The Bold and the Handsome

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Scribe Notes


Adventure: The Bold and the Handsome
GM: Dean
Season: Spring 814 wk
Night: Tuesday
Level: Frivolous


This party is full

Ashkar and Mistress Svetlana - Representatives from the Dark Brotherhood
The Dark Brotherhood have an agent missing in action on Oz. They would like him at least returned for a debrief. Bonuses apply for delving deeper into his mysterious disappearance

The mission is likely to involve interaction with familial spats, revenge, love triangles (or worse: rhomboids), return of persons thought long gone, dramatic endings, and a decent dash of bad acting. Stay tuned for the next session, coming soon to a guild near you....

5,000 SP per party member, bonuses may apply for additional tasks undertaken. Money can be converted into services, artefacts or training from the Dark Brotherhood

Scribe Notes

Apparently wicked witches are indeed quite wicked...