forgiveness from his goddess. None of our allies with astral gates will thank us for leading Grendel and his corrupted footprints through their house so we exit the astral in another way then fly east over the Sea of Grass to the portals and then through to pacifica. On arrival in the Goddess' realm the sea roils and recoils from Grendel, we make our way to the surface then fly to the temple. There we stand back while Grendel makes his penitent approach, the locals come out to revile and beat him which he accepts before he pleads with Iti-manuka. Mebh and I party with the locals while we wait, Grendel eventually emerges but is not welcome to stay until he has atoned. We head back to the portal, then wormhole to Seagate.

Sunday 4th - W'ansday 7th Snow

Back to the abyss and wormhole to Edwardia without interruption this time and to the house of The Lord of Gardens (Arken Barker). Mebh talks with him and asks his advice, he suggests we should break The Lord of Iron's railway to hell to stop the supply of weapons. The house is on Sparlainth, about 3,000 miles from the City of Roses. The railways runs from his house to the Hellgate within the mountains, Iron Dragons shaped as trains move his shipments along the rails. The Lord of Iron is probably not there, most likely in Hell making more sales.

Th'rsday 8th - Resapsday 10th Snow

The Lord opens a hedge maze to transport us to The City of Roses, our exit from Sparlainth is via the The Mistress of Weavers house in the City. In the city we acquire some Rose Wine and Brandy and spend a couple of days talking to allies and shopping.

Roses to Iron

Sunday 11th - 15th Snow

We leave flying north by cloud over the jungle, 1,800 miles in 5 days to reach the rail line then follow it to where it branches into the hills. We fly more discretely 150 miles into the hills following the rail line towards the largest mountain. Studying the mountain we see the rail leads to a town part way up the mountain, there are some humans but most of the townsfolk are Pale Dwarves. I start flying towards the mountain to scout a landing spot but am seen so divert and we lose a few hours. Once I rejoin the others we camp and rest until dark, flying in at night we avoid being seen, the night time landing on the steep icy mountain is hazardous but successful. Then we spend most of the night climbing around the mountain until we're above the town, from there we can descend into the busy town or scale a much more exposed and dangerous ridge. Mordrin finds option 3, a concealed entrance into the mountain. The tunnels are barely 5' high, Mordrin can walk, the rest of us stoop, crawl or fly as we make our way down through the tunnels. Part way in we encounter a dozen Pale Dwarven troops, they're half size and shrink further as they engage with leaping pike charges, we teleport leap and fly back at them, Mebh uses magic to kill most of them, we mop up the rest. Mebh then uses her well developed intimidation techniques to convince a prisoner to guide us through the town to the railway.

Frysday 16th Snow

Moving through town around dawn as the Pale Dwarves are mostly retiring, we avoid trouble and make it out to the railway as it emerges from town and heads towards a cleft in the mountain. Mebh scents two familiar and opposed scents, Michael and the one he is guarding. It seems we are at that mountain.

Iron to Hell

The rail line leads deeper into the cleft with steep shale above and a steeper drop below, further in we sense movement above and a train approaching from behind, lacking good options we take the fun option - leaping on tower shields and sliding down the rails. We quickly build up speed, behind we hear and glimpse pikes bouncing off the hide of an iron dragon, the dragon abandons its wagons to go after the Pale Dwarves (accidentally) attacking it, all good for us except for the abandoned wagons, no longer braked by the dragon and now gaining on us. Grendel converts some of the rails into fragile wood, Mebh Windwalks us all and we rapidly fly the rest of the way, behind we can hear the wagons plunging down the cliff.

In darkness down the line is a large arched portal to hell. We make our final preparations, assume disguises and step through. On the other side is a large cavern, there are several wagons being unloaded by Blue Devils and White Devil overseers, one of the overseers challenges us but we bluff our way through. Further down the cavern we emerge from a mountain to look out over ice mesas, cold rivers clogged with ice floes between them. We fly 'north' with the wind, following the biggest rivers, once we're a few hours away we find a crevasse and rest for a few hours in Eric's house.

