The End of The World

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: The End of The World
GM: William
Session: Spring 807 wk
Night: Tuesday
Location: Oak Street, Royal Oak
Level: Extreme

  1. Boulder San - An Agility Warrior, Giant. Played by Hamish.
  2. Dalran - A Human E&E Mage of many talents (backup Military Leader). Played by Chris.
  3. Sabrina the Valkyrie (Party and Military Leader) - seems somewhat appropriate. Played by Dean.
  4. Vychan - A Earth Mage Giant played by Sean. Worryingly currently an Avatar of Loki.
  5. Pent - A lethal Ice Mage Fighter (Scribe and backup Party Leader - Everyone else is either pacted or a Giant or both). Played by Phil.
  6. Isil Eth Mind Mage Princess- Played by Ian Wood.

6 Player Maximum.

Wolf Priest Hans Oarbreaker
What it says on the door. To bring about the end of the world. Make Ragnorak happen. And in case you were wondering which world, the answer is this one. That should help focus your attention to the tasks at hand wonderfully.
The usual stuff, ascension, the adoration of thousands, fathering / becoming mother to a whole race (but not both, this means you Vychan).

Daily Summary

1st Thaw

Guild Meeting. Met Wolf Priest Hans Oarbreaker. Went to Valhalla and talked to Odin. Inspected Baldur's hall and followed trail. Discovered Calamar are involved.

2nd Thaw

Met Sert. Went to Nifflehiem. Fought the Calamar and rescued Baldur.

3rd Thaw

Returned Baldur. Talked the Gods out of prematurely attacking the Southern Giants Ship. Talked the Giants in the ship into returning home.

4th Thaw

Attacked Southern Giant Provokers and Calamar.

5th Thaw

Talked to Prince Garrick then attacked A Series of Unfortunate Events, capturing it and ransoming it back in return for Loki.

6th Thaw

Sabrina and Vychan flew back to the Guild with Loki's remains while the rest of us took the much faster rainbow bridge.

7th Thaw

The rest of us waited at the Guild while Sabrina and Vychan flew back.

8th Thaw

Tried to resurrect to Loki at the Guild. Failed.

9th Thaw

Went to see Shrivers in Sanctuary and extracted the soul of Loki from Vychan.

10th Thaw

Took the "Flask of Loki" to Valhalla.

11th Thaw

Failed to resurrect Loki again.

12th Thaw

Visited Elenor Helsgar in Swenway. Took her to Loki's hall.

12th Thaw

Bought the unhappy Loki back. Returned to the Guild

Daily Details

1st Thaw

We meet Wolf Priest Hans Oarbreaker in the guild meeting room after re-acquainting ourselves with all of our fellow questers. We also made Vychan sign a new guild contract as all records relating to him had been "destroyed", "lost", or stolen.
Boulder San (who we have renamed to prevent confusion with the god Baldur) was late and Isil Eth strangely quiet.

Hans Oarbreaker was certain that Vychan was Loki and probably responsible for Baldur being missing, however Vychan denied this and Hans Oarbreaker's rod of truth backed this up. However when Vychan denied being Loki the rod drove spikes into Vychan's hand (indicating a lie), twice. However at least we know that Vychan didn't do it.

Hans Oarbreaker said that Baldur had been kidnapped and without him Ragnorak could never happen and the Gods (the Norden ones) would fade away. Loki would survive because he was a Fire giant.

Hans Oarbreaker suggests we go to Valhalla to see Odin, Sabrina is keen on this too, to get further details from Odin and perhaps Mimir. To get there we have to cross the rainbow bridge guarded by Hiemdel.

Just then we are delivered a trapped invitation addressed to Sabrina

The captain and crew of the "A Series of Unfortunate Events" invite Sabrina to a fight for the fate of the world.

We think this may be related, or quite possibly merely part of the ongoing dispute between the Calamar and Sabrina.

On our way out we meet Ajax, Sabrina's pegasus who had is hoof on the pulse (apparently Ajax was "Seeing" Pegasus. - THE original flying horse) and she had told him a number of things.

  • Michael (the arch-angel) was still working to try and bring about Nightfall (Ragnorak).
  • There was a prophecy that just before the world ends there would be dissension between the gods, chaos as they all turn against each other and the Elder gods would return.
  • The agency of the Celestial Emperor may know more as they enforce the agreements between gods and oversee the pantheons somewhat.

