Temple of the Drow God

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There is a reasonable amount of information about this area that will not be placed on the Wiki as it relates only to those planning on GM'ing within the temple. Please speak with Mandos or Jon in regards to gaining this information.

LOCATION: 25 miles north of the Fords of Gar in northern Brastor

The Temple

The temple resides at the bottom of a large excavation and only the first chamber is visible, the remainder of the temble dissapearing into the earth to the north.

The visible section resembles pyramid constructed of black obsidian with a high but narrow entryway. The entrance is 30 ft high and 5 feet wide and

The Entryway

Through the entryway there are two statues of Dragons in alcoves, recessed so that they are not visible from outside the temple.

Previous Guild parties have discovered that these guardians will trigger if anyone who is 'Evil' crosses the boundary. The definition of Evil was not completely ascertained but pre-dates the existence of the Powers of Light or Darkness and appears to be based on some moral judgement, possibly that of the Dragon Roche.

The effect of the guardians attack was witnessed when a Stone Golem tried to enter the temple. Two bolts of lightning emanated from the Dragons and destroyed the golem.

The First Chamber

Through an archway with the same dimensions as the entrance to the complex is a large room, within this room is a statue 60ft high with glowing eyes. The statue is that of a Dragon with it's wings fully extended. This guardian appears to trigger on blessings, curses and items of evil or malign construction or intent.

A ball of flame emanates from the mouth of the dragon over anyone who enters the room. blessings and curses are stripped from the entity and no resistance has been noted by any who have witnessed this. Items deemed evil or malign are stripped from the user and have been found later in an antechamber off the main hall. Any entry from any direction triggers this flame.

Between the Dragons front limbs lies another large archway leading to the Chamber of Souls and on the right wall is a normal sized door leading to an antechamber.

The Chamber of Souls

In this room are 2000 banners displaying a range of house and clan insignia from ancient Elvan families, all of which were involved in the founding of the Drow culture.

The banners are arranged in 10 10x20 with 5 blocks on each side of the room. At the other end is a smaller archway leading to the Chamber of Secrets.

Soul Banners
These are cold iron frames with the stretched flayed skin of an Elf attached to the top. The skins are all members of the same Elvan families and include the entire family tree from the aged down to newborns. Those with appropriate perceptions will hear the cries and screams of souls in torment. The souls are bound to the banners and the banners have been made indestructible through ritual shaping. The power of the souls within the banners is similar to that of the Powers of Light or Darkness. The banners are able to be lifted from the ground and as this occurs the screaming and torment becomes audible to all. If the banners are taken into the First Chamber the ball of flame will return them to their place in the ranks.

Teleportation magics fail within this room and all rooms deeper into the temple.

Warning note from Icarone: Be wary of using mind magics (like ESP) near the temple as the Soul Banners will be detected and 'heard' and from personal experience this can knock you out for a number of hours.

The Chamber of Secrets

This chamber has an as yet un-triggered Guardian that triggers on the ability of the entity to speak Drow. No investigation has been performed to determine what rank triggers this Guardian. But those who comprehend the language due to abilities in related tongues were unaffected.

Tee room is 100ft square and on the walls are a number of friezes depicting the rise of the Drow and the history of why they have been entombed here.

On the far wall is a stone door that opens into the Chamber of the First Drow.

Chamber of the First Drow

This now empty room glows perpetually with the true sunlight (and feels good and warm and nice and good - Icarone). In the centre of the ceiling hang 5 hooked chains that once bound the first Drow. He has since been removed and destroyed by a Guild party.

The Antechamber

This room is laid out as a standard chapel to the Powers of Light, a number of items are piled up around the altar. All the items are of evil or malign intent, some examples are below. Any items stripped from the party by the dragon breath in the First Chamber will end up here.

Any movement of a chalice that resides upon the alter will trigger a release of water flooding the room for 10 minutes before draining away.

Eye gouge of Living Memory
This object is similar to a tablespoon and is made of iron overlayed with silver and inlayed with obsidian. When an eyeball is removed from a living victim with the spoon the user may insert the eye into their own eye-socket (their eye must have been removed prior to this) and they will gain the victims knowledge and insight into any object they look at for the next hour. This knowledge will be all that the victim knows including triggering conditions or other knowledge of a magical nature.
This is not a complete item write-up and Mandos should be contacted if this is to be given out as treasure
Thong of the stained soul
This tatty piece of bloodstained cord can be tied around the wrists of a victim and it will bind their soul to the entity that tied them. The victim will become a mindless minion performing any and all commands given to them by the person who bound them. Should this be used the person who binds the victim will slowly succumb to insanity and will eventually fall under the sway of dark powers.
This is not a complete item write-up and Mandos should be contacted if this is to be given out as treasure