The Companions

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The Companions are a group of young nobles and gentry in Artzdorf, who are employed by older relatives as messengers and gophers, while thinking they are tough but oh-so-very civilised adventurer/heroes. They have a network of 40-50 Companions, based around four major towns - Port Artz, Flugelheim, Artzdorf, and Terraheim. Their competency at their claimed profession is unknown, but they do know their fine wines and cigars. There appears to be a hierarchy - whether structural or merely social - with a lieutenant in each town and an overall captain.


The companions have bought four Inns and set them up as partially-self-supporting Gentlemen's clubs for themselves. They are:

  • The Companion's Rest in Artzdorf.
  • The Good Gentles in Flugelheim.
  • The Honest Sword in Terraheim.
  • The Straight Arrow in Port Artz. The Straight Arrow employs Ted the bartender, Jeff the conceirge, and Brian the pot boy, and has very nice service, food and upholstery. The baths are apparantly good, and the service discrete and observant. The tomato soup is particularly fine. The local lieutenant is Warren, 3rd son of Warfred, Horse Master of the Upper Valley. The others also have self-important descriptions connecting them to minor titles. Roger Merchentsen is their Namer and best mage. The others are scions of Horsemasters, Merchants, a Sea Captain and a Miner. Frederick of Frederickberg (Celestial) is a companion here too.