So we went up the rainbow bridge to Valhalla guarded by Hiemdel. We entered Odin's hall, he looked a little under the weather, in fact all the gods here looked a little, well drained.
Odin told us that Baldur had been kidnapped by a raiding party from his hall a few hours before (time runs differently here). They suspected Loki.
We convinced them that Vychan didn't do it and Odin asked if we needed anything.

  • Dalran got a sword named "Mage Slayer".
  • I got a javelin named "Heart Seeker".

I think Odin has a sense of humour.
Then we hurried off to Baldur's hall to pick up the trail of the kidnappers.

As we travelled (most of us rode - the Giants walked) we saw that Valhalla was indeed a nice and pleasant place.
Then we saw the smoke coming from Baldur's hall.

We approached with care circling the hall searching for the direction that the raiding party approached from. There was a massive trail from the east with signs from about a hundred creatures with a mixture of hooves, claws, feet, and a single set of plate mail boots.
Inside we saw that the hall had been smashed up by a big battle.
There were bodies of creatures and bodies of heroes here (Sabrina said that normally the heroes that reside in Valhalla do not die permanently but rise again the next day, however we found that these had had their souls destroyed - I think Sabrina shed a tear).

Dalran used some magic to replay the fight as an image.
We saw the creatures burst into the hall and fight the heroes, Baldur was fighting too and was invulnerable to all attacks made on him. Eventually the man in plate mail arrived - it was Prince Garrick!. He and Baldur engaged in combat with niether's blows wounding each other. Eventually Prince Garrick stunned Baldur and stabbed him with a poisoned dagger which appeared to knock him out. Prince Garrick then took Baldur's body out of the hall.

We collected some evidence (including some of Baldur's blood) and followed the tracks left leaving the hall. They pretty much went back east out the way they came in.

After a while these diverged from the incoming tracks and went to a small clearing that appeared to be blasted by lightening. Dalran did his watch the past trick again to see Prince Garrick using a strange wand (seemed to only have one edge) and some words of power, to make a Portal (to the VOID), through which he left with Baldur's body leaving behind the destruction.

We backtracked the other path (the way in) and this led to a another blasted area, Dalran's past seeing showed Prince Garrick and a Calamar stepping through the portal.
The Calamar (who we didn't recognise) said to Prince Garrick:
"Take him away somewhere safe. We don't care where."

Back to Odin to report. He will attach one of his ravens (Muninn) to help us find Baldur. He will take a day to go anywhere and a day to come back.

It is difficult to follow how time moves here in Valhalla and we don't seem to need to rest much so I will occasionally declare a "day" to be over. There may be adjustments when we return to Allusia.

2nd Thaw

We spend some time talking to Mimir who is a head hanging on the wall of Odin's hall. She says that this is the ninth instance of Ragnorok and it happens cyclically (and yes Odin always cuts her head off) with the death and rebirth of the Norse gods and all the mortals that worship them (Swenway and Norden).

Some of the Powers (such as Michael and Brunehilda and others) are attempting to hurry along Ragnorok.

Brunehilda especially is planning to attack and sink the ship bringing the Giant Reinforcements from the south. If this happens the Norden Gods will be able to go on the offence and probably defeat the Giants without nearly all of them being killed.
Boulder San - "We should go down the path where the Giants win."
Pent - "I could be a short Giant."

A dwarf messenger turns up with a note from Sert (King of the Giant's) asking us to come and see him.
This introduces us to the Valhalla dwarven messenger service which seems to be able to deliver messages to anyone. So we decide to send a couple of our own.

Our next step is to go an visit Sert, he is a couple of days walk away but we arrange to ride some Pegasus there (including Pegasus who carried Vychan)

King Sert wants our help to settle things down as he thinks it is not time for Ragnorok.
He said that "rogue elements" on both sides are trying to hurry it along. The include:

Sert suggests that to stop the second one we need to go to the southern lands and break the boat "NailFinger" (which was built by Loki out of fingernails) by striking it with a branch from the WorldTree.
The WorldTree is protected by a large snake (not the midguard serpent).

Just before we leave Sert gives us a letter of introduction to Yedes and also offers Boulder San the hand of his daughter in marriage and Boulder San accepts. Her name is Volgn.

