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Scribe Notes


GM: William
Season: Autumn 820wk
Night: Tuesdays, starting 17th Dec
Level: Easy, safe, fun

Dramatis Personae
  1. Bridget as Lucius (Party Leader, Scribe), Elf E&E
  2. Julia as Prudence, Human Water Mage, Spy, Life Aspect
  3. Michael Young as Vladimir, Human Mind Mage, Assassin, Spy, Thief, Courtier, Ranger, Death Aspect
  4. Michael Haycock as Boris, Orc Necro Healer, Eclipse Aspect
  5. Clare as Mordrin (Mil Sci), Dwarf Warrior, Mil Sci, Ranger, Weaponsmith, Armourer
  6. Kelsie as Tegan, Human Beast mage, Spy, Assassin, Thief, Beastmaster

Google doc version including loot


Land over Wave requires some things to be seen to. Since they impact directly on several good folk of the SAG she feels that you should have a choice in the matter.


Scribe Notes

Chapter 1

We are hired to sort out a problem in Dylath in Terranova. Lady Land By Wave came to see us, she was accompanied by ‘Purity of Mind’ formerly an ‘Empty Mind Breeds Heresy’. She told us that Lady Mourne in Dylath had Lucius’ first wife Ariella held captive. Lady Mourne had used Ariella as a focus point for a spell that restored Dylath. Lady Land reports that Lady Mourne is in charge of Dylath and some of the people have been restored back to life. The buildings have also been restored. She also said the drow are too busy with internal problems to worry about coming back to attack us as there is another ascension imminent.

Our Mission

  1. Save the wife.
  2. Resolve the paradox.
  3. Leave Dylath standing.
  4. Stop lady Mourne from doing it again.
  5. Dispose of the agent who is responsible for the paradox.

We go to the bazaar on the Plane of Air to buy some amulets to translate our words because only one of us speaks drow.

At bazaar we get:

  • 1 brain plate that attaches to your head and you can speak any languages on the nameplate.(Tegan)
  • 1 amulet lets you speak any language. (Lucius)
  • 5 potions for 70 soul coins, 1 angelic 4 demonic
  • 1 psychic leech swallow it and attach to your brain and you can speak and understand any language.

A black being comes up to Prue, his name is Xul, and says that she will go to Tchull and take the spear that she needs to break the paradox. DA -magic - nature of the magic, destruction, Xul says, “ remember when we meet again ask how to defeat the white one.” (I remember Xul, he’s a sentient darksphere - Tegan)

Prue finds some allies, a random pirate on a black ship, and asks about Tchull. They say it’s a world that is swampy with tentacled monsters. There is a big spear, sticking into the ground in a big crevice. It has a tentacled thing as a guard. They give Prue a map showing how to get to Tchull and the interconnections between planes.

Chapter 2


We travel to Tchull on the Air Horses, via the screaming howling void.

Tchull is swampy, jungle, foggy and humid but we can see through the fog thanks to waterbreathing. There is a constant 3pt life buzz.

We find the crater with the spear sticking out of the ground. It is about 40ft long. It is covered in crawling living things, many tentacled, shelled etc from hand sized to twice the size of a human. There are also two titan sized, humanoid shaped mounds similarly covered in life. We find a clearing outside the rater to land then fly to the crater. A mind speech has an uninvited screaming included so it is turned off.

Tegan hallucinates a scene where two titan sized beings are arguing, one holding a spear. From the ground erupt tentacles and the titans fight it together. It is stabbed and killed but the beings die from their wounds. The spear is keeping it dead

We talk to their spirits. They are the "gods" of this world. They made it but were arguing about what to do next, the land or the water when "the other" attacked.

We decide to resurrect them so we clear them of critters,then Boris and Mordrin do so. Takes two days and a massive life buzz x2 happens. Pru infuses power into her elemental which makes it giant and permanent and her water sprite which makes it another Pru, who insists she is the real one.

We have the gods make two new spears, so that we can have the original for our task. Plan A involves taking out the spear, killing them again and leaving, so we decide to weaken it by damaging it while it is still dead. Unfortunately poking it in the eye releases babies which we have to fight and kill and precog on chopping it up show a world that is a forest of tentacles pulling stars from the sky, so we make a plan B which is stabbing it with a new spear to keep it dead and removing the original.

