The Bottle of Spirits

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Scribe Notes


GM: William
Season: Summer 820wk
Night: Tuesdays, starting 17th Dec
Level: Easy, safe, fun

Dramatis Personae
  1. Bridget as Lucius (Party Leader, Scribe), Elf E&E
  2. Julia as Prudence, Human Water Mage, Spy, Life Aspect
  3. Michael Young as Vladimir, Human Mind Mage, Assassin, Spy, Thief, Courtier, Ranger, Death Aspect
  4. Michael Haycock as Boris, Orc Necro Healer, Eclipse Aspect
  5. Clare as Mordrin (Mil Sci), Dwarf Warrior, Mil Sci, Ranger, Weaponsmith, Armourer
  6. Kelsie as Tegan, Human Beast mage, Spy, Assassin, Thief, Beastmaster

Google doc version including loot

Continuing on from The Evernow we set out to return the Fae ice Queen without getting frozen and smashed into pieces in the process.

Scribe Notes

Chapter 1

We turn left out of the dream to be faced with two elves dressed in fronds. They demand that Lucius come with them to answer for his actions to Ulceleblothdil who is his current wife’s deceased sister. Apparently he is to answer to Ulceleblothdil who died. It is some sort of paradox. We accompany the elves to the court of Ulceleblothdil.

Ulceleblothdil is Lucius’ enemy so it is uncertain how much we should trust her words but we were sent here to find things out. She tells us: The Summer King is a captive of the ice giants and we should free him first. We should get the summer king to release the Ice Queen. She also gave us 3 more impossible tasks:

  • Find the sword "Mortal Dread".
  • Kill Aim.
  • Deliver the heart of night to Uceleblothdil. (Nix)

Prudence has a vision of a short sword (recognised as Mortal Dread) impaling the Queen of Spring and plants were erupting over the land.

The Summer King is in a castle made of ice imprisoned by the King of the Frost Giants.

Lucius gets a blessing from Sharn Mez who also tells him to do the tasks. The fae give us some magic to help, wings and endurance.

Tegan and Prue make friends with the locals who they get to guide us to the giants. They are a satyr and a troll.

We land on a brownie. He tells us the story of King Altron, the King of Summer and Queen Uceleblothal (Spring Queen) and Queen Melarnawyn (winter queen). The Spring Queen cursed Melarnawyn and there was a battle. The Summer King and the Winter Queen lost because of the curse. The giants had the losers imprisoned in bottles, adventurers stole the Winter Queen’s bottle but they still have the Summer King’s bottle.

The brownie mentions that the weeping thing gives out geasa in exchange for power and he could take us to meet them. The troll tells us he has to eat whatever anyone offers in exchange for super strength. Prue decides that sounds like fun and we go to get a geas in exchange for power.

Chapter 2

Teeanna gives up the ability to drink alcohol and in exchange she gets molecular rearrangement.

Boris gives up never being able to taste the flesh of sentients to get a bone that allows him to create a super skeleton.

Lucius agrees to never cut his hair in exchange for more magic resistance. He gets +10 immediately. More if he grows his hair.

Tegan promises not to eat poultry in exchange for spell ranks.

Vlad wants the ability to have concealed casting he is going to give up the ability to torture. He can’t use the assassin torture ability or gain from torture.

Once we have finished talking to the brownie we decide to talk to the quicklings. The Satyr goes ahead to draw in the Quicklings who we are trying to talk to. We sense the quicklings, we put down some mead and ask to talk to them. They talk too fast and we can’t understand them. We end up writing to them. The quickling asks us to rescue his love, Alcran, from a swamp monster. He gives us a map and promises a favour in return.

The swamp is hard going and Prue makes us waters of strength. Two humanoids come towards us and invite us to meet their king in the swamp. We kill them. The swamp monster comes.

Chapter 3

We defeat, but don't kill, the swamp monster. We find out that Alcran is willingly serving him for a century so he can learn to be a water mage. We get the swamp monster to agree that Alcran’s love can come and visit with him. The swamp monster gives us the ingredients for binding will potions. You have to add some herbs to them to make them work. Lucius takes samples of all the herbs to recreate them later. He tells us that the leader of the giants is Goim of the Eye. He has one eye and he can reave your soul. The winged ones that dwell in the upper realms can fortify your soul. The swamp monster says he hides his soul in a jar so the giant can’t get them. Tegan meets with ‘Land over Wave’ who gives Tegan a blessing to share with all of us to protect our souls from the giant cyclops.