Taking directions towards Murmurs domain from a crystal ball, we tweak our course and fly on. Several hours later the terrain changes to something more like a semi-frozen swamp or delta, in the middle of it is a city. We make our way to a road and merge with the traffic heading towards the city. A carriage approaches from behind, like everyone else we clear the road ahead of it, as it rolls by we recognise Blackrod and his Pit Fiend. Increasing our pace we manage to catch the drawbridge that is lowered for Blackrod and slip in while the bridge guards are carefuly not offending him.

Inside the city we cautiously scout, the palace is not heavily fortified but it has a large kill zone around it which nobody approaches. At the main entrance we see Blackrod, some goose-stepping militia from New Terra, a Meadanite Witch and others await entry.

We find an infrequenlty used store house, enter, then use a Dark Sphere bead to start tunneling through the frozen dirt towards the palace. Under the fence line we run into tunnels dug or at least used by a worm-like creature, we go deeper and proceed until we sense a house boundary ahead. Moving sideways we make it to the palace hedge maze then carefully emerge under cover of the erudite hedge.

Battle for Jus

Mebh adds herbaceous border to the hedge maze, we sneak through it to the edge of the manor. 20' stone border adjacent to the house, enchanted, Eric determines the relevant counterspell and applies it. I cross and try to unlock the door but demonic level locks are beyond me, Grendel crosses to use his key and opens the door. It seems that activates the defences on the roof, plasma weapons fire down on the others as they cross and ignite the stone. Singed but alive we enter and make our way down a hall that is larger than it appeared from the outside and decorated with high quality but often disturbing art, turns out most of it is illusionary and some of it possibly portals. Intersection leading towards the centre of the building contains a very solid darkness, dark-sphere-candyfloss. We edge around it to explore elsewhere, 4-legged-2-armed-things approach one of the main doors from the outside, we fall back, sneak past the darkfloss (resisting all the way) and emerge into a large central hall. Suspended mid-air is Jus, we examine, DA, and then are disturbed by Blackrod poking his nose in, turning and fleeing before we can grab him. Grendel attempts to grab the sword with TK, dark-cloak appears and reverses gravity as I leap towards the sword. Not-centaur-things come in behind black-cloak. Holding line of Dragon-Warriors, spell prep, I leap through magical barriers to the sword but am caught by the force cage on the way out. Spell fire, black cloak ignites the roof, the Dragon Warriors are burned and slain by the NCTs, our Warriors engage, I try to escape the cage with Jus.

Justice Released

Clockwork Thrones join the fight; A night-warrior-guy portals in, Eric shoots him with sunlight to great effect, charming-night-girl portals in, we flirt while I try to cut my way out of the cage. Heinous damage, nasty spells, packs of phantasms, Iron Grenades from black-cloak and NWG do some damage to us and nasty things to the Thrones, NWG calls the night; The NCTs and NWG eventually go down; A Fire Angel cuts its way in and starts applying damage. Mebh's armour gets resurrected, she promptly kills the dragon by rupturing its heart then tearing her way out its chest, intimidated, all of the bad guys target her and she takes a brief rest until Vital words and empathy rouse her. I finally cut loose and fall to the floor/roof just as it gives way from the accumulated damage and bodies; A swing at charming-night-girl reveals she is protected by defence that requires resistance to pierce.

Falling into the sky, we loot the corpses of NCTs, Thrones, the dragon, 'dropped' weapons and loose items.

Ice to Hellfire

With bags full and sufficient altitude, we windwalk away followed by a flight of Fire Angels and black-cloak. We gain ground on the Fire Angels and leave black-cloak well behind. A second windwalk gets us near the ice buttes and rivers, a third gets us amongst them and on the ground.

On the ground Mordrin gets us lost to the cave where we first rested. Grendel determines we're about 1,300 miles from The City of Seven Walls - just outside Mordrin's range but fortunately we're in caverns which she knows well enough to get us lost to a cavern near the city.

It's dark, there's gold, gems and a slumbering Hellfire Dragon. Scrying out the cave mouth we see we're at the top of the mountain overlooking the crater lake in the centre of the city, three towers are on the rim - homes to the Demons who rule the city. We try to sneakily get lost but the Dragon senses us and awakes. We charge, the Dragon charges Eric who smells of her Uncle - Astaroth's Dragon that we slew earlier. Her eggs are revealed but a threat to them doesn't distract her. Eric deals significant damage to her, the rest of us contribute a bit, she pulls Eric's head off and raises some substantial undead.