We shield step to Adjepbar, then take an underwater ship to Terranvoa pushed by the giant elemental.

Chapter 3

We travel to Terranova in Prue’s boat made of bound water pushed by the elemental.On the third day the elemental tells Prue that Groam wants to speak to us. Groam is an elemental Prince. He has a boat of rock to sail upon the land.Groam lives in a subterranean cavern. Groam commands us to find a captive and release him. The captive, Ssaaqqeessss went to war, he fought for a fire elemental general. He didn’t come back. He is a captive of the one responsible for the raising of a city, the Earl of Death and Havoc. The city of screaming souls (Dylath). Groam saw a vision in his waters that told him that we would be coming past. Saaqqeesss is part of the city. The spider decided that normal walls were insufficient. Should we succeed I will summon a reward.Saaqqeess is part of the barrier that is set up around the city.

We get to the city. There is a barrier of souls around the city. Tegan starts hooting indicating that there is an interdimensional portal. We see souls of animals sucked into the barrier and consumed.

Lucius communes with Sharn Mez, the old elven goddess of magic, Sharn Mez says that we need to disrupt the casters on both sides of the barrier. The barrier is actually a portal to hell. We could try a way to freeze it.

Prue talks to Saaggeessss, they were hearing binding words. They shared one with Prue. It froze Prue’s leg. Tegan got Prue to put the memory in a crystal.

We decide to go to another city and book passage to Dylath so we can get in through the barrier. We take passage in a boat and make it into the city.

Inside the city there are alot of souls screaming; those that can hear them have trouble concentrating. We discover the patron demons of Dylath are: Sier, Aim, Ellosces and Savnoc.

We scout out the tower of Sorcery in the centre of the city. It is guarded. We go to a pub Prue knows and get information. Prue meets people who she knows should be dead. She empathys them and they seem to be alive. One of them knows someone who cleans the tower of sorcery. We infiltrate the tower. At the top of the tower there is a chamber with Lucius’ first wife in it. She is screaming and twisted through multiple dimensions. We hear chanting but can’t see anyone. When we look for things that are out of phase or in an adjacent dimension, we see 4 versions of Astronia chanting. There is a big pentagram. There are sigils everywhere. We draw a diagram of everything we see.

Chapter 4

We decide that 4 copies of Sier might be a bit tough to take on without planning. Also that might do something bad to Lucius’ wife if we charge in. We look through a Crystal of Vision and ask for a vision of what happens if we attack. We see 4 whirlwind vortexes coming towards us. We also ask what would happen if we consecrate the ground to Raf, we see lots of beings melting and then a big claw comes down from the sky and tentacles come out of the ground. Party members also start to melt. (Prue and Tegan) We need more information before charging in. We decide to visit Lady Morne Desolate Sky. On the way a snake comes up to us and says that Lady Illdarth of the Burning Mantis wants to speak to us.

Lady Illdarth wants to find out what we are up to. She invites us to fight the Zilla in the arena. She tells us about Lady Mourne. She follows all the demons equally and is strangely profitable.They are roasting hobbits. Boris is very disappointed that we are not staying for dinner. Lady Illdarth invites us to dinner and to stay the night. Lucius runs away quickly.

We visit the records. There are 6 months that have been fabricated. Lucius is recorded as the cousin of the Queen who is out of favour. The documents have little sigils at the end of them. Tegan DA’s a sigil: Magical, formerly living, nature of the magic? Divination. Will it know if we change it? No Is it connected to another record somewhere? Yes. Prue and Tegan spend some time figuring out the system. The sigils are reminiscent of someone’s ITN. Coded in so you can tell who wrote this.If you knew the true name you could write the sigil.

We go to the arena where there is a Zilla which slaves are going to fight. Tegan has a vision of an Empty Mind. He tells her she should check out the blue man. We talk to Lady Illdarth. Tegan sees The Blue Man in the arena. We decide that we need to fight to save the blue man. Lady Illdarth gives Lucius a favour to fight with and we go down to face the Zilla in the arena. Lady Mourne is in the top booth of the arena. She will know that we are here. We beat up the Zilla. Loot: we get some slaves, an air mage, a dwarf, a blue man and assorted other decorative slaves.