The Quickling gives us a quickness potion each as a reward. He tells us about the Mushroom of Maylon. It belongs to the king. You can talk to the king to get him to let you have a bite of his mushroom. The king might want your heart in exchange. We get directions. The mushroom will make us giant. Tegan also get one of their riding spiders.

We meet a tentacled fungus. We give it some offerings. Lucius gives it some herbs and Prue gives it a poo. It gives off some spores which we breathe. Spores give us +1 MA and it counts as an infection. The fungus leads us to the mushroom King. We meet a green slime that wants to make everything itself. We put it in a jar and take it with us. It wants to go with Tegan. The king gives Tegan some happy mushrooms, they walk over to her. Lucius rescues 2 and puts them in his pack to take home. Tegan and Prue eat the sentient happy mushrooms. The king gives us some mushroom to make us giant, and while no one is looking Tegan takes some other parts of the mushroom that have different properties

We fly towards the giants, there is a storm and we have to land. We land on a sleeping giant. We meet a goblin living in the left nostril of the giant's nose (of three). This is the red cap goblin that gave Tegan its eye long ago. Tegan trades back the eye for his knife. Vlad trades a cup of blood for the goblin’s hat.

Redcaps Hat - permanent death buzz, gets more powerful for each sentient killed, resets on lunar cycle.

The goblin tells us that the Queen of the Pixies, Alyeria, can change him back to his original size. Queen Alyeria collects death curses, she takes them off you and puts them in bottles.

The goblin offers to show us an underground way to get to the king. He leads us down a long way. There are a whole lot of gnomes with metal sewn into their clothes.

The gnomes were cursed to carry the burdens of the seelie, the king was beguiled to be in love with the seelie queen, Ulceleblothal. Lucius removes the curse from the gnomes so they are free and dispels the beguilement. The gnome king takes us the back way to the Ice Kings domain.

Chapter 4

It is cold and the tunnel is covered in ichor. Mordrin makes tea that gives us: +10 SC and IV, + 1 spell ranks, 1 step better on the mana, + 2 fatigue over personal and racial max + 2 WP. Prue puts her foot into the ichor, her foot turns black and she gains +1 MA. DA tells us that this is magical and empowering. Boris the healer lets us know that the effect will flush out in a day after immersion. Lucis holds the sword of Rafael and calls upon his aid to protect him and is able to walk through the ichor unaffected. Other party members link up with Lucius, others float or ride and we proceed down the tunnel. We come to a mound in the tunnel. Tegan tells us that it’s most dangerous power is excavation. Prue clears the ichor away and discovers a very cold, comatose goblin. Boris warms up the goblin while Vlad scouts ahead and sees a vast chamber with a river of ichor which is coming from a tower appearing from a mist. There is a heartbeat sound. Tegan puts all the goblins into Boris’ horse. We take them back to the gnomes side. We find out they were humans who have been transformed into goblins. One of them is a boy from Konisberg. The boy tells us that he went to sleep in a circle of mushrooms and then had some terrible nightmares. We meet some ‘goblins’ who say that they are mining Imrael. The giants come to collect the ichor that has been mined every day. The goblins think that they are goblins, Tegan finds out, through DA that they weren’t always goblins, even though they believe that they are. The ichor is the by-product. The actual stuff is a golden liquid. Nature of the magic is purity.

We decide to wait to see the giants picking up the ichor. Prue decides to drink the golden liquid, she starts to glow, all fatigue is restored and all imperfections removed. We take 6 healing potion bottles worth of liquid.

Prue goes down the hole and sees a sleeping elf with large drill bits stuck in them. It looks like a god-like figure. Prue DAs the sleeping god. It has an avatar strength aura. What is this a power of? It is a power of darkness. To wake it up you empower it. You would need to put in more power. We loot the god. There is a locket that will protect you from blades. There is a picture inside of an elven woman, it is torn. Wearing 2 rings, the gold ring is commanding and the other ring contains power. The locket says “to my dearest love, Sopheria”. There is a dagger, nature of the magic is soul stealing, it will resize itself.

We make a new hole and then put the drill back so the giants don’t know. It is going to take 20 or so hours to get the boots off. They are magical planar boots. They will resize. There is a giant vial of liquid of apotheosis. We have 2 doses.

There are a few less goblins because the giants killed one for losing the golden liquid. The giants told the goblins to have 2 buckets of golden liquid tomorrow. Tegan and Boris steal a bit of the liquid from the other buckets to make sure that the goblins have extra tomorrow.