Just after we leave Sert's castle a dwarf approaches us and returns 20 Gold. He says that he cannot find Prince Garrick as he must be in a "No Place" such as:

  • Halls of the Fae lords.
  • Gates of Nifflehiem. Realm of the dead and resting place of Baldur before he rises to become the first god in the new age.
  • End of the World.

Muninn turns up as well and also can't find Baldur but did see Prince Garrick leaving Nifflehiem.

We note that Hel guards the gate to the Nifflehiem but as she is the daughter of Loki, Vychan should be able to sweet talk her into letting us in and out.

At this point Vychan revealed that the succubi mistress of Seir had sent him two messages:

Lets get together and make kids.


I know who you are!

Sabrina - "Is she hot?".
Vychan - "Not as hot as you.".

We decide to ignore her for now and head to the WorldTree.
There we met this huge snake which wouldn't lets us take a branch.
Vychan seduced her (after D.A. ing to discover it was a female snake.) and we got our stave.

Also the snake told us of a hole that "Hans the Mad" had used to escape Nifflehiem. We looked at it and thought that most of us could get out that way if we needed too. We tossed a locatable coin down through it so as to be able to find the other end of the Portal.

The we went in and talked to Hel and she was fine with her father Loki knocking about in the Nifflehiem. Also we went and found the other end of the escape hole of "Hans the Mad" and through D.A. ing found it would expand to fit the larger of the party.
When we were there we found another Dwarf with a message from the Calamar:

Place: Baldur's Bier, Time NOW.

So we headed down deeper into the Nifflehiem until we saw a mausoleum that fit the description that Mimir gave us.

Boulder San went up to the mausoleum and knocked which resulted in a voice saying "Who's there?".
We opened the door and found a human named Jacab Kymore (Engineer 3rd Class from A Series of Unfortunate Events) who was quite scared. We moved deeper down into the mausoleum and found a group of human loading a beautiful human (Baldur) into the door of a Void Cruiser (A Series of Unfortunate Events).
We attacked to save Baldur.

We rescued him but all the Calamar and the A Series of Unfortunate Events got away - even taking the bodies of their downed human fighters with them.
The Calamar left us with a parting comment.

All roads lead to victory.

In the fight Baldur awoke and now he said:
I will now resume my rightful place as head of the Gods.
We had a little char to Baldur and told him that Ragnorok was not upon us and none of the Gods (or Giants) we dead.
He was a little peeved and suggested we appealed to the "Celestial Emperor".

Looting around we discovered the tunnel through to the Void had been made by a crab like machine. We collapsed the tunnel (burying the Crab), banished all of our prisoners, then Sabrina, Vychan, and Baldur went back to Valhalla and the rest of us back to the guild (Sabrina would send the rainbow bridge back down for us).

3rd Thaw

Asking around we found it was the evening of 3rd Thaw (eek I have missed half a dozen meals somewhere) so we went to Alphonses for a good meal.

Vychan came down and got us after we ate.

Back up in Valhalla we saw that the Gods were preparing for War. We point out that Baldur is still alive so it is all a bit early, however they said the Southern Frost Giants were coming in their boat (named NailFinger) and they were about to send the Ride of the Valkaries to go and attack it (In the prophecy they fail as there are thousands of Giants).
After talking with Odin a little he agrees to send us out to scout the incoming ship.

We took some flying horses out and found the bad ship NailFinger. It was about 30 foot long and had around 30 giants on it (not the hordes of the south). They shot up Sabrina and Boulder San a little until Vychan landed and started talking to them.
There story was that lieutenant "John" had sent them out to test the ship and conduct "Sea Trial's". Vychan distracted them a little then tapped the ship with the branch from the WorldTree causing it to spring a leak or two. He then suggested it was time to return to shore. They also told him that a dwarf had given the idea of sea trials to them.

Our next step was to nip back to Odin to ensure everyone calms down, on the way back we look in on Sert to ensure nothing is going on there too and it seems fine. We resolve to go there after talking to Odin to warn him of the tricks the Calamar are doing.

When back we see that the Gods have split into two camps - one following Odin and one following Baldur. We encouraged them to leave each other alone and to

"Beware False Messengers."

It is hard to tell here but I think another day is over.

4th Thaw

We asked Muninn to find the "A Series of Unfortunate Events" because we want to know what they are up to.
We flew to Sert to appraise him of what is going on and he was angry at lieutenant "John" for nearly starting Ragnorok and asked us to "Send him a message" and bring back his head.
We flew across the sea as we wanted to talk to the dwarf advising lieutenant "John".