Chapter 5

We go back to our house. Lady Illdarth invites us all to dinner via messenger. Lady Mourne invites us to lunch tomorrow.

Tegan talks to the blue man. He was a djinn who was assaulted and kidnapped from his castle. His name is Byronth, bringer of rains. Byronth was put in a machine by a sorcerer and had his wishes sucked out. The sorcerer’s name is Croznius, he lives in Dylath. Byronth was then sold to Lady Mourne who set him to guarding the tower of sorcery. During his time as a guard he saw stuff. His power is powering the ritual. They dragged a drow woman to the top of the tower. The demon (Astronia) split himself into copies and then performed the ritual. The woman consented to the ritual but she didn’t seem to be in her right mind.

Byronth takes us to the sorcerer’s house. It has a golem outside that has fire on its shoulders. We meet Croznius, he offers to show us the machine. The machine can take the essence of a person, take it out, store it and possibly transfer it to another.

We go to dinner at Lady Illwrath’s house. Lucius is Tegan’s 6 fingered lady, Tegan is Tegan and Boris is Lucius. Boris eats a lot and the drow are surprised. There are disturbing human instruments and a person with a 15ft arm. The drow has morphic flesh. Lady Illwrath gives ‘Lucius’ a 6 pack of halflings to go. The next day we had lunch with Lady Mourne. The lunch is surprisingly appropriate for us. We ask Lady Mourne if she has any jobs for us. There is a house here that leads to a tower which has something of my Grandmother’s. If you retrieve this thing of my Grandmothers’ you will get a reward.

Lady Mourne tells us that Ariana died on the steps of the ruler then she was alive. She has a memory of an orc dressed in black with a symbol of a flame. Ariana then remembers not having died. Lady Mourne’s daughter ran into Ariana at the spring rites and brought her back to Dylath. Lady Mourne then used her for the ritual in the tower. Lady Mourne asks us to find a paradoxical item to replace Lucius’ wife in the ritual and she asks us to retrieve her soul.

The plan we made is: We go to a house and travel through the house to a tower of Savnok’s, we rescue Lady Mourne’s Soul from the tower and give it back to Lady Mourne. Then she will help us get Lucius’ wife back. To do that we need to kidnap a copy of Sier, take him to Croznius, suck out his essence, take the essence to Lady Mourne who will put it into the wall and then she will let Saaggeessss out. When we let Saaggeessss out we are going to ask Groam for a paradoxical item to replace Lucius’ wife. When we get that we can give it to Lady Mourne to replace Lucius’ wife in the ritual.

Groam knows of a paradoxical thing, it is in a trench 600 miles away. He will give us directions.

Chapter 6

We rescue Lady Mourne’s soul.

Savnok’s tower is surrounded by a corrupting moat. Ws enter via a servant’s entrance through the house. Precog shows that the soul jar is in the centre of a pit, on a plinth. Something falls. Since it is a pit we head downwards. There is a sulphurous mist ½ way down the stairs with an infection effect. Sneak down next level. Tegan controls and mid rides a rat-sized centipede creature and uses it to scout ahead throughout.

An alchemy lab with a room storing humans. Sneak down next level.

A flesh golem lab with body parts in a cold room and an office. Sneak down next level.

A strange, singing, massively corpulent, diseased woman, with bugs crawling over her any burrowing into her flesh. She is more alert than previous denisons and notices us. We continue past. Down next level.

A round room with four doors off it. Guarded by a demon that vis a slug centaur with a glaive. Rooms off are:

  1. Shelves of small red gems, each labelled with a nasy disease
  2. Inlaid truesilver summoner circle etc
  3. Large devil prodding the thing we have come for. The floor is made of souls.
  4. Storehouse of normal treasure.

Tegan turns the floor to salt, which gives the slug a hard time. We dispatch it easily. Meanwhile the fat lady comes down to investigate and is also dealt with.

In room three, we made a floor of bones over most of the soul floor so we won’t fall through. We kill the demon. The soul jar is cursed with falling in love with the owner of the place, so Boris raises the demon as a zombie to carry it out.

On the way out we rescue 4 sacrifices and a namer being experimented on.

We take the jar to Lady Mourne who rewards us.

