The Beast Rabban

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Note: Understood to be dead.

Sanctuary Notes - This feared killer is only spoken about in hushed tones. No one will reveal any information on him. Despite the pervading atmosphere of violence and corruption, it appears that there is still someone who frightens even the most nasty villains of Sanctuary more than any imminent threat.

Physical details
  • Troll - Tall (some 9-11ft), Large sized (7-9ft across) and Black
  • Ugly
  • Bad breath with a missing left incisor
Pacted to

  • Talking about the Beast rabban and mentioning his name increases the likelihood of him 'noticing' your conversation and paying some attention to it. So Don't do it unless you'd like him to know some things you are considering and plans you are making

The Beast Rabban is said to have been a Seagate guild member some 30 years ago (a tidbit denied by the guild vociferously - but possibly named Symon) who 'went bad' and became the truly evil being that is feared by so many today. He has had many dealings with guild parties in the past which include stealing items and lives to further his aims and goals. He is known to seek power for his own ends and the fact that he is pacted to multiple beings would make it likely he can force them to take him on through some method of coercion.

The beast's band of baddies


It would seem that he has with him 5 other Trolls who appear to look exactly like him which makes targetting him specifcally very difficult as he can 'swap' between the trolls. ====Humans



A guild party was involved in his destruction in Summer 808WK.

A party from the Seagate Adventures Guild follow The Beast Rabban at the Temple of Xanadu.


A Guild party is captured and looted of all items by The Beast Rabban.


A Guild party is captured & killed and looted of all items by The Beast Rabban.


A Guild party is captured & killed and looted of all items by The Beast Rabban.