Dalran scouted out lieutenant "John"'s hall and observed at least three Calamar there pretending to be servants along with the dwarf, "John" and some other giants.
Waiting on the hillside seems to be dangerous as ice snakes tried to approach us so we kicked in the kitchen door and attacked.

We killed "John" and two of the Calamar (the other one snuck off), then accepted the surrender if the other giants and told them the message from Sert - basically that he was unhappy they were dealing with the Calamar.
We then scarpered and took "John"'s and the Calamar's head back to Sert where we also interrogated the dwarves. They had been responsible for collecting the nails that NailFinger was made from and had been controlled by the Calamar into suggesting the Giants sail off on Sea Trials.

A mistletoe dart appears in Vychan's possession - just like the one that will kill Baldur. I suggested that we go back to Odin's hall for the night as he was the most likely to be lead astray.

Odin has sensed that something awry is going on. He suggested that we could talk to his nearest "God" allies the "Cowean" - the wild dark gods of the elves.

We decide to sleep on it.

5th Thaw

We get another message, via dwarf, from A Series of Unfortunate Events:

So good to see you are still attempting to restore the balance - have you met all the gods responsible?

We work out that Vychan is the avatar for Loki and is slowly fulfilling his role. This implies that the real Loki is missing in action somewhere. We speculate that he might be Baldur or hiding out as another of the gods.

Muninn returned told us where the A Series of Unfortunate Events was - At one of the Isles of Adventure.
Also he had seen Prince Garrick at a temple to a Demon (Belial) in the Gatar Depression.

We decide to go there to talk to Prince Garrick and get him to explain where he took Baldur after kidnapping him and why. Also we would confirm that A Series of Unfortunate Events were the ones behind that attack.

Down at the temple we found Prince Garrick, his summoner, and the Demon Vapula - the summoners master.

We talk our way past the Huge snake and chat the Prince Garrick, his summoner tries to sneak off (even though we told him not too) and dies (Vapula collects his soul).

Prince Garrick confirmed A Series of Unfortunate Events summoned him to take Baldur and it was his idea to hide him on his own bier in Nifflehiem.
The Calamar that summoned him was an Instigator named "Armabatagn".
We asked if Prince Garrick would like to come along and pound the snot out of A Series of Unfortunate Events and he agreed. It was only a few miles away so we headed off for a major assault.

Actually we dawdled in Valhalla doing a couple of rituals (I made a dragon out of snow and named it "Frosty"). Also Prince Garrick was summon off by someone else.

Finally we travelled via rainbow bridge to where the A Series of Unfortunate Events was. It was moored at an island in the Isles of Adventure near a quarry. There were about a hundred or more guards, golems, miners etc outside the A Series of Unfortunate Events.

We attacked.

It was messy.

Some Highlights:

  1. Teleporting bug thing spotted Isil Eth (our mind mage) and crushed her head.
  2. Dalran windwalked behind (read - away from the party) a Calamar (binder one) only to discover his weapons didn't work on said Calamar. Calamar chopped off Dalran's head (it came back instantly) to prove it's weapons did.
  3. Sabrina showed Dalran that non-magical arrows work on the Calamar by shooting it through the heart.
  4. Huge preying mantis jumped on Pent over and over again but couldn't eat him as he was too slippery.
  5. Vychan squashed bug thing eating Isil Eth and Pent healed her.
  6. Boulder San smashed the big bug and his this dinosaur creature.
  7. Isil Eth started Telekinetic Raging (serious Anger Management issues).
  8. Sabrina also hit the dinosaur creature (who was quite resilient) and let the golems get close to the party.
  9. The mining golems started "mining" Dalran.
  10. Boulder San get's his first concussion.
  11. Their Fire Mage (Calamar), Necromancer, E & E and archers kept shooting us / zapping us.
  12. Vychan opened the door to the tower and a pile of warriors spilled out and beat on him.
  13. The four armed, dagger wielding, Calamar attacked us also beating on Vychan.
  14. Boulder San looses a hand so comes back to Pent for healing (handy wand we got from Sert).
  15. We (Isil Eth and Pent) heal up Vychan and Boulder San and Pent beat on the Calamar but he killed Vychan anyway.
  16. After 5 shots to the Kidneys from Pent (dumb Calamar was getting heals from it's friends) is finally killed by Boulder San.
  17. Boulder San get's his second concussion but it is healed straight away by Pent (last heal from the wand).
  18. Sabrina is still beating on the dinosaur creature who is also getting heals to stay alive.
  19. Pent runs into the tower to kill the Mages inside.
  20. Sabrina finally kills the dinosaur then meets another heavily armoured Calamar.
  21. Calamar sitting on the A Series of Unfortunate Events with some archers are getting annoying. There are a few humans left at the top of tower too.
  22. Also there is this bell ringing which hurts pacted people (just deserts I say).
  23. One of the golems hits Dalran just before the Fire mage Calamar puts in a Hellfire killing him.
  24. Sabrina kills her new Calamar just as some ogre reinforcements run out of A Series of Unfortunate Events then she kills or beheads most of them. Dalran gets up (thanks to Seir) and resurrects Vychan.
  25. Sabrina and Pent board the A Series of Unfortunate Events and start fighting these "brains on legs" things. Boulder San followed us in. Dalran continues healing Vychan.
  26. Boulder San get's his third concussion so swaps to punching and kicking as weapons are too hard to use.
  27. Vychan climbs the tower and gets the last archers to surrender.
  28. They attempt to flood the A Series of Unfortunate Events but it mainly just washes away the "brains on legs".
  29. Sabrina and Boulder San go up to the second level to confront the last two Calamar and their handful of remaining troops.
  30. After some fighting the captain backfires a spell badly and is sucked through a tiny dimensional hole, everyone else surrenders.