Chapter 10

Buffs & Mil Sci

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Ar Er Gr Me Mo Ni
Mind Shield (Gr) 13 +36% MR vs Mental Attack mind cannot be read 27 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water Proofing (Gr) 7 As the spells says 24 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water Breathing (Gr) 13 Breathe water, see through water mage fog 14 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Resist Cold (Me) 11 +3 gauge, -3 cold dmg. 12 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Cold Resistance (Gr) 6 Protect to -12°C, -3 cold dmg 7 hrs
Lightning Bow (Me) 12 +13 damage x 3 shots 13 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Strength of Stone (Ni) 14 +14 EN 15 hrs Y Y Y Y Y
Armour of Earth (Ni) 11 +24 % Def -1 Dmg 6 hrs

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Dur Ar Er Gr Me Mo Ni
Vapour Breathing (Me) 10 5.5 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Feather Falling (Me) 7 4 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Gliding (Me) 6 Y Y Y Y Y Y
Flying (Me) 8 38 mph; D+2m/D+2p; 304mi 4.5 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Waters of Strength (Er) 17 [D-2] + 17 Strength 90 min Y Y Y Y Y Y
Bouyancy (Gr) 7 Float, pressure protection 4 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y
Alchemical Weapon (Er) 10 + 10 Fire Damage on Sheathable Weapon 10 min? Y Y Y Y Y Y
Aryan Mil Sci
Melee Only: +14% Def, +14% SC, +14 IV, +1 End of Pulse Pass Action in melee
Raise Morale +7 WP
-17 dice mod on Fear Checks; -34 on Fright Table
Aryan's Calisthenics
+1 AG
Mordrin Hair Braiding (200sp 1oz silver ribbon each time)
30 mins per person per day: +50% resistance vs Charm (Demonic, Spells, Bardic Voice). -25% melee damage from attacks from behind. Enhance Duration of one 2+ hour spell until next dawn.
1 hour per person per day: +3 AG (or +2 over racial max).
Herbalist Meals/Broth
Aryan: 4FT for meal or 4FT for broth/tea
Potions of Light & Dark Protection (Eric)
11 hours, -10 damage vs Celestial, Resist Light/Dark Spheres

Spell Racks

Standard contents of spell racks:

Guardian Angel
Water Proofing -Minor AoE (morning) then Water Breathing - Minor AoE (morning), then Dominate Will
(Complex Matrix) Mindshield (unwriteable thoughts) + Minor AoE, then Telekinetic Rage (Spell Penetration) + Extended Range
Chao Bongo - Grendel's Ally
Dominate Will

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Eric Aryan Mordrin Eric
Mebh Grendel Nikola

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

Mordrin Aryan
Eric Nikola Mebh

Double File

Mordrin Aryan
Eric Mebh
Nikola Grendel

Single File





Aryan Eric Grendel Mebh Mordrin Nikola
0 0 0 0 0 0
After the Loot Auction:
0 0 0 0 0 0
Income (less expenditures):
0 0 0 0 0 0


Treasure - Master List

Individual Awards:

Mundane Treasure
Coins Amount Value in sp Weight Share
Truesilver Guineas 0 0 0 0
Gold Schillings 21,410
66 lbs 14.5 oz
52 lbs 3oz
42,820sp / 13lbs 7oz
Silver Pennies 77,866
243 lbs 5 oz
189 lbs 13oz
12,977sp / 40lbs 8oz
Copper Farthings 86,558
21,639sp 2cf
16,878 3cf
1082 lbs
843 lbs 15oz
3,607sp 2cf / 180bs 5oz
Total value Total weight Share
356,425sp 2cf
278,013sp 3cf
1,392 lbs 3.5 oz
1,085 lbs 15 oz
59,404sp / 232lbs
46,335sp / 181 lbs