A giant appears to feed the goblins. She has a large very cold bowl which she feeds the goblins from. The food DAs as ‘sustaining’.

We sneak into the giant’s fortress and look for a place to rest. The forge is ice cold and magical. The forge is being fed by goblins. The goblins were once human children. They are locked in a magical cage with a magical lock. It has a magic word to open it. The forge consumes their soul. We rest after we awaken the halls are deserted and the giants are asleep.

Chapter 5

We sneak up to the King. He is asleep with 2 other giants in a room. The bottle is in the room. There is an elf, Allandell, who is sneaking up on the bottle. He wants to release the Summer King to get him to help him defeat the ghost queen. We would like to go and help Allandell. We sleep the giants. We DA and find that the giants have been transformed, they were once dwarves. We find out that the way to remove the giant transformation is true love’s kiss. Vlad hypnotises Prue to love Gloin. She climbs up and kisses him on the lips.

Prue is wracked by immense pain as tumors start to form all over her body. Prue transforms into a giant. We are unable to stop the transformation. Prue takes the lid off of the summer king’s jar. The summer king grants her a wish. That everyone in the castle is transformed back to their original form except the party and the castle is warmed.

Loot from the castle.

  • Axe of absolute ice.
  • Amulet protects against fire magic.
  • Ring - stop a heart.
  • 2 other bottles. One contains an angel and the other contains a muse.
  • 12 blanks of soul metal - 4 souls in each one. 10ft long.

Tegan does a ritual on a soul that is in the metal, she attracts a mind mage and destroys a blank. She rips the other souls to pieces.

  • ½ a day’s supply of purified demon blood.
  • The summer king makes a sword of fire for each of us.

Rk 6 permanent weapon of fire can be added to our main weapon.+7 sc +3 Fire dm over and above your normal weapon stats.

Chapter 6

Next we are going to the Ghost Queen’s Lair. We fly, we see a huge swath of dead vegetation. We head to the castle. We land outside of a village that is on a river which leads up to the castle. We are met by pixies. They are very hospitable and ply us with food and drink. Vlad senses a ghost at 600ft away. We ask what contains the undead area, why doesn’t it expand. They say that their King Valerian would not allow the area to go further and contains it. The Queen is Seelie so they are on the same side. Allandell it turns out has sworn revenge on the Queen for spurning him. He wasn’t good enough to be her undead minion. We decide to go and visit King Valerian.

The King is an elf. There are several elves being waited on by Pixies. They will offer hospitality. The ghost Queen is Almarious. The border is secure. She and her subjects all became undead. She desires efficiency and organisation. She wants her subjects to work night and day. We decide to sneak into the castle and investigate further.

They show us a battlefield. We find some spirits and bones. We meet a ghost from the battlefield. The Seelie and Unseelie fought.

We travel down the river, under the water, in a bound water. We meet a ghost. She killed herself because her prince went mad. He talked about how everyone died, there was a great war and there was a lot of undead. Maybe his visions came true. There is a large sentient mind under the water.

We get to the castle and scout it out. There are many undead. Nothing is alive, no animals,

We talk to two minions who are doing a ritual to gather power from the real. They tell us the Queen conducts all her rituals in the solar above the throne room. We scout the route to the solar. In the solar there was an elf strapped to a table and the Queen performing a ritual. The elf was looking unhappy and in pain. We bless the ground in the solar name of Raf. Angels turn up to cleanse the place, Prue convinces them to resurrect the dead. The Queen is surrounded by Angels. The Angels plan to transform the fey back to their original forms and send them back to the real world. The angels say that about 1 in 4 of the fey are true fey. Andureil is the lead angel. He says that they will contain the fey and stop them from stealing children. Prue has a vision of the fey realm melted and in flames, there is a fallen soldier half elf half human, dressed in green. Land over wave is weeping over their body.

We convince the angels that we could make bargains with the fey to not take children. We make a bargain with the fey Queen. Andureil witnesses the negotiation and agrees to go round the royalty and make bargains to protect the children in the real world. Tegan eats a mushroom and talks to Purity of Mind who says close the hole up otherwise it will escalate a war between the angels and the fey. Purity of Mind suggests that we make a summoning circle to deconsecrate the ground to stop more angels coming through.

We talk to Sharn Mez. She tells us that the trap has been sprung and Rafael will die. In Prue’s vision the figure in green is Rafael and he has been slain by Land over Wave. If we close the hole the Ghost Queen will fade.