After a brief chat with the Fire Mage Calamar we called in another Calamar named "Negotiator Tog" to sort out terms.
Basically they want the A Series of Unfortunate Events back and we want Loki back with his skin (which apparently has been "flensed off") and them to stop bothering Sabrina's Gods.
The final (and very wordy) agreement was that we agreed to return A Series of Unfortunate Events and they would stop what they were doing to the Aseir, return Loki's body, soul and other pieces (eg skin). The A Series of Unfortunate Events and the Sword of Unrelenting Justice (their partners in this endeavour) would give their parole and leave Allusia.

Negotiator Tog also told us that originally this plan to capture Loki was instigated by Elenor Helsgar from up in Swenway.
Also Sabrina wanted to talk to the Calamar "Planner of Strategies" about the possibility of fighting the Spawn. Also they would organise some specialist training for us.

6th Thaw

We waited for Loki's remains to be returned to us and the Calamar drop off a coffin (his body), a suitcase (his skin) and a pouch (a small portion of his soul).

We think the best approach is to take him back to the Guild for resurrection by the experienced healers there.

Also we didn't want to take Vychan there via Valhalla as he was becoming more Loki-like and we didn't want him permanently assuming Loki's role.
Sabrina and Vychan flew back to the Guild while the rest of us took the much faster rainbow bridge.

7th Thaw

The rest of us waited at the Guild while Sabrina and Vychan flew back.

8th Thaw

In the evening Sabrina and Vychan arrived and we discussed Loki's case with the Guild healers. They pointed out that most of Loki's soul was still in Vychan (and it was accumulating there as a default). They couldn't resurrect him.

After some discussion we decided to take Vychan to the Shrivers in Sanctuary as Boulder San was on good terms with them.

9th Thaw

We spent most of the day going to Sanctuary and finding the Shrivers who seemed to be old men about as tall as me. They were very keen to examine Vychan and after a bit of time they extracted most of the soul of Loki from him (apparently making Vychan a little bit unlucky in the process).

10th Thaw

The now unlucky Vychan was given some "essence of doppelganger" and Sabrina was given the "Flask of Loki" (Vychan would have dropped it).

Over that day we travelled back to Seagate and the Guild.

There they tried to resurrect Loki and it didn't work.

Our next idea was to go to Valhalla and put Loki back in his hall and hope the overnight healing of Valhalla would put him right.

11th Thaw

Loki is still dead.

Next we went and talked to Mimir who is still a head hanging on the wall of Odin's hall. She suggested that Loki needed the "desire" to come back.

We asked Muninn to find Elenor Helsgar for us.
In the mean time we travelled back to the Guild to stash Loki's body so no-one would make off with it.

12th Thaw

Muninn came and told us that Elenor Helsgar was living in a hut in Swenway.
We caught a quick rainbow bridge there for a visit.