Item Qty Effects Ar Er Gr Me Mo Ni
Holy Water 26 ... 14 10
Casting Grenados 3 1 Stored spell preparation 1
Red Iron Grenados 2 3/2/1 Spec Grevs. * Used to Learn Recipe 1 1*
Elixir of Resurrection 1 The best 'brandy' => Blackrod
Potion of Greater Healing 12 Heal 3r+12 EN & 8 FT 2 2 2 2 2 1
Yellow Potion of Health 12 Heal 2r damage in Mil Sci Timeout 2 2 2 2 2 1
Pot of Flesh 12 Cure D+5 EN and 3 SG in 3 pulses 2 2 2 2 2 1
Stab-Curing Potion 7 Heal 1 A-Class SG and 3D damage 1 1 1 1 1 2
Bash-Curing Potion 8 7 Heal 1 C-Class SG and 3D damage 1 1 1 1 1 2
Slash-Curing Potion 5 Heal 1 B-Class SG and 3D damage 1 1 1 1 1
Health Potion 2 Heal all non-SG Damage 1 1
Blink Potion 1 Blink up to 15 hexes < 10 mins 1
Clockwork Eggs 3 1 1 1
Ticking Bottle 1 Reusable Spell Trap with 45s timer 1
Rose Brandy 72 36 6EN => 24FT 6 6 6 6 6 6
Rose Wine 96 60 7 FT 'meal' 10 10 10 10 10 10
M. Curse Removal Emetic 1 Eric's Bone Rot Death Curse 1
Sweet Regret 3 1 1 1
Green Dragon Grenadoes 23 4 4 4 4 4 3
Green Dragon's Teeth 44 Dragon Warriors 7 7 7 7 8 8
Brimstone 97 61 800sp ea 11 10 10 10 10 10
Cinnabar 108oz 18 18 18 18 18 18
Invested Gems Ar Er Gr Me Mo Ni
Doombinder's Sard 1 Damnum Magnatum, Spectral Victim 1
Opal 1 Fire Storm, Hell Fire, Time Fires, Quench 1
Amber Cabochon 1 Earth Transformation, Gem Creation, Trollskin-Cannibalise 1
Weapons Ar Er Gr Me Mo Ni
Astaroth's Mace (Dread) 1 4-74% 3D+15 + SG Traded for Klepsydra
Pale Dwarf Pike 12 55%, D+6 dmg, Pike/Spear/Javelin/Dart 3 2 3 2 2
Prime Darts 9 40%, prime dmg 3 3 3
Pithing Estoc 1 61%, 2r+2 dmg + SpecGrevs 1
Heavy Mace of Misrule 1 Traded for Brimstone
Mace of Light 1 75%, r+9 dmg + 2r vs Unholy. +DmdWpn 1
Spear of Wounding 1 60%, 2r (+3/6) SG 10% EN 20% A/B 1
Silver Hammer 1 75%, D primed dmg A/C Req: PS 10 MD 16 1
The Apostate Blade 1 Spectre Blade traded for Brimstone
The Sheath of the Full Moon 1 Full moon mega-hex 1
Rod of Revival 1 60%, 2r dmg Req: PS 22 MD 9. Revivalx7 1
Armour Ar Er Gr Me Mo Ni
Pale Dwarf Armour 12 WF 2 (8lbs) AG -1 AP 6 SA 4 Stealth +10% 1
Cold - Forged Iron Plate Armour 1 WF 10 AG -4 AP 17 SA 17 EN 8 Stealth -30% MR +17% 1
Miscellaneous Ar Er Gr Me Mo Ni
Scales from Astaroth's Dragon 13 1 x 7" Scale (Pauldron)

3 x 5.25"Scales (Throwing Discs)
2 x 3" Scales (Runed Brooches)
7 x 2" Scales (Dmg Absorb)



