Temple of Xanadu

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A somewhat ruined and forgotten temple to some form of old gods. The temple is underground and on the coast of Swithan's Cove within Greater Carzala. Suarime, Lizard men and trolls have been known to live at the tunnels.



A party from the Seagate Adventures Guild follow The Beast Rabban and find a large recently reworked tunnel network beyond the size or scale of the original tunnels of the Lizard men or temple. It is clear that The Beast Rabban was looking for something. A detailed map of the caves, tunnels and temple by one of the party members is shown bellow


Until 802 WK there were 13 great statues in the temple; 12 attendants, and one of Xanadu himself, through which he has on occasion spoken with mortals. When a Guild party returned to Alusia with the spirits of the ancient dragons who had departed aeons earlier, these spirits inhabited the 12 attendant statues and disappeared from the mortal realms along with Baal.

With so few of Xanadu's children left in the mortal realms it may be that his interest in Alusia will wane further.


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