She was expecting us.
She was also very old (about 300 years) and told us that in her youth she had "dallied" with Loki.
Apparently he was sick of the Ragnorok cycle (as well as sick of loosing all the time) and all the death and destruction that came along with it. So she dedicated her life to finding a way to stop it even if it meant Loki's death (he was fine with this).

So she asked the Demons.

ALL of them (we were impressed).

Apparently Palmon mentioned that there were beings (the Calamar) who wanted to (and were capable of) kill Gods.

Boulder San and Vychan suggested that Elenor Helsgar could probably become immortal and take over from Loki by drinking his soul.
The rest of us thought that wasn't such a great idea.

However our other idea (actually it was Sabrina's) wasn't that great either but seemed harmless so I hibernated Elenor Helsgar (which makes her cold to touch) and we took her to Loki's hall.

We laid him out on his bead with his skin and soul and put her nearby.

We waited for the next day to see if this would be enough to bring him back.

12th Thaw

Much to my surprise it was.
However Loki wasn't to happy at being bought back to face Ragnorok again (eventually). We tried to explain how great life is and that he should cheer up and not feel so down.

I don't think he really believed it.

Also Elenor Helsgar's body was missing?

We left Loki to it and went back to Odin to say we had succeeded and prevented the Calamar from interfering with Ragnorok. He gave us all boons and we went on our way back to the Guild in the knowledge that the world (or at least the northern part) would end again on schedule (whenever that is?).


A - People/Gods we Met or Heard about

  • Armabatagn - Calamar of a rank "Instigator" from A Series of Unfortunate Events.
  • Baldur - The Norden god and "heir" to the Norden pantheon. He has been kidnapped and without him the Norden Gods will be no more. He is also called the "beautiful" and he is extremely fair. Also he is supposed to survive Ragnorak. See also the God Baldur for historical details.
  • Brunehilda - She is the leader of the Valkaries and lives with them at Valhalla.
  • Celestial Emperor - Described as beings that ensure all the gods and pantheons can work together.
  • Elenor Helsgar - The old women who was the lover of Loki and conspired with him to cause the Calamar to kill him and end Ragnorok.
  • Hans Oarbreaker - Wolf Priest, our Employer and messenger for Odin.
  • Hans the Mad - A person who escaped Nifflehiem through a escape tunnel?
  • Hel - Guardian of the realm of the Dead (Nifflehiem) and daughter of Loki.
  • Jacab Kymore - Engineer 3rd Class from A Series of Unfortunate Events.
  • Hiemdel - Guardian of the Bifrost (rainbow) bridge into Valhalla. : See also the Norden Gods for historical details.
  • Loki - Vychan seems to be the avatar of Loki and all the other Norden Gods (and their magic) recognise him as such. This is difficult for us because we can't seem to remember much about his past. : See also the God Loki for historical details.
  • Lieutenant "John" - A giant lieutenant from the southern Frost Giants. I never really got his real name. He was "convinced" by the Calamar to conduct Sea Trials for "NailFinger" and thus nearly triggered Ragnorok. We beheaded him for his trouble.
  • Mimir - A seer god, although he is only a head on the wall in Odin's hall. : See also the Norden Gods for historical details.
  • Muninn - One of Odin's ravens. Otherwise known as "Memory" he can fly around the world in a single day.
  • Nyatana - Calamar and Captain of the A Series of Unfortunate Events.
  • Odin - : See also the God Odin for historical details.
  • Pegasus - The original flying horse - currently seeing Sabrina's war steed Ajax.
  • Prince Garrick - An immortal who is unkillable. He has lived so long all he seeks is a way to die - even if it means the destruction of all creation.
  • Sert - King of the Giants (and also a Fire Giant).
  • Sword of Unrelenting Justice - A Calamar Void Cruiser.
  • Tog - Calamar of a rank "Negotiator" based in the Lunar Empire.
  • Volgn - Sert's daughter and betrothed to Boulder San.
  • Yedes - King of the southern giants.