We made a circle with the items from the summoner in our previous adventure, worshiped Freya, sacrificed a horse, ate the horse and had an orgy to deconsecrate the solar. Failed, but we ate and drank well... [It didn't fail]

Chapter 7

We travel to a fairy ring to go to Elvandar and leave the fey realm. We have to wrestle with the guardian of the glade to leave, Socamae is his name, a giant with multiple arms. We wrestle and subdue him to go through the portal.

On the other side is some Elvandar who are guarding the portal. We go to see Tanglebones. We ask for Mortal Dread. He lends it to us. We must give it back.

Taram Striking Dragon lives with Tanglebones. She would like her sister assassinated. Her sister is called Alice Striking Dragon and lives inland in Terranova in what used to be the blazing desert. She offers Lucius a child. She is drow. Lucius offers his son as a mate.

We went through the portal. There are 6 fey with an angel which they are harvesting for blood. Boris heals the angel of the paralysis. The angel frees himself and the fey run away. We debate the angel's presence in fey lands. We collect some of the angel blood.

We head to Laudgh. Ulcelebrothel is being addressed by an angel who is offering to help the fey learn tactics. The fey are all listening intently to the angel. We wait until Ulceleblothel takes the angel away to her room. When they are busy, Tegan sneaks up and banishes the angel and then Modren stabs the queen. Lucius walks in and stabs the Queen again and dedicates her death to Sharn Mez. We collect fey blood.

They fae make Tegan their new queen.

We go to the great bazaar and hire a rune mage. We offer him the apotheosis potion. He comes and helps us banish the angels. One of the angels was converted and seduced by a fey princess. She is angry that Tegan took the angel off her and has a grudge against Tegan.

Buffs & Mil Sci

Long Term (assumed always on)

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration Bo Lu Mo Pr Te Vl Wo
Fireproofing (Te) 6 costs 3 Ft 7/13hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Firearmour (Te) 12 costs 3 Ft, 52 ablative prot 13/25 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Cat Vision (Te) 6 110ft vision in low light 7/13hrs Y Y Y
Greater (Lu) 20 +21 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Share Talent (Lu) 10 Share 1 entities talent with another (limited by spell rank) 10/20hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water breathing (Pr) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Water proofing (Pr) Y Y Y Y Y Y
Resist Cold (Pr) 8 3 gauges 9 hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Enhance Enchantment (Lu) rank 12: ?? seconds

  • As Mil Sci Mordrin gives +8 def against melee, +8 IV with melee weapons
  • In arctic or woods(others TBC) Tegan gives +6 def vs melee or missile attacks and +6 IV
  • Prudence makes potions (Waters of Str, Md, Healing)
  • Picnic- Ham Sandwiches and Tea = Choose to succeed on a check where WP is the main stat. Once a month.
  • Mordrin makes tea that gives us: +10 SC and +10 IV, +1 spell ranks, 1 step better mana, +2Ft over personal and racial max +2 WP for 8hrs
  • Buffs from the court of the Seelie Fey which are given to us.
  • The fae give us for a year and a day:
  • +5EN
  • Wings: Tegan has dragonfly wings, Lucius duck wings, Boris and Vlad wings of darkness, Teeanna has Wyvernn wings, Pru has Swan wings.

Available Talents

  • Prepare Cast Action (Lu) - pre prepare spells free MA + 1 spells
  • Resist Pain (Vl)
  • Necrogeny (Bo)
  • Detect Aura (Te)
  • Animal Awareness (Te) tracking & detect traps and ambush +15, pass action to be aware of all entities within 70ft (unless they stealth at -50)
  • Converse with Animals (Te) any non-sentients
  • Hand of Justice (Te) -10 diceroll, +6 dam to guilty

Short Term

Magic (caster) Rk Effects Duration Bo Lu Mo Pr Te Vl Wo
Mind Speech (Vl) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Enchant Weapon (Lu) 10 +11SC, +4 dam 15mins
Spectral Weapon (Bo) 10 +11SC, +4 dam, hit spectral 15mins
Weapon of Flames (Te) 9 SC +10%, dam +5, +10 vs undead/cold 14 mins
Scale Spell (Bo) 48 points of ablative damage 28 mins
Shield (Lu) 10 15 points every pulse comes first before anything else
Alligator Skin (Te) 12 Def +13 NA +4 6.5hrs Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Watch Order

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 2 3
4 5 6 7

Marching Order

Skirmish Formations (Front)

1 2 3
4 5 6

Double File

1 2
3 4
5 6

Single File