Heart of Astaroth's Dragon 1 => Blackrod
Green Dragon's Eye 2 Crystal of Vision+ 1 1
Hellfire Wyrm Eye 1 Crystal of Vision+ 1
The Exodus Agenda - Treasure#Hellfire Wyrm's Teeth x 34 34 Dragon Warriors 6 6 6 6 5 5
Hellfire Scale Mail 11s WF 6 AG -2 Stealth -10% AP 12 SA 3 DR 1 11
Fallen Throne Componentry 51 jewels, 2 B-M-S, 87 C&G All
Bone Wand 1 => 10k healing services each
Lightning Wand 1 +rk damage on L Bolt. 1
Hex Wand 1 +rk damage on L Bolt. 1
Phylactery of Strength of Stone ? Rk20 21 hrs +20 EN/PS
Phylactery of Armour of Earth 5 Rk21 11 hrs +44% Defence -2 Damage 1 1 1 1 1
Phylactery of Enhance Enchantment 1 Rk 20 1
Blank Phylactery 2 1 1
Plover Stones 5 Hold one charge of Invisibility 1 1 1 1 1
Trapped Box 1 Locked with Incineration Trap 1
Demon-Stone Belt 1 Binds 10 Demons 1
Cloak of Night 1 -5r MR +5 Def 12 DR at night 1
Spell Caster's Mantle 1 -5r MR +5 Def 12 DR at night 1
Venice 1 5 lbs AP 8 SA 10 DR 3 1
Jewellery Ar Er Gr Me Mo Ni
Bracelet of Charms 1 +3 wiccan amulets 1
Hand of Spell Deflection 1 +5 Spell Armour 1
Crystal Finger 1 WpnSpl on Unarmed 1
Blue Pearl 1 Re-cast without prep 1
Dodging Ring 1 AG+TMR to dodge blow 1
Ring of Green Silences 1 Stealth: +% + Rngr, in plain sight 1
Allies/Lore Ar Er Gr Me Mo Ni
Pathfinder 1 Locate, Tracking, ventriloquism, Rk 5 Ranger => Ithilmor
Ioan the Herald 1 Shield, Animate, Durability, Mending 1
Tome of Puissant Skill at Arms 1 Warrior Masterwork 1
Tome of Leadership and Command 1 Mil Sci Masterwork 1
Blueprints of the Perpetuum Mobile 1 Dwf Mech Madness 1
Copper Scroll: Of Discipline & Mental Fortitude 1 3EN to Uncap FT 1
P.Word: Burst of Str 1 Cost 1,600sp 1
P.Word: Burst of Dex 2 Cost 1,600sp ea 1 1
P.Word: Lifesurge 1 Cost 1,600sp 1
P.Word: Rouse 1 Cost 1,600sp 1
P.Word: Trust 1 Cost 1,600sp
P.Word: Dazzle 1 Cost 1,600sp
Non-Distributable / Already Distributed Ar Er Gr Me Mo Ni
Rod of Thunder & Lightning 1 - - - 1 - -
Mechanician's Timepiece 1 Enh Mechanician for limited time - - - - 1 -
Pain-Filled Eye 1 Perceive Pain - 1 - - - -
Spell Rack - Bracelet of Beads 1 1
Were and Satanic Nightjar forms 1 Were-form enhancement and bird-form - - - - - 1
Trollskin + Cannibalise 1 Cost 8,400sp 1
Beast Transformation 1 1 - - - - -
Wind-Sharpened Temper 1 - - - 1 - -
Heartblood of the Green Dragon 1 Speak to normal beasts 1
Race Potions 2 Enhance Inhumanity 1 1
Polyglot Potion 1 Languages 1
Brass Bottle of the Winds 1 Pocket breeze 1
Potion of the Ruinwyrm 1 Snakeman Shape 1
Potion of Passion in Action 1 Recognised prowess 1

Resource points
Type Qty Ar Er Gr Me Mo Ni
style 0


6 x Potions of Pentecost 30,000
8 x Blank Phylacteries
0 x Rk 20 Strength of Stone
5 x Rk 21 Armour of Earth
1 x Rk 20 Enhance Enchantment
? x Plover Stones ?x5,000
30 x Waters of Healing D-5+? 6,000
30 x Restorative rk 8 (10=>20) 15,000
60 x Silver Ribbons for Hair (@200) 12,000
Silver Spray Grenados Erx4 Grx12 (@1,200) 19,200


Winter: Frost 815 (7)
Moonday Duesday W'ansday Th'rsday Frysday Reapsday Sunday
Moon2.jpg Samhain 1 Guild Meeting Seagate, ... 2 3 4 5 6
Moon3.jpg 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Moon0.jpg 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Moon1.jpg 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Moon2.jpg 28 29 30 1 2 3 4
Winter: Snow 815 (8)
Moon3.jpg 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Moon0.jpg 12 13 14 15 Solstice 16 17 18 Yuletide
Moon1.jpg 19 Days of Chaos 20 21 22 23 24 25
Moon2.jpg 26 27 28 29 30 Twelfth Night 1 2
Winter: Ice 815 (9)
Moon3.jpg 3 4 5 6 First Plough 7 8 9
Moon0.jpg 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Moon1.jpg 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Moon2.jpg 24 25 26 27 28 29 30