The Elven Rebirth of 809

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The recent rediscovery of the Scrolls of Kael in Spring 808 led to the advent of the return of the ancient ceremony embodied as the fertility festival known as the Rites of Spring.

At this time there were indications that the elven race was in serious decline and may die out over the next thousand years or so.

The events leading up to this ceremeny, games and ritual sacrifice are detailed in the adventure The Rights of Spring in Laudaugh province.

The result of the Rites being undertaken are:

  1. The elven race should begin a period of regeneration after the self sacrifice of the champion of the games that were associated with the rites.
  2. There should be an increase in Elven fertility
  3. There will be an impact on the current elven Royal Family
  4. The gods will become 'more'
  5. There will be a large increase in births recorded around the end of Autumn 809/start of Winter 809

NOTE: These rites should be held yearly or at least every 4 years according to the Scrolls of Kael to ensure the growth of the elven race (not just those elves domiciled nearby)

Traditionally the Rites were held in a different province each year and were as much about trade and networking as procreation. Entrants and spectators from all corners of the Empire were common and welcome to share ideas, gossip and make alliances to strengthen the Elven people.