Chapter 7

The Kidnapping of the copy of Sier We need to kidnap the most recent copy of Sier so that the others don’t remember. We wonder how to find out which one is the most recent. The blue man that we rescued tells us that some of the Siers walk to the local temple every day. We find a tavern where there is a Sier partying with followers.Sier says I am moving towards the next stage of apotheosis. He tells us he has a plan to extend his rule.Also to get rid of the angels in hell, This Seir tells us they have lost day 3. Apparently only one copy of him can turn up in our world.This Sier says that he is in charge. We carouse with Sier. Tegan remembers drinking special alcohol so she takes Sier and us there. All of the alcohol has actual spirits in them. We consume strange alcohol. Lucius drinks essence of ice fey queen, Vald drinks essence of naga. Sier drinks a double. The drinking costs 300 soul coins and Lucius spends 200 more on the rest of the bottle with the ice queen in it. Lucius talks to the ice queen that is in the jar. She says that if he releases her she will freeze him and shatter him by hitting him with her staff. She has sworn an oath to kill the person that releases her. Lucius is cold but is not affected by cold after consuming a bit of the soul. Vald can now see things before they happen after drinking part of a soul.

Lady Moure gives us Saaggeesss in exchange for the copy of Sier. Next we need to go and get the paradox. Saaggeesss tells us that no one comes out of that area. If you go in you wont come out. It is a sunken city. Before they sunk they used to ‘make people leak’.

The paradox is both alive and dead. It is giant, green and angry. Dead but alive. The paradox eats things that go in.We decide that this paradox which is actually a Karken is too big. Groam tells about Prince Garrock the Damned that was cursed by several demons. He is easily summonable. He has a paradoxical sword. We could summon him and make a deal or volunteer him to take Lucius' wife's place. We go back to Dylath to find a summoner.

The summoner, Haraness, agrees to summon Prince Garrock in exchange for the name of a demon duke or prince. We agreed to send word to Lady Mourne to pass along to him.

We summon the Prince and attempt to negotiate. He refuses to acquiesce to our reasonable deal so we jump him.

We disarm him then get the summoner to counterspell the summoning. We collect several pieces of armour that we sliced off him during the melee. Tegan DAs the sword. Nature of the magic was cutting. She also DAs the armour, the nature of the magic is binding. Upon divination we discover that the sword’s edge is a fractal, it will cut anything from any distance. The sword is made of hatred. The armour is a prison.

We buy from the spirit shop ½ a bottle of Naga, a pixie and unseelie Ogre. This is in addition to the Ice Queen that we had already bought. We plan to take them to Laudgh and release them.

The slaves that we bought stayed in Dylath including the hobbits, the djinn and the namer.

We go back to Laudgh. We sleep in the god's grove. We are told in dream that to deal with the ice queen we should turn left when exiting the dream.


Buffs & Mil Sci

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration Bo Lu Mo Pr Te Vl Wo
Fireproofing (Te) 6 costs 3 Ft 7/13hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Firearmour (Te) 12 costs 3 Ft, 52 ablative prot 13/25 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Cat Vision (Te) 6 110ft vision in low light 7/13hrs Y Y Y
Greater (Lu) 20 +21 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Share Talent (Lu) 10 Share 1 entities talent with another (limited by spell rank) 10/20hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water breathing (Pr) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water proofing (Pr) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Enhance Enchantment (Lu) rank 12: ?? seconds

As Mil Sci Mordrin gives +8 def against melee, +8 IV with melee weapons
In arctic or woods Tegan gives +6 def vs melee or missile attacks and +6 IV
Prudence makes potions (Waters of Str, Md, Healing)

Available Talents

  • Prepare Cast Action (Lu) - pre prepare spells free MA + 1 spells
  • Resist Pain (Vl)
  • Necrogeny (Bo)

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration Bo Lu Mo Pr Te Vl Wo
Mind Speech (Vl) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Enchant Weapon (Lu) 10
Spectral Weapon (Bo) 10
Weapon of Flames (Te) 9 SC +10%, dam +5, +10 vs undead/cold 14 mins
Scale Spell (Bo) 48 points of ablative damage 28 mins
Shield (Lu) 10 15 points every pulse comes first before anything else
Alligator Skin (Te) 12 Def +13 NA +4 6.5hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 2 3
4 5 6 7

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

1 2 3
4 5 6

Double File

1 2
3 4
5 6

Single File