B - Places we Went

C - Loot we acquired

  • Odin.
    • HeartSeaker - Javelin (Kidney Kabber) Pent (1st Choice/Chosen 2nd). 25k
    • Mage Slayer - Broadsword Sabrina (1st Choice/Chosen 4th). 30k
  • WorldTree Snake.
    • Branch of Worldtree. This branch may be used as a staff for the purposes of fighting. If used as a walking stick when travelling the user will never tire. It also restores 1 FT per hour if held. It is also very much a 'raw' item and may be further enchanted by the arts of a shaper Dalran (2nd Choice/Chosen 7th). 25k
  • lieutenant "John".
    • Healing Wand.
    • The wand may restore a specific grevious injury by touching the wand to the afflicted part. It regains a charge if left under the stars during the witching hour on the first of the month. Up to 12 charges Boulder San (2nd Choice/Chosen 10th). 30k
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events.
    • 32 Rk 16 Waters of Healing 200 ea Isil Eth(5) Pent(5) Boulder San(6) Sabrina(6) Vychan(5) Dalran(5)
    • 44 Rk 20 Waters of Strength 300 ea Isil Eth(6) Pent(8) Boulder San(8) Sabrina(9) Vychan(7) Dalran(6)
    • 18 Rk 12 Restoratives 300 ea Isil Eth(4) Pent(3) Boulder San(3) Sabrina(4) Vychan(4) Dalran(3)
    • 12 Longbows invested 8 x Rk 10 Enchanted Weapon
    • 5.5K ea
    • 6 Broadswords invested 5 x Rk 16 Enchanted Weapon
    • 5.5K ea
    • 8 Battleaxes invested 5 x Rk 16 Enchanted Weapon
    • 5.5 K ea
    • 7 Maces invested 5 x Rk 16 Enchanted Weapon
    • 5.5 K ea
    • 5 Spears invested 5 x Rk 16 Enchanted Weapon
    • 5.5 K ea
    • 19 Shields invested 5 x Rk 12 Runeshield Vychan(5) 3K ea
    • Two Massive Mining Golems Boulder San (3rd Choice/Chosen 15th) Dalran (3rd Choice/Chosen 18th) 20K ea
    • 30 Suits of Partial Plate invested 4 x Rk16 Enchant Armour
    • 12K ea
    • 12 Suits of Improved Plate invested 3 x Rk 20 Enchant Armour
    • 15K ea
    • 20 spell stones A spell stone may be used once per day (recharges at sunset) to power a spell. Should the adept backfire when doing so the stone is destroyed absorbing the backfire Isil Eth(4) Pent(6) Boulder San(3) Vychan(4) Dalran(3). 3K ea
    • Unresolved Metric - This digging tool can finely cut through the hardest materials and can be used in desperate circumstances as a weapon. It can strike targets up to 10 hexes away and is ranked as per Longbow. Those hit must make a 3 x AG check or suffer an A or B class specific grevious injury.
      30K Wt 1 lb SC 80 D+10 Cl AB Rng10, cannot be enchanted as it is not a weapon Vychan (1st Choice/Chosen 5th).
    • Trammeled Void - Highly useful as it allows one to phase through solid matter. The void is six inches in diameter. Viscious or desperate people might use it as a weapon. Those struck by it (use unarmed) must resist vs Dimensional magics or suffer a specific grevious. It also does D+10 EN damage Dalran (1st Choice/Chosen 6th). 30K
    • 4 Daggers invested 8x Rk 30 Enchanted Weapon Dalran(2). 40K ea
    • Cloak of Evasion - This cloak allows any blow/hit/spell to be dodged should the wearewr make a x1 AG check. Pr 1, cannot be worn with armour Boulder San (1st Choice/Chosen 3rd). 60K
    • 4 Seals of Doom - Each seal when affixed to an entity prevents them from being healed Isil Eth(2) Boulder San(1) Vychan(1). 10K ea
    • Bracers of Deflection - Grants 2 protection to unarmoured entities and allows a base MR check to defect any missile fire directed at the wearer Sabrina (2nd Choice/Chosen 9th). 25K
    • Clothing of Pyray - Made from the skin of a deamon the clothing provides an protective aura reducing all damage by 10 and DF of 30. May not be worn with armour. Isil Eth (1st Choice/Chosen 1st) 70K
    • Mattock of Stoning - Does double damage vs constructs and elementals, all struck must resist vs Earth magics or be petrified Sabrina (3rd Choice/Chosen 16th). 30K
    • Gloves of the Master - Adds 5 to MD and 1 to AG Vychan (2nd Choice/Chosen 8th). 50K
  • Total loot Value 1,580,000 or 263,000 ea (if a sierite) or 237,000 if not

  • Treasure Split rolls.

D people, places or things we heard of but never got around to investigating

Lord Kokhan of Kinlu
The Celestial President
Brunhilda, the Captain of the Valkyrie's